Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun game to play

Are you bored? Are you looking fur something new to do or play with? Do you have some mighty fine toofers? Is you answered Yes, yes and yes...then I have the perfect game fur you to do. Furst, get one of these kinda of bottles.....Have your Mom throw it fur you and Go to town!! Watch me, I will show ya just how to rip off that label and scrunch that thing down to a pancake!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yeppers, that's right~~I hit the jackpot the other day. My assistant is slow in getting this situation out cuz she says she has been very busy!!! um huh!! Well, anyways the other day, oh and by the way there are no pictures of this and you will know why in a minute. Mom was browning turkey meat and she was moving way too much and her elbow hit the pan handle and the pan goes all over the floor!! This is where the Jackpot comes in. There was meat everywhere, so Boy!! I started scrambling to scarf up any and all pieces of meat. But...don't worry, it wasn't HOT or else Mom would have locked me outta the kitchen. There was a small disagreement cuz she thought that I shouldn't have that meat. WHAT??? To my estimations, what falls on the floor is clearly M-I-N-E!! all mine!! Right??

She was trying to move me away~~Nope, not this Scottie~~I wasn't budging~~I dug my paws right in and I growled and growled and kept getting the meat and there was much scrambling from me and her. I did get all that I could and it was Yummy!! (That's why there are no pictures) Now, I for sure sit right under that stove, cuz you just never know ya know?

Friday, January 28, 2011


This giant bone is GREAT~~I love it!! It chews fabulous....but...I may have bitten off more than I can chew, BOL.I am getting pretty Snazzi with this giant bone, Hey!! only one paw!! TADA~~LOOK~~No paws!! How cool is that???

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hurt Ears

Mom has started this exercise thingy to loose weight. While I completely support this, she is getting um...a bit weird. She has been spending time with the walky machine and now she got the idea to listen to music~~that's cool. I am laying here chewing on my bone and all of a sudden, I notice out the corner of my eye, she is going spastic!!
I look up and she is be-bopping on the treadmill, and acting all weird like with a BIG smile on her face and she laughing!! . She says she is dancing to the music umm huh!! Now, I cant even show this to you cuz it is way to embarrassing, but here she is with headphones on, dressed on scottie jammies, t-shirt and wearing tennis shoes~~She is quite a sight!! Then outta no where, know what she does next?? She starts singing. Now, you all don't know this but~~God did not give my Mom a voice at all!! Ziltch!! Zippo!! When she sings, everyone asks "Are you singing the same song we are?" LOL It was hurting my ears~~Like super ouch!! So do you know what I did bout it?? Mom said you all wont believe me, but this is NO lie, it is the honest truth~~I had no choice but to walk away~~and that's exactly what I did, I went straight to my bed!!It was B-A-D with a capital B. I hope this weight thing goes fast cuz I cant take much more of this!! That singing sound is Awful!! and that is the honest truth too!! WHERE..... are those darn Chicago Bears earmuffs that she had on me a few days ago, that I hated?? I may get to be BFF with them now!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Guess what I got??

Yep!! A giant Bone!!! You can bet on what I have been doing tonight!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Aaww...its over!! I hate to say it~~Da Bears lost!!! was fun eating all the foodables!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Go Bears!!

We are getting ready fur the Bears/Packers game at my house tonight. We have tattoos...Our fan club (with a dirty face LOL, he always seems to have that)
planning all all our stuffs for the game tomorrow....everything is turning blue/orange round here. We have plates... for all our foodables....We have bunches more than this, I saw them in the pantry when I was snoopin.... hehe Believe me, I will be right by those munchkins cuz they drop food and know what?? they drop food when no one is watching...its our secret though!! Mom even found me my own Bears shirt!and...these ridiculous earmuff if....Scottie's even would think of wearing an earmuff!! I think NOT and I refuse to even look at you for this dumb idea!!
Lets just get to the game and say GO BEARS!!! Show those Packers just who is the # 1 team!!!

All you Kittys, better watch out!!

Saw this report while I was surin...this morning!! I thought that it was funny!! Go and check it out!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can you remember??

