Friday, January 29, 2010

Chillin... and Chewin...

Hi~~We havent been around much the past few days. Mom has been busy with this thing called a job and she has been working on unfinished craft projects that she says she HAS to get done. She has just left me all by my lonesome...well almost!!! So I just have been chillin....and chewin.....and chewin....... and more chewin.....We lots of posts to catch up on and get back to posting again.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Sweet Treat for Me!!

I got a sweet treat today. Mom went to the grocery store and came home with this bag of colored hearts. I have never had them before. She lured me over to them~~and Boy!! they smelled pretty good~~sniff, sniff,They have all colors of them and she picked out certain ones for me like:
Sweet one~~
# 1 girl~~
dear one~~
cutie pie~~
dream girl~~
She said, they all apply to me and they sure were yummy!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My entry to Mango Minster 2010

Sir Mango is sponsoring the Mango Minster 2010, a show for all dogs/cats. It should be fun and very interesting. After much thought I have decided to enter the show.

I will be entering in the Cracker Dog Insane Terriers division.Last summer, I tried my paws at some insane biking. It was a blast~~The more air I get~~ the more I love it. Only us terriers are insane enough to do this, ramps, flips, high circles, love it all!!

We need to Thank the Mango for letting his Mom do this because it will take time away from him and Thank Mango's Mom for all the hard work!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Still serious but....I have a plan of action~~

Ok...this situation still serious. I actually saw that mom attached the cords to the sleigh Awwwww .....and I did overhear that since Christmas is over, that Mom doesn't think I should wear reindeer antlers as if.....I was going to in the first place....ha Tonight, she had me try on my scarf with a hat~~said she wants to make sure that I keep warm while I am pulling the sled, Oh brother!! sob, sobI followed Dory's advice and this afternoon, I put a call into Uncle Ed. I knew he would just what I should do, he wouldn't let me down. I have read all the ideas and I have to do some serious thinkin.. in my thinkin.. spot. Uncle Ed has helped me so I will be able to do this.I have decided to take things into my own paws and handle this like any common sense girl would and it must be done this weekend. My mom is pretty determined but so am I!! I can be very stubborn when I need to be and I need to be. What will I do? Will I be able to kill this job thing? Maybe I should get ahold of the president~~he knows how to kill jobs!!
I do know that I will be a busy girl this weekend and will let you all know after the weekend xactly what I did.
I have a I just have to xecute it this weekend. If all goes as planned, then this sleigh thing will be a thing of the past and I can get back to some serious dog napping. Gotta go and work on step # 1. Cross your paws for me!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

YIKES!! I have a BIG problem here!! Need help!!

It was a cold snowy day today, we got about 5 more inches of the white stuff. I did take several naps today and then this afternoon, I was just moseying around the house and taking a looksie at what was around. There was no food on the table~~~but I found these other items and I am getting a bad feeling from this all. NO good can come from what I saw. I found some kind of elastic rope thingies~~umm....wonder what you do with these things?Next my eye caught this big wood sleigh type of deal~~I sniffed it and it doesn't move by itself!!And by Mom's desk area, I found this sign~~I heard Mom talking about the times we are in right now with the conomy and stuff and that we each need to what we can to help out with the family finances. She said we have plenty of the white stuff outside and that she thinks that this may be good for me!! YIKES!!!! I am really getting worried now! I mean putting a cute doggie like me to work! I say this is just Appalling~~ME~~working??? I mean I can do so many other things:
I am pretty good at catching mice~~
I can chase squirrels really fast~~
I can entertain the munchkins~~
I could be in a food race, cuz I can eat really fast~~
I could model some scarfs, clothes etc.
BUT......pulling a sleigh!! I am sorry, that job just isn't for me. I am a girlie girl and gee..I might break a sweat or worse~~a nail!! Anyone have any ideas how to get out of this situation? Will entertain any ideas and need them ASAP!!!

I did it AGAIN!!!

~~That's right~~I did it again~~

I did this same thing several months ago, and Mom wasn't as thrilled bout it as I was, because I brought it inside and Mom didn't see it and accidentally stepped on it and you should have heard her scream!! It was so funny!! She can't get mad at me for doin it cuz this is what I am meant to do and I have fun doing it~~do you all wonder what in the world I did??
Mom let me outside tonight and I was having lots of fun in the snow and what not. I didn't bark for awhile and I finally decided to bark to come in after I did this thing. So, Mom let me in and I brought it inside and I right away started throwing it around in the LR where she was, but she didn't notice right away cuz she was busy painting some bookends she is working on. She must have spotted it out the corner of her eye, so she asked me "What was I doing?"
"Huh..playing!" So she got up to see what I had and when she found out, I must admit she didn't spaz out, she was relatively calm and NO scream this time.

(Diana here) I got up to find that Jazzi had been playing with another dead mouse that she apparently caught outside and was more than happy to bring it in with her. I am glad she is a good mouser but I am not a big fan of bringing it inside!! I made her drop it and she was running round like a crazy woman and so I put her in her kennel so I could get rid of it. To me, these are just the yuckiest things, to her she is so proud of herself, so I didn't want to squash her pride. She is feeling pretty proud now, I didn't know if she could get through the door, HA! HA! Last time after I stepped on it and screamed there was no picture, so this time I decided to get a picture, so here is her pride and joy:I am so glad that the grand kids were in bed already ha! but then they probably would have thought that this was soo cool!! Once I got rid of it, I asked her, I thought that this was one of her New Years Resolutions, not to bring it inside. She said Nope!! that rule # 3 was that if she got a pesty squirrel, that she wouldn't drag it inside!! So nice of her huh?? I think she is part cat!! Madi would be proud of her for sure!!

(Jazzi back) So what do you guys all think of my catch? Am I the coolest or what?? And who knew with the snow, that there would be a mouse outside? I tried to xplain to Mom, that I was trying to keep him from getting in alive and then really scaring her!!

~~~Oh.... a note to all of you east of IL. It is snowing here and we are to get like 8-10 inches so Frankie, Brutus get ready...the snow is coming right to you!!! Hey, you can't say I never gave you anything!! HA!

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Top 10 Resolutions

I see some of you have been getting for 2010 and deciding what you are/aren't going to do, so I thought I better get with it too. I have come with a Top 10 list. Here goes.......

I~~ Jazzi Chambers....has decided:

1o. I will keep guarding and protecting our house by barking at every cat and dog that walks on "our" sidewalks.

9. When getting the dreadful bath, I will be nicer to Mom and not shake myself until she has a towel in her hand, even though she pulls her shenanigans on me with that flashy box.

8. I will try to be helpful to others in whatever way that I can.

7. When Mom exercises, I will keep my giggles to a soft roar...

6. I will not drag out more than 5 toys at a time. I will wait for you to pick them up before getting more out.

5. I will continue to lay next to you while you are watching TV so you can give me belly rubs.

4. I will eat ALL the ice chips that you give to me and not leave any on the kitchen floor for you to step on with your socks on.

3. I will strive harder than ever to rid our yard of those pesty squirrels and if........I do get one, I PROMISE not to haul it inside for you to accidentally step on it, ok mom?

2. I will try...I say leave Kim's taco's on her plate on the table even if she walks away from them.

1. When you are ready to go to Kansas to see my bestest Uncle Ed, I will be right there at the back door, patiently waiting with my doggie bag all packed and ready to roll and I will be a perfect back seat rider.

Sounds pretty good to me!! Ok, Jan 1st, WHOA!!! I am already going to do rule # 8.
This rose is on loan to Brutus!!! Congrats are in order. Ohio won the Rose Bowl and Brutus didn't have a rose, so here ya go bud!!!