Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happiness is........

just chillin.........

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Could it be???

My assistant has been busy and NOT paying the proper attention to my blogs like she should. I have spoken to her bout this and hopefully she will shape up so don't give up on us!!!! Seriously, is it really that tuff??

Anyways, while I was entertaining myself, I was surfing and came across these cool cookies. I couldn't believe my eyeballs and had to paw them. Is this real?? Yep, Taco cookies!! Don't they look just so delish??
If you wanna make some HERE are the directions.
I am asking for them tomorrow, I figure that's the least she can do for the negligence of my blog!! I will return with full pics of MY very own Taco cookie!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I tried...

Our rain FINALLY went away for a few days, probably enough to dry out the water we got in our basement!! But anyways, since it was gone I was outside and LOOK what I found in MY yard!!!  I couldn't believe that this guy had the nerve to show up in MY yard!!
He zigged and zagged and I did too but.....I wasn't able to catch his tail like Sweet William did. Sweet William snagged himself his very own pesty squirrel tail. If you want to read all about it just click here.
But...I did run him outta MY yard!!! Me and Addy are on the guard now, you pesty squirrel!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just SMILE!!!

It makes the peeps wonder what you are up too!! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We thought we took care of this guy

Don't ya just HATE those noisy cleany machines?? Me and Addi do too. I bark like a mad woman and I have taught Addi to bite it and growl at it. She used to just lay there and let it go by her without even batting an eye, so I had to inform her of what to do and she is good at it now. Well, anyways we thought that we had done this guy in pretty darn good. I mean Look at all the duct tape keeping it together and all of our teef marks are on it. Then the other day it died, dead as a doornail and me and Addi say good riddance to that nuisance!!
Well...low and behold~~What does Mom come home with the other day?? The new and improved machine!! Me and Addi were shocked to say the least. This baby has quite the suction power and Mom doesn't have to hardly do anything, it just moves itself almost!! She can hold it by one finger and it will just do its thing!! Mom showed us the suction and said if she hears just one peep outta either one of us, that she was gonna suck us up that thing!! So needless to say, she made us believers and we didn't make one single peep (for now at least)
Mom was telling us how that the body of this thing is made from the stuff that helmets are made of and that it is super strong, umm.....we will see about  that!! I do believe that she is under estimating the strength of scottie/bulldog teefs!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can U believe this guy??

With that stare down he is askin....for a Scottie-tude adjustment, Let me at em Mom!!! I say OPEN that door!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's My Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday!! I am 7 yrs old now, geee..seems like yesterday that I was just a pup. Where does the time go?? I sure don't feel this old, I mean I can run and move pretty fast to chase the birds and the pesty squirrels and I can bark up a storm!! Mom says you ramble as you get older so I find myself rambling!! bol Here I am just a small pup. I wasn't much taller than the clay pots!!
 I have NO idea why she insist on putting on these dumb birthday glasses, I am lucky that she couldn't find the birthday hat!!
I got a new spring jacket, treats, a Mickey Mouse rope toy and the best.....A Taco!! was delish!!!
And..oh BTW, the treats are pizza flavor!! Yum yum!!
Mom says she has more things planned so I can hardly wait!!