It's the middle of January, and we have had lots of this stuffs...... Can you all remember these days??? Can't wait for those days!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Personal "Jazzi" flake

As you can see in my header, Kyla and Kaleb made snowflakes. I was so suprised to wake up one day and it was snowing inside my house, then I found out that they weren't really real. They also were so kind as to make a flake fur me!! My very own personal "Jazzi" flake. Mom was them how God made each snowflake different, so this is the only one!!

My bed

Mom!!!!....... There's somebody in my bed~~~Can you get him out???? I want to go to bed!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

911 call

My mom heard this call on the radio of the Don and Roma morning show out of Chicago. This little 5 yr old girl had to call 911 cuz her dad was having problems breathing. She was so calm and reassuring to her dad that he would be ok and her call actually saved his life. She was clear headed and did all that they asked and had remarkable poise during this situation. Mom thought that it was cute that at one time, she wanted to go and change clothes so she would look good when they came for her dad, and that she told them about their dog. Kyla lives with us and she is 5 yrs old. We are going to make sure that she knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Now fur some GREAT news~~~DA Bears win!!! yay!! Bears 35 Seahawks 24!!!
Next week, we take on the Green Bay Packers!! GO...Bears!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Super cool Badge!!

I am so Proud to hold an office in Blogville, with Frankie as Mayor. I am the Secretary of Squirrel Containment and Taco Procurement!! I pawmise to lock up as many pesty squirrels as I can. Many of you have different offices as well. Today, I picked up my fancy smancy badge from Richie and Ronnii. I wanna give out a Super~~BIG~~Thank-you for making this cool badge~~I really appreciate it. If you haven't picked yours up yet, go by and get it. They all look just GREAT!! Anyone fur some Taco's??

Friday, January 14, 2011

A day like this!!

Has anyone ever had a day like this??? ;-0

I am feeling much better today!!

WOW!! Thanks for all the Get Well wishes~~it is so nice to have fur-friends that care :-) I really appreciate you all. I got lots of sleep and am feeling much better. It was just a tummy bug, And...she gave me my doggie biscuit once I felt better. Mom says that she thinks it was really just a ploy to get all my blankies and my pillow washed~~Guess she will never know fur sure!! he..he..he!!

Yesterday and today, Mom was feeling a bit irritated and frustrated. I heard lots of talk and mutterings about some new governor guy raising taxes by 66% and she bout hit the roof!! She said this was gonna cost her an arm and a leg!! YIKES!! My mom is half American Indian so lets say she was on the warpath about it being done in the wee hours of the night, and just hours before some duck session was over!! Believe me with her mood, when I napped, I slept with one eye open!!

Then today she was all up in arms cuz she found out that this same guy did some more bad stuffs. For the guys leaving this duck thing, he was giving them government jobs and for the guys staying, he was giving them pork!! I am sitting here thinkin....ummmm...some pork sounds awful good to me, but apparently not this kind of pork, *sigh* and all this stuff was given away for votes!! She was going on and on and said right now she hates Illinois and wants to move to Texas where there is none of these state taxes!! I knew I had to do something to calm her down or she was gonna blow fur sure!! So I decided to play some spoons with her, she always likes that game. I got my Scottie mug and some treats and we were ready to roll!!Here I am using my peripheral vision~~she thinks I am not looking but I have my eyes on her, I know just what she is doing. I could have whipped her really bad but I let her win some, so she would be in a better mood!! It was all working pretty good until tonight. She heard that these darn taxes start with her next check!! Arrrgggg~~These darn guys better Stop making her so irritated!! I am sure you other Illinois bloggers know just how we feel!! Ummmmm...What will do tomorrow???

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under the weather

I am a little under the weather today. I got sick 2 times already in both my beds, so needless to say all my blankets, and my pillow are being washed. I will be doing lots of this today and hopefully I will feel better soon. When my mailman came he brought me a doggie milk bone and Mom wont even let me have it~~Being sick is the pits!! Think..... maybe I need a Taco??

