Tuesday, August 30, 2016

From the Garden

LOOK at what we are eating fresh every day.
 Yup...and they are delish!!
 I wish that you were here Hazel....we'd have lotsa fun eating tomatoes!! *sigh*

Sunday, August 28, 2016

We are celebrating

Yep...We are celebrating here. You is their 40th wedding anniversary. She says it doesn't really seem that long. Time flies when you're having fun!!
Hey!! Im hoping to snag some of the goodies today.
 30 years
 40 years

This is from an old song and they like it cuz they are still having fun after all these years.

Happy Anniversary mom and dad.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Its Demolition Derby time

Yep...its that time of the year again. This is our 2nd annual demolition derby.
The Demo derby will be on Sat Sept. 17th.
Spots are filling up fast. We only have 6 cars spaces left.  If you would like,to be in it just let me know in the comments. This is our lineup so far.
Kismet--starting the demo race
Last years winner was Easy!! Who will win this year?
Are ya'll excited?? We still have 6 cars open and ready to race

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Corn Update

Its been awhile since we checked the corn due to Mom working and they were on vacation. Man!!!! Its growing like crazy. Its 95 inches tall now.
It's getting tassels now and the tips are starting to look golden.
And we saw lots of ears of corn. Fresh corn and fresh popcorn is soooo good!!
The corn will keep getting golden. We will watch it until it is ready to harvest. The cornfields are sooo beautiful.
P.S. An old farmer friend of Moms used to make popcorn. He either dried it on hanging on the ear for a few weeks or broke off the corn and then dried it. Mom says it was delicious.
We just have store bought popcorn seeds here but she does pop it in a paper sack vs the microwave bag popcorn.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Day 1...Where it all began. She was so small and so cute.April 6th 2006. Her name was Sugar and I changed it to Jazzi. It fit her spunkiness perfect.
She was the Taco Queen!!

Best Costumes:
Uncle Ed:
Her boyfriend Sweet William:
Jazzi and Addi:
 They were best buddies:
 One of my favorite pictures of Jazzi:
  Her last time in the yard....August 23rd, 2014
Our very last picture together. I was totally heart broken!!
I knew it...I could see it in her eyes...we both knew that it was time!! She fought but it just wasn't meant to be. A hard decision that I have had to make but it was the right one.
My sweet , sweet Jazzi!!