Sunday, October 28, 2012

Addi's getting ready for Howl-O-ween

Oh Addi, I heard that Bertie is getting all spiffed up with a special baff (click on baff) just for you. You and Bertie are going to have so much FUN. Being the snazzi sister that I am, I'm going to give you something really special to wear: Here is some sweet smellin..... perfume that will drive Bertie nuts!!
Really Jazzi, he will love this stuff? I want to smell my best fur Bertie cuz of his baff and all.
Yep, you can gonna really stink  smell wonderful. Would I lie to you?? Go ahead and put a little behind your ears......
WHAT!! I am just trying to be nice and help Addi.......Oh (gulp) you dont believe me??

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm telling!!

Mom has been busy repainting our ledge. ADDI!!!! You better get down right now!! I mean it!!
I'm not listening to you~~you little pip-squeak!!
Eewww.....I'm telling!!! Mom, Addi's on the ledge!!
Yah, go ahead!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ghostly humor

Are you all ready for some Ghost humor? If you are a fraidy dog, then you might want to get your blankie!! Ready? ok here goes.......
What do ghosts serve for dessert?
I scream.

What kind of music do ghosts listen to?
Sheet music

What is a baby ghost favorite game?

What did the mother ghost say to her son?
Dont spook unless you are spooken to.

When do ghost usually appear?
Right before someone screams

What's  a ghost's favorite breakfast?
Ghost toasties with boo-berries

Where do fashionable ghost's shop?
At Bootiques

What do little ghosts drink?
Evaporated Milk

What directions did the ghost give the goblin?
Make a fright turn at the corner

Was that fun or what?? Is everyone ok?? Just getting into the Howl-O-ween spirit!!
Addi would have joined in but little Miss Dog-zilla was to scared and she wouldnt have anything to do with her ghost costume so it is just me~~the Well-trained dog!! bol

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trick or Treating

Guess what?? Guess who I am going Trick or Treating with??

I am going with my wonderful and most handsome sweetie, Sweet William. Big (smiles here!!)
We are going out for Halloween and hopefully to some really spooky houses. I wont have to worry cuz I have my protector with me. Sweet William has a snazzy costume and my costume just needs a few finishing touches and it is done. I LOVE this costume except for one teeny tiny thing~~It has shoes AWWWW..OH...the thought of shoes!!  I cant wait though and 17 more days but who is counting!! bol

Thursday, October 4, 2012

National Taco Day

Finally, its here, National Taco Day. I am so thrilled that so many of you wanted to eat tacos. I hope that you had 87 tons of FUN and had some yummy tacos. Me and Addi had some Chicken/cheese Tacos~~we arent much for tomatoes and lettuce, and gee whiz Addi, we totally forgot our sombreros!!  See....we sit real good even with scrumptious tacos in front of us.
 Devouring the Tacos:

 Remember my new friend Jazzi? Well since she doesn't have her own blog yet, I am showing her pictures for her. Isn't she cute?
 Look at that eye she is giving her Mom. Already she cant believe that she cant eat in peace, darn camera!!
 Jazzi is a member of the clean plate club, that's for sure. Her mom said that this was a riot, cuz Jazzi had stuffs flying all over the place!!
Here is a list of others that are eating tacos today. I hope that they all remember to post their pictures!! Just click on their names and it should zip you right over to their blog, fingers crossed!! The winners of the drawing will be posted tomorrow.
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Benny and Lily
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Daisy, Bella and Roxy
Molly the Wally
Sweet William
Susie and Sidebite
Mitch and Molly
Joules and Prescott
Rocky Creek Scotties
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily and Mimi, (the slimmer pugs)
Frankie and Ernie
Chloe and Ladybug
Maggie Mae and Max
Louie and Teddy
Mango the Maltese
Mollie and Alfie
Shiloh’n Shasta
Winston, Amiee and Bella
Stanley and Murphy
Reilly and Denny