Monday, November 29, 2010

National Taco Day!!

I was doin...some surfin....the other day and guess what I found?? October 4th is National Taco Day!! Who Knew?? I couldn't hardly believe my eyeballs~~could it be??? Yep, it is!! This is a day to honor this great yummy tasting Mexican food called T-a-c-o-s!!! Tacos can be made with lots of different stuffs inside a soft or hard shell. One of Moms friends puts spaghetti in em for the kids and they Wuv em. You can have Tacos for breakfast, lunch, dinner or fur even a snack. Tacos are actually really good fur all doggies. You have your meat group, the bread group with the shell, your veggie group with the lettuce and your milk group with the cheese~~now how can that not be good for any doggie?? And.....they are soo yummy!! You all know that I have a hankering for snaggin..Tacos when Kim isn't around now and again!! he he he!!My friend Edgar saw this on my blog and he had his Mom fix him some and guess what?? He loved em!! So, Edgar and I have decided to team up and host a National Taco Day right here in Blogland. I know, I know October 4th has already past and had I known bout this sooner, we would have had it on October 4th. So instead we are having it on Dec 4th~~which is next Saturday.So....lets all join in and celebrate National Taco day and make this day a big success by having your Moms whip up the tastiest Tacos ever and have her get you eatin... em them on the flashy box Post your Taco on Dec 4th. Cant wait to see all of your Taco pictures!! All those that join in and post their pictures will be given a little something special afterwards in the mail. Wanna know what it is???????? ~~~SORRY but I can't tell you, that would spoil all the fun HA!~~ENJOY!!! and here is the Official Taco guy!! Gotta love him!! make this even more exciting, Edgar is going to be hosting a drawing. He will put the names of all who post their Taco and put them all in a big bowl and on Sunday he will have a Taco drawing. How cool is that? That name will win a really neat surpise. You will have to go to his blog to find out who wins. I know what it is and actually I wish I had one. Here is Edgar's blog to go on to Sunday.
Hey~~All this Taco talk is making me H-u-n-g-r-y fur some Tacos!! Hey Mom!! Can we have tacos tonight??? Please??

Friday, November 12, 2010

Additions and Corrections to the Christmas list~~

There are a few more dogs that want to join in on the Christmas exchange and some changes have been made. Clicking on your partners name will take you to their blog. PLEASE leave a comment on your partners blog and e-mail for snail mail address.I hope that everyone has made contact by now and if you havent contacted yet do right now!!! HA! Have any of you been shopping yet?? Remember mailout date is Dec 6th. You may mail out earlier if you want. Once you get your package blog it so we can all see what you got for Christmas.
Here are the additions/corrections to the list.
Shasta has Becky
Becky has Wyatt
Buttons has Hailey
Minna's sister has Buttons

DeBoys has Hounddog Mom
Hounddog Mom has Sammie and Avalon
Sammie and Avalon has DeBoys

Here is the run down of the whole list:
Scotsmad has Bella and Ollie
Bella and Ollie has Scotsmad
Amazing Animal Lovers has Fiesty Three
Rocky Creek Scotties has Dog Daze
Mango and Pee Wee has Bookerman and Asa
Agnes B Bullock has Amazing Animal Lovers
Bookerman and Asa has Rocky Creek Scotties
Dog Daze has Mango and PeeWee
Fiesty Three has Agnes B Bullock
DeBoys has Hounddog Mom
Hounddog Mom has Sammie and Avalon
Sammie and Avalon has DeBoys

Singles~~There are 2 Maggies. You can click on the name on the left to see which is which.
Benny has Carmen
Lily has Ruby
Mayzie has Jack
Chewy has Shiloh
Mitch has Lily
Wyatt has Shasta
Stanzie has Mayzie
Madi the "Diva"cat has Remington
Mollie Jo has Maggie
Remington has Brutus
Bocci has Chewy
George the Lad has Martha
Shiloh has Penny
Shasta has Becky
Stuart has Mack
Martha has Clive
Bailey has George the Lad
Minnie has Gracie
Becky has Wyatt
Buttons has Hailey
Mack has Bobo
Hailey has Minna
Lala has Minnie
Mistaya has Maggie
Brutus has Stanzie
Carmen has Lala
Ruby has Benny
Penny has Minna's sister
Twix has Mollie Jo
Jazzi has Edgar
Minna has Twix
Minna's sister has Buttons
Clive has Bailey
Eddie(6 mo kitty) has Stuart
Gracie has Jazzi
G-dog has Moon
Moon has G-dog
Baby Rocket Dog has Lil
Hootie has Angus
Angus has Baby Rocket Dog
Lil has Hootie
The mailout date is December 6th. So go ahead, have lots of Fun and Shop till you drop

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My laundry pile

This is "MY" pile of laundry. These are all my blankies for my bed that Mom washed in the big white machine thingy. I have red, gray and pink blankies with Scotties on them. I like to have my bed nice and poofy and soft, Hey!! It's all about me and my comfortableness!!
I kinda think that my pillow needs just a little sewing on it~~maybe a whole new one, what do you think Mom?? Every Scottie NEEDS a pillow~~Any of you have your very own pillow?
Aww....just the way I like it. Comfy and

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here we go again!!