Monday, January 10, 2011

My official Mango Minster entry

It is that Time of year again~~It is Mango Minster time!! Being a Terrier, I am entering for the Insane Cracker Dog group. For information about this and the rules click on Mango.Mom got all goofed up~~something bout her getting soo excited~~and so this is my Official post. As most of you know that I have a teeny tiny love fur Tacos!!! Well...I just love em!! BOL They taste soo crunchy and yummy!!I keep them in my backpack so I will always have them ready to chow down on a moments craving!!HEY!! I was even a Taco fur Halloween!!
I do bout anything fur a Taco. I jump fur a Taco.....
So....when Mom brought home some Tacos tonight, I was lip smackin...already just anticipating!! Bring that ole Taco on!! Seriously!! Like NOW!!
As I ate a couple bites, she asked me if I was Up fur something new just fur Mango Minster?Well, yep I am.~~Remember I do Anything fur a Taco!! I had NO idea what she meant. I didn't now that she literally meant Up!! is our entry for Mango Minster!!!




Eating Tacos, upside down!!! Aww..... INSANE is this????

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I got whistled at today!!

Yah, that's right, I was whistled at today!!

Me, Jazzi~~as a girl~~I have been waiting fur 4 yrs now~~for the time that some dark handsome boy dawg would notice me and give me a good whistle!! From that whistle, you just never know what may become of that relationship and if he will be that "Special" guy and just sweep me off my paws!! ya know??

Well....I was not prepared for this at all!!! This was NOT what I have been waiting for!! I bout died when this happened. You will see it when you watch this video clip. Figures that Mom got the whole ugly thing on video and is sharing my horrible experience. This could scar me fur life!!

But, seriously~~~A ZuZu pet!! Awwww......

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This used to be on the old couch. I could sit right up here or else slide right down between the couch and the cushion~~cuz the cushions came off so I had it formed just the way I liked it~~plus I could watch the whole neighborhood and know all the stuffs that is going on. Now.....with the new couch, I am not allowed to sit on the back anymore, can you believes that?? She says these cushions don't come off and she says I will squish it down, YAH, and what is the problem with that?? I need to get this new couch formed too ya know? Well, she is not hearing any of my argument. She said I can sit on the arm to look out on the neighborhood~~Now, this isn't a good spot at all, I can hardly see at all...She knew I wasn't happy bout this, so she offered me a new proposition: She put a soft blanket on top of the radiator. Now this is comfy and my, much warmer too, lets see what kind of view that I have here.....Umm.....not to bad. I can get closer to the window this way and it might just work Mom. I will try it out and let you know OK?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have been bombarded........

Yes, that's right, I have been bombarded by SNOWMEN!!! She took the tree down and I napped and woke up to this guy!! Yikes!! He is bigger than me and he lights up~~Who does that??? I had to check this dude out and see if he is fur real!!! Well....he is there but...NOT alive thank goodness!! If he's gonna be around, guess I better be friends with em. He is pretty harmless, just looks kinda weird but I must say, He is a Happy guy!!Remember Aunt Linda? (she belongs to the Wonderful Uncle Ed) Well.....she made this fur my Mom. Isn't it really cute?? Everybody here just loves it and thinks it is really cool!!There were 2 empty squares on the right side and we thought it needed a Scottie touch, so we added a Scottie mug and a Scottie on top of snow pile. Now it is all complete, Scotties and all. Thanks Aunt Linda!!
Pretty soon there were bins everywhere and these guys were comin..outta the woodwork!! Seriously!!! I kid you Not!!! But......I do like this guy. He is in the kitchen and in his hat are "MY" treats!! So naturally he is my "favorite" snowman!!This nice couple hangs around in the kitchen too. They sit under my Jazzi tree and just look cute. There is a little Me in between them. Mom says if they were real, that I would really be right there in between them..... Nawwww..I dont think so!!
Really, I snitched the flashy box and deleted the zillion snowmen so that you dont have to be bored to death with them. BOL Although, I am so glad that I don't have as many as Frankie~~Thank you Mom!! I will let Mom show you one that she likes.......
NO!!! Mom, Only ONE!! geezzz.....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Warm Sunshine

OH!! I Love that warm Sunshine on a comfy step!! It feels soooooooo....GOOD!! Don't ever take my sunshine away!! Plus.....add to the situation, that I have one BIG window there to keep an eye out on the neighborhood while sunning...I know what everyone is up to.....YAH!! what is the problem?? She is just so....nosey like that!!!