Saturday, June 19, 2010


Diana had her stint taken out yesterday and all went well. Since it's been out, her abdominal pain is gone. She is on a liquid diet right now and keeping it all down. She is having some back pain-the nurses said it's by her kidneys, so the doctor needs to check those out. Diana is defiantly feeling a lot better.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday News

Diana is having her stint taken out today at 11:00, so hopefully that goes well. When Diana's pain medications wear off, she still has very bad abdominal pain, a terrible headache, and feels like she is going to get sick. Hopefully that will stop when the stint is removed. If it doesn't, then she has to stay to find out what is causing that.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on Diana

Hi, this is Jessica in TX. Here is the update on my mom. Kim took her to see the surgeon yesterday and he admitted her into the hospital for dehydration and to find out why she felt so awful. Kim took her to the hospital and they did a CT Scan. They found a Pseudo Cyst on her pancreas which they are treating with medication. That is probably what made her feel so awful. They won't remove it unless it starts growing. Her stint is still in and they should be taking it out today or tomorrow. The hospital she is in is very slow-it took them 3 hours to hook up her IV once she got to her room. Of course, they couldn't give her any pain medication until the IV was hooked up. Diana said the service here in TX was much better. Hopefully she'll be out of the hospital by the weekend, but it just depends on when they remove the stint. I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snoopervising and a Mom update

It was still cool when Mom left to go to Texas and while she was there for 2 weeks she hasn't gotten the things that she usually does. we are sweeping and cleaning the front porch and getting the table/chairs out etc and making it all neat and clean. She doesn't even have plants in the planters, but she will get to it she says!! I am doing a great job snoopervising the job. I have to sniff through all the stuff she sweeps up, naturally ha! The pile is under the rocking horse and there were some good ole smells!! As you can see we have this big ledge, so I found out if I sit on the munchkins picnic table that I see over it really good and then I can keep an eye out on the neighborhood~~just trying to do my part!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mom's home~~

The day that Mom was coming home, the munchkins made some Welcome Home papers and Kim hung them on the window.By now, I was getting quite excited. Dad left to go and get here and I think that was the longest time that I have ever had to wait!!! It seemed like forever or as Frankie says 87 hours, ha ha. Finally, the door opened, and I hear "Jazzi" I had to look to make sure my eyes were seeing right, and Yep, they were!! It was Mom!! I started jumping all over her legs, that she could hardly get in the door. She somehow managed to get into the DR and I was going crazy going in circles, and she was going in circles cuz I was, so there we both were~~going in circles together!!! I am sure it was funny to watch us. I got all worked up and so crazy excited that I started doing fast zoomies all over the house, up and off the furniture, I was lightening quick~~that she couldn't even get zommie pictures. Everyone was laughing and I was having the time of my life!!! She finally got ahold of me for some pictures. Later on, she had her suitcase opened, so I took Benny and Lilly's advice and looked for travel brochures, hotel hand soaps, souvenir's etc and found nothing but DR's order papers, medicine receipts and a get well card, so I think she was really where she said she was at. But.....on some further checking, I came across a nice chewy bone and so I snatched that so fast and took off to do some serious bone chewing!!Later that night, I was laying with Mom and she was giving me some great backrubs. I HAD to tell her my "Tale of Woes" how nobody played with me~~ nobody took me for walks~~No tacos for me~~everyone went on with their stuff and just ignored me,~~bla bla bla and she felt bad for me!! hehehe works everytime!!! we just chilled and layed around alot. She is still not 100% just yet.
I am just glad that she is home, now I can take good care of her. She goes to her DR tomorrow so we will see what he says. But for now, the kids are playing like crazy, the TV is on, dinner is cooking so all is well at my house!!!

She's home

Uh... ya, thats right~~She is home!!!! She is home!!!! Yippee!!! We will have pictures to post later today and tell you all about the best homecoming that I have ever had. You dont know how good it was to see my Mom again! You guys will all be laughing at this story. So, look for it later today.
Many many zillion tail wags going on here~~