It is a nice fall day and time to rakes those leaves again. At the back of my mind was last year when I was tramatized almost to death by this display from Kim and Mom, remember this??

Since then~~I kinda worry and think that NOTHING good can come from this.....and these......But, things were going really good, I was playing and barking at the pesty squirrels, everybody was enjoying the nice day, raking and the munchkins were playing in the leaves, everything was hunky dory!! Then...I hear my name... Jazzi..come here!! So being the obedient dog that I am, I went to Mom. Well.......BAD mistake!!! Ahhhhhh here we go again!!! Kim NO!!!! AHhhhhhh!!!
They were all laughing~~Seriously!!!!~~This is how you get your kicks??? I think that this HAS to be some kind of dog abuse!!! My family is SO funny, that I forgot to laugh!! When will I ever learn NOT to come when she calls me when they are raking?? When??

Oh yah before I forget. Member my friend Edgar?? Well, his mom has a new post where she introduces everyone and you can even see a picture of the cute Edgar and his mom!! Go and check it out, you wont be disappointed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New fur-friends

The names have been up for a couple days, so I hope that all of you have contacted or have been contacted by your name. If there is any problem please let me know. My e-mail is on my sidebar. I think this is gonna be real exciting~~Mailout date Dec 6th will be here before we know it. Through this Christmas exchange, I have met a couple new Fur-friends. I wanted to introduce you to them. This here is Gracie. Isnt she just a cutie?? looks like Gracie loves ice-cream!! Just like Mitch and Maggie
Gracie has a blog~~So go by and say Hi! to Gracie.
This cute little guy here is 3 yr old Edgar. He is a SCOTTIE!!! yay!! He has a sister/brother Cat, Charlie she is 7 yrs oldAnd Sammy is he is 13 yrs old. Hey, here are some friends for you Madi!!Edgar is kind of a new blogger, its been a couple years. So drop over and say Hi! to Edgar. and Welcome him back to blogland again. Thanks! It is always nice to make new fur-friend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The list~~

Hey You all~~I am putting in the call for the last chance to join in on the Christmas Gift Exchange: It will be a BLAST to buy and get our packages and meet some new fur-friends along the way. This is the list that I have so far: Check and see that your name is on the list and on the correct list.

Amazing Animal Lovers
Rocky Creek Scotties
Bookerman and Asa
Fiesty Three
Dog Daze
Agnes B Bullock group
The Mango and Pee Wee
Bella and Ollie
Madi~~A "Diva" Cat
Mollie Jo
George the Lad
Eddie~~6 mo kitty
The names will be drawn Nov 6th and then you will find out who you have. Once you have your name, you get in contact with them and get their snail mail address. The amounts for a single is $10.00 and $15.00-$20.00 for a group. Packages NEED to be mailed by Dec 6th. Gifts can be toys, treats, clothes, blankies etc. I want lots of doggies to join in but......Only join if you really want to follow through with it. Last year we had one doggie that got a gift but never sent theirs out to their name and I don't want any doggies left out this year. If by some chance you find our later that you cant follow through with it just pop me an e-mail so that I can find a replacement ok?? My e-mail is on my sidebar.

Nother thing I need is.....I need everyone to leave a comment so that I know that every doggie on the list has read this and that they are on the correct list.
Thanks so much~~Jazzi and Mom

All settled in~~

As you all know today was Election day~~Everyone in our house voted. She said she sent a message today and so tonight we all watched the results. I knew that I was there for the long haul and settled right in on my spot!!Watched the whole evening and Mom was Happy!! One good senate seat, 4 good seats on the house and still waiting on the Governor's race. That ole Chicago machine works wierd sometimes, its amazing how many dead people come back to life just to vote!! HA!~~~But all and all it was a good day at our house!! Anybody else have a good day too??

Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting comfy

Hey~~Does anyone else get comfy on their Mom like this~~where she cant even move?? And.....yes, those are her scottie socks, Good Grief!!
And....if she says something, just give her a WHAT? look!!