Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The need to brag

I am just so excited that I hafta kinda brag.When we got Oreo in November, he was scared and missing his family so much that he had separation anxiety. We had a therapist guy come in and help us cuz he was pooping, making himself sick, barking and scratching at the doors. He gave us a plan to put Oreo in a kennel covered up when we leave and showed us how to get him not to bark. Oreo had never been in a kennel before so it was teaching him something new to a 5 yr old. We would give him a Kong with treats and that should keep him busy for about 45 min and then they just relax.  He taught us basic training tools which we began right away.
With the plan, he'd be covered up until the end of the Dec,
Then for Jan. we would uncover the front of the kennel.
Feb. uncover the whole kennel.
March move him out in a contained area. 
April he should be able to be out in the open while we are gone with no barking.
So we kept him covered in Dec and gave him his Kong that kept him busy and he still barked sometimes. So in Jan. I uncovered the front of the kennel and he did great and wasn't barking. I noticed that he wasn't getting the treats out of the Kong until after we got home, so that meant he was keeping quiet without the Kong. This past week or so he hasn't wanted to go into the kennel so we tried him out and left him out in the room. I sneak out very quietly while he is eating his food and I leave him his Kong still and he has been quiet and has not woken up my husband who sleeps during the daytime. I put down doggie pads and he has gone on them so I am just thrilled to death. We didn't think we would be like this until April, so the end of Jan and I guess he is getting the hang of it.

In the beginning, there were times that I thought that this is never going to work and wondered if I made a mistake. He is really a good boy and he loves all the grand kids and I have let him sleep with them when they sleep over. I cant say he loves Addi yet but they manage to get along pretty good. I still don't leave them unattended just yet.

Oreo knows the Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Come, Bed, No, and working on Heal commands. So I am just really proud of Oreo and he has fit right into our family. He loves his toys and rolls around on the floor. Wed. he came in from outside and actually ran zoomies around the table just like Jazzi used to do, I've never seen him do that before cuz he is such a laid back guy. Its nice to see him Happy and that makes me Happy.

Now on another note, Uncle Ed sent a picture of some of his cards that he got for Christmas. He did receive quite a few and he wants to give a BIG Thanks to all of you that sent cards. Jazzi just loved her Uncle Ed and I am sure that Oreo will too when he meets him. So Thanks for remembering Jazzi's Uncle Ed. The cards meant a lot to him.
Have a great Friday!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You'll never guess what I did.

I did something truly amazing. The last 2 months have been a BIG training session for me and Mom will tell you about that in the next post. Now, I am a really relaxed guy and I dont really do what I am not suppose to do. That is one of my strong points. Now I have been hearing about and smelling tacos round my house although I have never had one before.
Well.....long story short, little Bailey was over and having her taco on her special TV tray. She walked away from it so I just wanted to check it out and maybe sniff it out. I sniffed and Ohhhh it smelled really good. Next thing ya know I was chomping away at it and loving it, I couldn't help myself, really!!!  Now I know why Jazzi loved them so much. While I was chomping away, all of sudden there stands Mom!!! BUSTED with it all over the couch and I  hear: OREO!!! WHAT are you doing??  I mean she cant see that for herself--she has to ask??
Needless to say I got sent to my bed to think about what I did!! Oh yah, I'll think about it alright, wink wink!!! I do think that I have developed and hankering for the Tacos!! They are yummy!! you know what goes good with Tacos that they have at Burger King??
Yep, a nice Oreo shake. I mentioned it to her and she said NOT a chance!! Oh well.....(sigh)

Friday, January 16, 2015

My secret mission and Addi's announcement

Nobody knows this but...Ive been on a secret mission the past few weeks. I went to flight school.
That's right and I earned my very own flight wings!! Cool huh? 
I know that Jazzi had a snazzy red vertible well...I have a souped up red plane. It has all the bells and whistles and I think that it is super cool. I mean we have a waterbowl holder, treats holder and a box to take any toys with me that I want. You are probably wondering why I got my wings and a new plane? ya go..........I hopes she says Yes!!
Addi has been being really lazy and something about her sweet dreams....
Geee....I wonder if the tank will come out or if they will have a different mode of transportation??

Thursday, January 15, 2015

We are almost Twins!!

