Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wordless. Wednesday

My dignity

Mom fixed up a dress up area for the girls. They have clothes, shoes, buttetfly wings, fufu stuffs, wigs and tons of "stuff" Its cute and...
They love dressing up.
Its all fine with me until I became the guinea pig for the wigs. Hey!!  I'm a guy here. See my stink eye?
What's a guy to do? But.....Oh, my dignity. Hope Hazel won't think less of me.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Guess who's here?

It's miss Addi. What a sweet face to see on Saturday.
 It's funny at night Addi is on one side and I'm on the other and of course we both like to sleep close so mom says she feels like a pancake BOL
Happy Saturday!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

More aggravation

If not being able to get the cars wasn't bad enough, now there's the Balls in a cage. Mom made this for the grand kids to play..... a GIANT kerplunk game. you know you pull the rods out without dropping too many balls. Well......the kids love it....
Alls I know is......that I WANT those balls. I mean you can hear them drop, they have so many pretty colors and I know if I will just drop on the floor...I got that ole ball. Sadly NO balls dropped.
The even sadder thing is when they are all done, there sits the balls....IN the cage, in the corner!!
So not fair!!! Come on Mom....just 1 ball.....any color....I just wanna play with it!!
From Oreo's mom: I did give him about 3 balls to play with, thinking that he would really love them. Well....he did LOVE them...he loved them to death. Thats right dead as a doornail and flat as a pancake with many many toofers holes in get the point, so hence his getting any more balls. Lol

Monday, March 23, 2015

Addi has a new friend.

Yes, Addi has a new friend. First, let me back up a bit and tell you that "our" Tom has a new friend. Her name is Brittany and my family likes her and thinks that she is really nice. 
Well...Brittany has a pit bull named Loki. For the first couple months Addi and Loki hadn't met but just a couple weeks ago, they both met. Addi and Loki hit it off pretty good, they just had to put the toys away for a bit. Here's Addi and Loki together. you want to see the most adorable picture ever??
I'd say they have bonded very well don't you?
I haven't met this Loki dude yet but hopefully soon. They are both much bigger than I am.
Should I give them my Scottie/Shih tzu growl?? He..he..
P.S. Don't worry Berti, you are still Addi's main guy!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sniffin and scratchin for Guys night out.

I am sponsoring the sniffin event. We have some cool sniffs, so here we go.
Up first we have Sarge. He is doing some serious shoe sniffin.
Stanley likes to sniff around fences and finds out lots of info. That's one smart guy.
Frankie and Ernie have 2 great sniffers. They have so much to sniff up on their hill.
Dui sniffs the grass for creatures and he can scratch too.
Ranger does his bestest sniffin when he is sniffin the treats that come in the big box.
Easy really gets into sniffin the stuffy and uses it for a snout cover.
Little Marley loves to sniff the pretty flowers.
BOY!! Charlie must have found something really cool. Its buried way in the grasses.
Bertie demonstrates the trio sniff.
Abby's mom fixed the toy but Abby had to sniff it just to make sure that it was fixed.
Murphy Loves to sniff round his yard.
I hope
Sully really likes to sniff the Hay bales. I bet there is some good stuffs in there.
Sweet William likes to sniff the hyacinths and when ever he does it makes him scratch. He is also blowing us a raspberry!!
Walter is such a good sniffer that he enjoys just sniffin the air to find out what is going on.
I, Oreo like to sniff out what is under the beds. Sometimes the coolest stuff is under there.
I hope that you enjoyed the sniffin. There's lots more events going on for us Guys. Be sure to check them all out and by the way:
Boyz Rule~~~~Girls Drool!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

My story about a Ball

Once upon a time I had a nice yellow squeaky ball. I played with it so much that the squeaker went kerplunk and so I liked pulling off the furs.
Look Mom...No furs!! Isn't that cool? She thought that she should throw it away but I said NO, its not ready yet.
A couple days later she found the ball in this shape. She said Oreo...this ball is done!!
She walked off and left it on the island with the tips hanging over just a tad. I studied and thought Yep, I can do this!! This ball is NOT going in the trash can if I have anything to say about it.
Now....that's what I'm talking about!! NEVER under estimate a determined Scottie. I felt like Air bud!! BOL
Update: My mom is in Colorado and I'm doing ok, I'm still alive. But moms Mom was glad to see her. She's not in the greatest shape but her mind is still alert. Grandma cries a lot and makes mom cry. It's hard to know how much longer she will be with us, its all in God's hand. Mom was glad that she went and will be coming home Monday night. It's all an emotional time for all. I'll be so happy when she gets back home.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

No!! It isnt "Snow" much fun!!

We had company from San Antonio last week. There were kids all over the place but I really liked having them here except for this: I don't mind watching them go down the small hill at our house....they were having TONS of fun. I was perfectly content just to watch.
But no.....someone else who shall remain nameless Mom thought that I might enjoy going down the hill. I said Oh hold up there Lady!! There is NO way I am going down that ole hill and I put my paws down, so this is the extent of my sledding.
Also dont forget to send in your sniffin or scratching photos to dcraftsalot(AT) for Guys night out.
I'm not sure how much I will be around the next few days. My mom is flying to Denver cuz her mom isn't doing well at all and it doesn't look like she is gonna make it. So I am staying with 2 of the other little peeps and mom is worried about how I will do in a different environment and without her. I tried to tell her that it will be ok but you know how moms are!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sniff and Scratch for us guys only!!

Well.....Frankie and Ernie are having a Guys Night Out on March 23rd for just US guys.....NO wimen allowed. I am quite excited bout this as I am hosting the Sniff and Scratch event. Our noses are very portant and they tell us all kinds of stuff that we need to know and probably things we don't need to know too, bol. Pee Mail is very interesting.  
Sniffing another dog nose to nose or butt wise, that's just our way of shaking paws and saying Hey!!
We can smell what kind of moods our peeps are in too.
Do you enjoy just smellin..the Flowers?
Or.....your Mom or Dads boots?? PeeeUuuuu *note to self* Don't smell that ever again!!!
Ever get that annoying scratch that just drives you absolutely Crazy?? Sometimes its easier to roll and get the scratch and if all that fails have our peeps get it for us...after all that's their duty right? your photos sent in and show us your bestest sniffin ever.
And while your at it go ahead and send in your photos of your funniest scratching too.
The Deadline is March 20th. Send them to Dcraftsalot(at)
We are gonna have so much fun on Guys Night Out!!