Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Birthday

Mom has been sooo busy working that we haven't been on blogging duty. She has a couple days off so hopefully..... I have lots to catch up on.
I had a birthday around Election day and well it all got lost in all the elections. I turned 7 yrs old.
I got a card from Christmas and a special gift from my girl Hazel. She got me this really cool ball that I just LOVE!! I take very good care of it Hazel. She sent me cookies and a picture of her. Of course...I got a new frisbee, a slinky which is now 1/2 slinky and treats from Mom.
I cant stop looking at Hazel...shes so pretty.
Here I am giving her a Hug!
Thanks for the gifts Hazel and I loved the ice cream cookies too. Youre just wonderful!!
Oh yah!!! 
Has everyone made contact with their Christmas Partners? 
We haven't heard that any haven't so that's good news. 
We bought our gifts and will be mailing them out soon. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Something for Hazel

I had a Great thanksgiving. My peeps were here with all the grand peeps and I got to have some yummy turkey. The day can really wear a guy out.
Mom has been so busy working 6 days this week. 
It's been crazy at Michael's. Right before Thanksgiving she also got rid of the tomato plants. I snoopervised the whole operation.
Sure wish that Hazel was here. We could have really enjoyed the last of the cherry tomatoes.
Guess I'll have to give you virtual cherry tomatoes
Enjoy Hazel.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Did someone say......

Did someone say "Cookie"?

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Christmas List is out!!

Here is the Christmas list. It is pretty simple.
You see your name in Red. Click on your partners name in the Green and it should take you right to their blog. You can also click on the Red to go the partner that has you. Leave a message on their blogs so that you can exchange emails to find out what the dogs/cats like and dislike, allergies etc. 
Some of you might not know your partner so you can make a new friend.

Gifts need to be mailed by Dec 10th to make sure that they get there in time. Those going overseas or to Canada need to mailed maybe a little sooner. When your gift arrives it is up to you whether yo u want to save it for Christmas or open it then. Make sure that you get pictures so you can post about it. We all want to enjoy your gifts with you.

For Singles it is 10.00-12.00 each and Groups is 20.00. Happy Shopping!!
Buddy has Walter
Lady Shasta has Oreo
Ruby has Dory
Sarge has Phod
Madi has Hazuzu the Cat
Lily has Bilbo
Edward has Jakey
Dory has Princess Leah
Jakey has Addi
Arty has Stanley
Bilbo has Hailey
Millie has Lily
Walter has Astro
Astro has Edward
Christmas has Murphy
Oreo has Millie
Addi has Lady Shasta
Princess Leah has Louis Dog Armstrong
Stanley has Sarge
Murphy has Madi
Hailey has Ruby
Phod has Buddy
Louis Dog Armstrong has Christmas
Hazuzu the Cat has Arty

Collie 222 has Braedon, Seth and Riley
DZ Dogs has Collie 222
Braedon, Seth and Riley has DZ Dogs

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christmas Gift Exchange

Last call for the Christmas gift exchange. This is really a fun time and who doesn't believe in Santa Paws?

Monday is the last day to sign up. You can sign up as singles or as a group. Here are the ones we have signed up already. Check to make sure your name is there and if isnt ...and you want to be involved please let me know.
Lady Shasta
Princess Leah
Louis Dog Armstrong
Hazuzu the Cat
Collie 222
Dz dogs
Braedon, Seth and Riley

Singles is a 10.00 gift and group is a 20.00 gift.
Gifts must be mailed out by Dec.10 th at the latest.
Only sign up are able to follow through. We had a dog that didn't get their gift last year and that's not fair. Its so much fun so dont miss on this opportunity.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Water break here

We had a water line break at our house.
Water was coming in but the meter wasnt measuring it. Mom kinda hated to report it but she knew that she had to.
Mom said the good news was....that it was on the city's side so we didn't have to pay anything. Yay!!
All done and fixed again.