Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Gotcha Day!!

This is my Gotcha Day. I was gotted 7 yrs ago when I was just 4 months old. This picture was my very 1st picture in my new house. Little did I know about that flashy box!! I used to be named Sugar and they changed my name to Jasmine, Jazzi or Jazz for short.
I have a wonderful family and have plenty of grand peeps to play with and Miss Dog-zilla to contend with, ;-) I wouldn't change anything and am so glad for and love my family.
Although... I am getting the word that my peeps are leaving me Sunday morning to go on a 3rd  honeymoon to Colorado!! many honeymoons do peeps need?? I am being left with Kim but on the flip side, she is sooooo easy to snatch food from so this could be a win win for  me. That means that I wont be able to visit many blogs for a week or so. I will try to pop on when I can.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Get Ready.....

Yep, umm...umm... ANNOUNCING that the time is getting near for.....National Taco Day.
National Taco Day is the one day a year that you ARE allowed to have a Taco. We have done this for 3 yrs now and it has been so much fun and increasing each year. Your Tacos can have whatever your little heart desires...Beef, chicken, fish, fruit, hotdogs and cheetos, green beans, etc. You can have the hard shell or soft shell. Just be creative and have fun with it.
Tell your peeps about it and get the creative juices flowing for the coolest Taco round. There will be a blog hop so we all can see each others Tacos. I promise you a lip smackin...good ole time!! Blog about it on Oct 4th and show us pics of you devouring the taco. BOL!! Pass the word along to all your friends.
It's gonna be FUN!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Project Day

Today, I have the job of Snoopervising Moms latest project. The basement was empty so the grand peeps  have requested a she is trying to make it really cute for them. She is fixing a kitchen area for the girls, truck area for the boys, and dress up for both. We will show pics when it is all done. They all need chairs and she is too cheap to buy them when she can figure something out with stuff we have. So...we have crates, fabrics from the room, and looks like she is all set.
Whoala!!! 1 super snazzy seat.
Within 87 min, 2 more were made until she ran out of padding.
Here they are at the table. She just needs 1 more for now.
I do believe that this table is..... the perfect size to eat Tacos from, I'm just sayin......

Friday, August 23, 2013

Chatty Jazzi

Mom calls me a real "Chatty Jazzi" When she lets me out in the morning and I bark and bark. Within a few seconds you can hear other dogs talking back at me and of course I hafta reply back!! They live way down the street and she is just amazed at how they even hear me and how we understand each other. I keep telling her that us dogs just know. Do any of you talk to other dogs?? Peeps just dont get it, BOL

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Going batty

Remember this shoe that Mom made for Birthday boy Kaleb??
Do you know what peeps did with it?? They strung that good looking shoe up a tree, got a bat and not the black flying ones and they were swingng and trying to break the shoe open and that shoe took so much time to make. Being the smart Scottie that I am backed way...way off!!! My momma didn't raise a dummy!!!
Weird thing is....that they ALL wanted to hit it and they all did....
But....once it is broken...there are treats galore. I could hardly keep up with them!!
A very valuable lesson was learned and guess what it was??
DON'T put packages of Smarties or Pixi Sticks in a Pinata, cuz...well....they like all break outta their packages and the powder was dropping like crazy!! BOL I tell you Peeps do weird things!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Come on and Join in!!

As we have been with our friend Benny~~he is Fighting like a Frenchie and we are all supporting him and proud of him for fighting. He has had 87 chemo shots and his blood counts are doing good. I know there have been lots of raffles and giveaways going on. I am sponsoring a raffle to help raise funds for Benny.  American Greetings wants to help Benny too. So American Greetings is giving the winner of the raffle a FREE 1 yr subscription to their on line cards. This is really cool you guys and your peeps can use this for all of the holidays. They are also gave Benny's mom a FREE 1 yr subscription already. We think that is pretty cool of them to do this. They are very excited about helping Benny out and raising money for our dear friend.
American Greetings has about 87 kinds of cards for any holiday, plus they have E-cards to send. With the E-cards you can add tones, talking voices and they have pet cards too. Their latest are the cool Video cards . With the video cards, you can also add talking voices to them and they have cards with songs, they are so cute. You can send them via e-mail and even facebook and they are super easy to send. You can even post date them to send later on to make sure that you don't miss that important occasion, for one of your friends or your peeps friend, so this is quite a prize. When I had the Father's day contest, Sasha won and her mom recieved a subscription and her mommy loves it.

