Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who knew?

You all know bout my stuffie situation? Member my duckie?? "Quackers"
This is a duckie somebody gave me way back when I was just a puppy. Well, it has lasted me almost 5 yrs and Addy destroyed the eyeballs and the stuffie head.~~Well, well, well, little Miss Dog-zilla really did it now!! She decided to really open up my poor duckie!! And after she opened it up, she ran ALL over the house, upstairs, downstairs, the kids room, the bath rooms Lr/Dr, kitchen everywhere shaking MY poor duckie. There wasn't a place that she didn't take it to.
Who knew that lurking way down deep deep inside this duckie was a bunch of itty bitty white balls? We didn't know. So, if you will~~Imagine the look on Moms face when she saw all these itty bitty white balls ALL over every inch of this house?? BOL!! This look was priceless~~Too bad I didn't have that darn flashy box with me!! Bawwwww
So now we get to deal with Mr Vacula, which drives us both bonkers~~Thank-you Addison!!


  1. OH no!!! Not Mr Vacula. He's soooooo noisy and sucky.

    Hope you all get through it OK.

    So sorry for poor Quackers.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  2. Count Vacula - EEEK!! Mom HATES those little white ball things. sorry about your ducky, Jazzi :(

  3. Hi.... Are you sure that Addy isn't part Airedale? This kinda "stuff" happens at our place all the time.... but then, we are Airedalians!!!! Better start putting your "stuffies" up at night!


    Blu Loo Loo

  4. Oopsie, that is very much something I would do!

    Sorry about your duck. I had to fight the vacuum cleaner today too!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Sorry about Count Vacula--but we bet Addy just had the bestest time! Little white balls......all over the house!!!! B-O-L!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

    You'd better put talk to Sarge about a 24-hour guard for Hedgie.

  6. mom said aren't 2 doggies fun, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. So sorry to hears bout Mr. Duckie. Seems dat happens a lot a my house too.

  8. Love that header pic of you, Jazzi-you're adorable:-) Ans thanks for the funny story about your poor ducky-we cracked up!

  9. Oh, Jazzi.... your ducky!
    Too bad you did not have the flashy thing to get your mom's expression!
    And then... Vacula....
    Interesting saturday....
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Again????? Holy Gwalk A Moley... Addy is a Baddy.. hehehe

    Not another visit from VACULA??? What is this world coming to??? This is just all toooooooooo much. Where IS your Dad??? Wasn't he supposed to have had a TALK with Addy?

  11. Oh no...poor duckie.

    Your sister and Bokeh would make a great pair. They are stuffie killers.

  12. Addy you better stop or they are going to put you in the closest with that monster vacula!!!