Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!!

Here it is New Years Eve. Usually people go out but we are staying in. Somebody has to watch the munchkins~~So let the games Begin!!They love this game, so I might as well settle in!!Having a blast~~We got YUMMY pizza, cheese curls, and lotsa treats and drinks and so I am all set!! I want to wish you a very......HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all my blogging friends!!~~Hey!! Where are the treats and when are we moving on to Hi Ho Scottie-O?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thanks Rocky Creek Scotties!!

2 days before Christmas I got to go to my Spa place for my shampoo, haircut, blow dry, nail trimmings, and massage. I love to go there cuz they are so nice to me. Right before I left, I got a package from Rocky Creek Scotties. Ummmmm..lets see here!! Love, love, loved the card right off!!They sent me a Scottie scarf!! Arroooo...I loved that too!!!Mom rushed me off to appointment and here is my before picture:And after picture:
Now that I was all looking good, I can model my new scarf~~Cool huh??
Thanks Carrleigh, Piper, Lilly, Rauri and Mom!! I wear it proudly and actually I didn't want to take it off!! ;-)

Me and Tyler and a surprise present

While Tyler was here from Texas, he wanted to take me fur walks and since it was too cold outside, we walked inside. Our house has a big square so we went round and round~~Where he went I followed and he wore me out but it was fun. Since the kid has NO snow where he lives I took him for a little spin in my convertible. I told him to bundle up cuz it would be a tad breezy and we were off!!! He loved the ride.
Tyler even got to climb a BIG snowpile and I knew better than to get in the way of two 3 yr olds sliding down the hill. I could see the disaster and watched from way way back BOL
But....the crazy kid caught onto the idea of throwing snowballs real quick!!, I thought that he was my buddy, How fast they turn!!!
Christmas, when he was opening gifts, I was snoopervsing and everything seemed pretty harmless...... my surprise I was WRONG!!! Now, I ask you to tell me~~~HOW~~is one lone Scottie suppose to leave this thing alone and not bother it~~HOW???? Oh you will notice that the noise
is a little HiGh...guess they were a bit excited!! Welcome to my World BOL

Luckily fur me, when Tyler went home so did this thing!! Whew!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas!!

I have been partially MIA the past few days. I have so much to catch up on!! We had our company in from Texas and we were busy spending time with them. This is the little guy Tyler that lives in San Antonio, Texas. Remember I went with to O'Hairs to get them??

We have a ton of snow here and was funny when he first got here and he was walking from the car to the house, he bent down and lightly touched the snow cuz they don't have snow where he lives and again he bent down and got some on his glove. Well....he must have had an itch on his face cuz in a minute he had snow all over his face and it was cold, Ha! We all thought that it was pretty cute. Tyler and I did stuffs together but more bout that later on.I was Mrs. Claus for Christmas and that was pretty fun. This is the outfit that I got from Gracie in my gift exchange.Fur awhile I snoopervised as to what everyone was getting....WHAT?? Scottie jammies for Kyla??? he..he..and there were matching slippers!!
I got to dig into my stocking where there were yummy treats!!Remember that Reindeer that I found in moms shopping bag?? it is again and it is all mine now!! It has a great squeaker!!I got several squeaky toys, a ball and some rawhide all in all it was a good Christmas fur me. Now Mom~~has to brag about 2 really cool things that she got that she loves. Gotta let them have their moment I guess, so here they are!! Scottie gloves~~and~~more Scottie slippers.. as...if.....she even needs more!! When is it ever too much??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's all in the tail~~

Its amazing just how the tail works, did you ever think bout that??
When I am excited, it wags bout 90 miles an hr!!
When I am in trouble, it tucks itself in.
When I want to play, the tail is a perfect playmate for me. It goes round and I like to chase it.
Most Scotties have the tail going up like here. This is me with my 2 cousins that live in Texas.When Uncle Ed walks me, it is pointed straight out.
Sometimes it just hangs low~~
And sometimes, I can point it down. Maybe I am part pointer???

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scottie Santa

My Mom likes to make any and everything into a Scottie. Here is your average Jack in the Box~~turn the handle~~guy pops out!! right?? Well.....with a few modifications~~turn the handle and out pops a Scottie Santa!! It even says Ho! Ho! Ho!
Aw.....might as well give ole Scottie Santa a kiss!! (smooch)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You guys are all Pawsome!!!