Oreo: Hey LOOK!!!  Twins!!! One ear up and one ear down!! Spiffy huh??
Addi: Yah, Well I can do that too.....
 Oreo: I can even do one ear up and one ear almost out sideways......
Addi: Well...Mr Know it all....I can do 2 ears down so there!!!! Take that back to your bed!! Nuff said!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another new pup in Blogville

We have another new pup in Blogville. This is Mabel. I know alot of of you have already met this lil cutie patootie but head on over to the Welcome Wagon and read her story:
Welcome Miss Mabel to Blogville. We are so happy that you're here!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Our position in Blogville-Socializing!!

Me and Addi are in charge of Socializing for Blogville. We wanted to share a few tips in hopes that it may be of help to anyone.
My tips to guys:
After you choose your date, ask her creatively and once she accepts, as guys we have to listen to her. Girls always have their colors and their 87 ideas etc so guys be ALL ears!!
Once has has told you what you need to know and what you need to buy then go shopping so that you will be one sharp dude.
Naturally this isn't me but merely an example of a classy dude!!
When you come to pick up your date you can bring flowers, special treats or jewelry for your girl and of course a nice cake for the pawrents will always earn you points!! If pawrents don't like you then you might as well just hang it up there. Nothing but Bring that gift for the pawrents.
Show her a Fun and Happy time cuz a colorful time is a Happy Heart!!
Tips from Addi:
When a guy asks you out on a date give him a resounding YES so that he has NO doubt that you want to go with him.
Go down and brush up on your dancing skills so that you can dance the night away with your sweetie.
Enjoy the romantic quiet times that your date arranges for you. Communication is a wonderful thing in a relationship. No smooching for awhile, gotta keep the guy on his toes. Don't want him to think that you're easy ya know??
 Let him have control of the transportation. Tell him what a great driver he is, they all love that.
 Don't be afraid to double date with friends. It can really be a blast, as they say the more the merrier!!
 When the date is over make sure to make him feel special and tell him what a good time you had.
I always have the most wonderfulist time with My Bertie.
We are NO experts but we hope that our tips can help you out on your dates. If you have any more ideas please feel free to share!! Lets see some creative ways to ask your date and we will C-ya all at the Valentine Party!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

We spent 4 days together

Mom decided to have Addi over for a few days. I got to go with to get her so that we came home together. We got along pretty good about 98% of the time. We watched at the window together and napped on the couch together.

I dunno but I have itsy bitsy problem with her playing with certain toys. I know it may seem selfish but I like certain toys. Luckily mom puts those up from her. We are becoming friends but haven't made that special bond yet. Addi keeps pouncing at me wanting me to run crazy and play and well.....I'm just not the run crazy and play kind of guy. I just look at her like What is your problem!!
She probably thinks the same thing!! bol

Me and Addi's Christmas gifts

I know, we are behind but things have been really busy round here.  Christmas was good for me and my new family. I got to meet ALL the new little peeps and well.....I loved them and they love me too. Addi opened her gifts a few days before Christmas cuz we didnt know if Addi was coming to Christmas cuz we had 18 people over. She did come and things were fine, we got along for most of the time. Addi's gift partner was Jack. Addi LOVED her gifts Jack and says Thank-you very much.
My partner was Ranger and I had to wait until Christmas. I did play Santa that day too and had bells on my Santa suit. See that package with the check trim on it?? Thats mine!!
I opened them and loved all the toys Ranger. She didnt get a picture with all my toys cuz of the commotion but I can tell you that I destuffed them ALL!! Thanks so much Ranger.
Mom got a Scottie advent calender and she said next year she will put a treat in each pocket for me until the Big guy comes!!
Moms bestest present from my dad was this beautiful ring that she has wanted. She lost hers many years ago. Wanna see a mom cry then give her this, works every time!!
Ive been MIA cuz after Christmas Kyla and Kaleb came to spend 9 days with us while Kim and Ben went on their honeymoon. They did get married a yr ago but wanted to go away when it was cold here. They went to Riveria Maya. BOY! There were little peeps around alot and on New Years Eve they all spent the night. There was Pizza, movies, goodies, crafting and a silly string fight. I just watched from afar but there was silly string all over the place.
We gots our Christmas decorations down and our Snowmen up and it matches the snow outside. bol.
I do think that we are back now and just in time for the Inauguration of Stanley and Murphy. About this deep freeze that we are in alls I can say is:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I didn't know that this night required a party hat.
Arggg.......paw,shake and Tada!!!!
Now, that's better. Happy New Year!!