Monday, May 22, 2017

We have another new pup in Blogville

She's new and some of you I'm sure have seen her running around already. But I wanted to give her a formal introduction. Meet Miss Maizie. She is just adorable!!!
To learn more about Miss Maizie...head on over to the Welcome Wagon and give her a BIG ole Blogville Welcome.!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

We have a birthday girl

Yep...we have a special birthday for a special girl.

 I got her a cake and a cool hat. Have a great birthday Addi!!
A birthday wish from Madi. Thanks Madi
Come on over and enjoy some birthday treats and wish her a very Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cousin Piper

This is Cousin Piper. Think she looks so cute? does everyone else. They all eww and aww over her..but don't let that cute little face fool ya!!
She stares me shes gonna pounce on me. She takes my bones too.
She snags food....of which by the way.....I DO NOT do.
I call her a scavenger!!
Pipers mom calls her an Opportunist!!!
Yah right!! An Opportunist to snag food, and sneak off of the front porch...
She likes to wrestle which I do not like to do. My Mom taught me about being nice to girls and all. opportunist to jump all over me!! PLEAZE!!!
Really?? I cant shake this girl off....shes relentless!!
When she gets on my nerves and I chase her this is where she goes: Lil Sneak!!!
Then.....when shes all tired out...
Pipers Mom covers her up and says Oh you poor baby....shes so tired!!
Whats a guy to do bout Cousin Piper?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

USA dog

These are new at Michael's. Mom says she wished that they had other kinds of dogs but this guy is cute.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Gardening means......WATER and I LOVE water.
Cant wait for my swimming pool!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Wedding

The wedding was wonderful. This is where it all took place. Bailey and Molly are the 2 flower girls showing you the beginning.
Mom made herself a new blog: Diana's Corner. There's stuff that goes on around here that doesn't always revolve around me. I know, I know....can you even imagine that?? She will share whatever she thinks goes on our corner, some of her crafting, sharing new recipes etc. So if you'd like to follow her, feel free too. To see the Wedding pics just click here on Diana's Corner.

Things are getting back to normal and doesn't have to think anything wedding. She says that she will need my help getting veggies planted and I am super ready!!
Oh Addi and I had fun hanging out when she was over but sadly no one got any pictures!!
We are so neglected!!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sleep over with Addi

1 yr ago He asked....she said Yes!!!
My family has been planning on this day like forever. They said that the Big day is here.
Tom is marrying Brittney today.
I said yay...when do we leave? Well turns out that I'm not going anywhere and addi is sleeping at my house Saturday night.
Tonight I got left for some silly rehearsal dinner in which I was seeing lots of good food leaving the house. Mom was in charge of the dinner tonight and in charge of the cupcake display for tomorrow. Here is one of her signs by the cupcakes. She says its going to be a cute display.
Here is where it's all taking place. I actually think that addi and I would have a blast running around there.
Rehearsal pics:
 Mom got a laugh out of Brittneys dad's shirt:
Too funny huh? We better get cake for having to stay home. And.....the best part is its gonna be 77 and. NO rain!!!