So here's how it works. For every dollar that is donated, that is how many times, your name will be added to the pot. Ex. You donate $5.00 your name goes in 5 times, $10.00 your name goes in 10 times etc. You will be donating using the Go Fund me that is linked up with Benny. Go fund me doesn't take anything lower than $5.00 so it you will automatically have your name in 5 times for donating $5.00. You go to the Go Fund Me click Donate and add a note that this is for Jazzi's raffle. Then leave me a comment, letting me know how many times your name needs to go in the pot so that we can get them put in there.  The winner will be announced on August 24th.
I do have some names in the pot but I would really really like more names. Come on, Lets keep on supporting our friend Benny!! 

A Happy Birthday goes to......

our Grand peep Kaleb. He lives with us and today is 6 yrs old. WHEW!! How time flies, he was just 1 when he came to live with us and Boy!! did he keep me on my paws when he was doin..all that crawling round and ears stuff!! He got these converse for school and Mom calls them Big Blue, bol
He wanted a pinata for his b-day so they all whipped him one up today and decorated it and here is Big Blue. It is full of candy so seeing how us Scotties are so quick, I should have some FUN when that baby is busted open.
Kaleb's mommy fixed him a balloon wall on his door. Wont he be surprised in the morning?? hehehe
Happy Birthday to Kaleb!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Moms been busy working and so I was surfin...the net and look what I found....a really cool airplane. Watch this airplane fly.  We have a beautiful country!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guess what I did??

Tom went out of town to a cabin up North so we are dog sitting Miss Dog-zilla. I think she forgot who IS boss round here!! She came over and started in on me during my nice nap on the mini tramp. I fought and snipped and growled and she just wouldn't give it up.
So....guess what I did?? I moved to the couch and I Locked her out!! BOL

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I am Back!!

My Mom and Dad went to Texas for a week, I got home from Uncle Ed's and they brought this guy home with them from Texas. This is Tyler and he just turned 6 yrs old which is why they went to Texas. They surprised him at the door and he had NO idea that they were coming. The first night he was here we had a birthday party for him and this is his cool batman car. Luckily for me it isn't remote control or anything, Thanks so much for that Mom!!
There was a bunch of grand peeps here this past week.
I had my paws full.
Tyler caught his very first 2 fireflies.....
They wouldn't be happy until they got me on the tramp. Where was Addi when I needed her, she LOVES this thing!! The kid's favorite game was walking me all over the place with my leash and wouldn't you know that this was a time for them to take turns!! I vote for NOT taking turns, so this messed up my napping schedule!!
They painted t-shirts with Glow in the Dark paint and it really works!!
We took some trips to Addi's house so that the could torment her also. She chased them ALL over the house, upstairs and back down. Wanna hear kids scream, get Addi on their tails!! bol I just sat on the chair and watched, no way was I getting involved!!
More jumping with the sprinkler under it and I was NO where to be found for this one!!
I hid that ole leash BOL
Mom kept the kids busy with shopping, movies, getting ice-cream, visiting family, going out to eat, and to the park so we haven't been around much. It came time for Tyler to go home. Goodbyes are always hard and he gave us our final goodbye hugs....
He doesn't look to happy to leave huh?? As much as we hate to see him go, his Mom and Dad missed him and someone else really special!!
His little sister Molly really missed him and she ran up and have him a big hug!!
We do hope that Tyler can come back again but for now I gotta rest. This has been exhausting for me!!