Yes, you are!!!~~~You are ALL Absolutely Pawsome!!!

We had to ask the question that my Mom was all skeared bout~~If everyone had mailed and received their packages.
There was a resounding Yes and so......all is well here in Jazzi's World!!
I think Mom can relax now LOL
There is one package that is lost between Seattle and Idaho but hopefully it will be found soon. The PO peeps are working on it and if not, the package will be replaced.

Last year there was about 17 dogs and 9 groups and this year there was 45 dogs and 12 groups. I want to personally Thank-you for joining in and having fun and meeting new friends and most of all for making this a great success. Give yourselves a paw on the back ;-) Looking forward to another year next year.

Oh, wait!!! I hear my dad screaming!! He sounds really thrilled bout something!! let me go and check it out~~BRB

Ok, you wont believe what it was all about, This is just gonna crack you all up!! He got the mail and there was actually ONE, I say One card for my peeps and they were thrilled to death!! BOL
The funnier thing is that while they got their ONE measly card, I still got Two!! Hardy har har!!!
I love this mail stuff and I see on all the blog that we are showing up the peeps like there is no tomorrow!!! BOL I have filled up the arch and we are using the sides for overflow!!So....I will enjoy their excitement of their ONE measly card today cuz they actually only have 9!! Maybe my family needs their own blog~~~Oh!! you already have a family blog? YIKES!!! BOL

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOW!! What a fun day I had today!!

WOW~~Today was a very Special and Exciting day fur me.
The Special thing was that I was able to go and meet my Scottie friend Pippi. Pippi's parents take the Library of Congress around the country for people to see it. Mom saw the exhibit and thought that it was really interesting and she learned some stuffs too.
The exciting part was that this was my first trip to a public place. I hate to admit it but Mom always thought that I would be too rambunctious. I mean I go on walks, car errands and to my cousin Jake's house get to go "Downtown" was pretty cool and I did good and surprised Mom, she said we may be doing some more outings!! Cool huh? we are heading off to meet Pippi.And...TADA!! Here is Pippi!!! She was so cute and we hit it off right away. We played and she shared her place with me. Our Moms thought that we look so much alike that we could be sisters, now that would be cool cuz Pippi is so sweet and nice.Mom made her a new dress, a really soft pillow and a Scottie squeaky toyPippi likes the pillow and looked adorable in the dress. They have this really cool setup in the cab of the truck, so we played while they snapped a zillion and one pictures. Mom got a kick out of Pippi, cuz she arroos!! It was pretty cute!!
Here is Abigail with me and Pippi~~I gave her a TON of kisses and she loved them ;-)Here is my Mom with me and Pippi~~she loved holding Pippi.Pippi watched......
as I got to sit right in the drivers seat. There sure are alot of buttons in this cab but the view up here is spectacular!!Before we left, we got a group picture and I really had a good time with Pippi.
The day got even better still. Kaleb was with us and all our stomachs were where do you think we went to eat???? YEP!!! Taco Bell~~got Tacos to go...before long I was chowing down on my Taco. Yummy!!! While we were at Pippi's place, she gave me a Buffalo that they got in Wyoming and it squeaks!! So naturally Mom got her picture with me and the Buffalo...and as soon as it flashed, I knew that the buffalo was mine then. I took it~~shook him, and shook him even more, growled at him and I just had so much fun playing with him. Pippi~~Thanks for showing me your place and for the cool toy and just hanging out together, I loved it. Pippi doesn't have her own blog but you can go and see Pippi on her parents blog. Stop by and say Hi to Pippi, you wont be sorry!! Arrrrooos!! :-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Paws is coming

Santa Paws is coming~~Yesterday was the mail out date. I hope you all have mailed out your gifts to your partners. If not, please do it in the next couple days. We don't want anyone not to receive their gifts. Some of you already have your gifts, if you do you can go ahead and open them and post them so we all can enjoy seeing what you got. Also the Christmas card exchange has been fun too. I have received lots of cards, more than my family!! Course, that's how it should be for us right?? I just mailed out my cards today, so they will be coming soon. Have fun opening your gifts and we all look forward to seeing your posts!!