Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day and why I am not getting into trouble~~

~~HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY~~Wanna know why I am not getting into any trouble??? I am too busy looking for my Mom. She always comes home with dad but last week when he came home, she didn't. Everytime he comes home, I wait and look but she is never with him!!! I walk around the house looking but haven't found her yet.'s been over 2 weeks now!!Dad is working alot, Tom is working alot and Kim and the kids are in and out and still No......Mom. Things just aren't the same around here and it is really getting BORING!!! I hope my life will get back to normal soon!! I HATE being so bored!!!Have a nice Memorial Day!!! I will keep looking for my Mom!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

WHAT is wrong with Mom now???

It is Sunday afternoon and I am laying round in my kennel just kinda snoozin....and I over heard a phone conversation between Mom and Dad. Apparently she was asking him how I was doing and he said Fine. (Yup, I am doing good but I do miss my mom and all of her attention though) Then she asks him what stuff have I been into that she doesnt know about yet? He says Nothing!! (Yup, which is true~I have been a very good girl) She just kept continuing to ask him over and over what trouble have I gotten in to that she doesn't know about? My ears perked right up bout now, cuz he kept laughing and saying Nothing, really!!! I thought~~ WHAT is this lady's problem?? How could she think that I couldnt stay out of trouble??? Ggggeezzz......By this time, I am beginning to get a little miffed!!!! This does NOT sound like the Mom that I know!! Maybe it is the Texas water, or a heat stroke from how HOT it is there, or maybe the surgery lady took something out that she shouldnt have?? Maybe my Mom NEEDS her rocks back again?? I have no idea what is going on with her. I do know that there are 3 more days and she will be home again!!! Yippe!! I hope the right mom comes home again!! As a matter of fact, to show how good I have been the past 2 weeks, Kim is missing exactly ZERO tacos!!! BOL

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Chat with Mom

I heard from Mom and she is recovering slowly but good. She says Jess sure is a good cook and is taking excellent care of her. After reading over at Frankie's, I thought I do have to ask Mom~~What was she thinking when she went and ate those stones that made her so sick?? Afterall she is always getting after me about eatin stuff I'm not supposed to eat!! I guess she should have brought me with her, so I can keep an eye out on her!! When will she ever learn??
Meanwhile I am here.... being just as good as could possibly be, wink, wink, for WOW~~ almost 2 weeks now!!! My theory is.......that what happens in Illinois while Mom is in Texas, stays in Illinois while Mom is in Texas!!! I am sure you will hear about my shenanigans when she gets home!! Just 5 days left!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home but not yet home

Hi~~~First, I want to Thank you all for all the paws crossed, people praying for me and keeping me in their thoughts. I really appreciated it. I had the surgery Monday afternoon and came home here to Jessica's house yesterday. Don flew home yesterday and I wont be flying home until next Wed so I can re-coop and get some R & R in. Jess takes very good care of me. I really LOVE not being woken up for vitals at 4:00 AM!!!

I have never been that sick before and never hope to. When I went in the ER I had gall stones in the pancrease which was VERY painful. They gave me this pain stuff that was 7 times stronger than Morphine, so I learned to love the drugs. Morphine and I became quite the buddies, LOL My pain is very low now so it is tolerable. I just have to lay around and take it easy and enjoy Texas this way. Nothing spicy so will have to save the good food here for another time. Hopefully Jess can I can hit a few stores that I like by Monday. They have a craft-tique so I am hoping to get to go to some of that.

Jazzi is doing fine. No big catastrophes have happened since I have been gone or not that they have told me about is probably more like the story. Ha! Ha! When Don came home, she was probably wondering where I am~~I can see the look on her face like~~Ummm, Ummmm, Did you forget somebody??? SO I am doing much better now and wanted to let everyone know. Guess there is no perfect time to get sick. I hope to catch up on some Jazzis's blogs, so bear with me if I get to them slowly. Thanks again,~~Diana

Monday, May 24, 2010

surgery finished

Diana's surgery went well. The doctor said everything looked good when she was finished. She's out of recovery and back in her room. She's still a little out of it, but hopefully tonight she'll be up to visiting a little. She should be able to come home tomorrow and then the doctor wants her to stay a week here in TX before she flies back home. That is fine with me!

going to surgery

My dad just called and the doctor arrived, so they're taking Diana to surgery in about 10 min. Pray everything goes well.

Mondays Update

My mom has been in severe pain since Saturday. Nothing they give her is relieving it. And she has such a high pain tolerance, so if she is complaining, it is bad. They told her last night if her blood work is OK, they'll do the surgery today. As of this morning, the blood work was good, but the doctor, who was suppose to be there between 7:00-8:00, still has not come yet. Hopefully when she arrives, they can get things moving. My dad is with her now. I'm going to drop of my son and head up there. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update on Diana

Hi, this is Jessica. My parents were here in TX watching our son, Tyler. I know my mom posted about being sick. Well...she was very sick, more than she let on. On Thursday morning, she woke up feeling pretty bad. After getting sick a few times, she called her doctor in IL. He told her she needed to get to the emergency room right away. They ran tests, ultrasounds, blood work, all that and found out she needed to have a gall stone removed and needs to have her gallbladder removed. They put her in ICU Wednesday night and then yesterday afternoon, they did surgery to remove the gall stone. The doctor said he hasn't had one that hard to get out in 5 years and almost gave up. But they did get it out and on Tuesday she'll have surgery to remove her gallbladder. We all went up to see her this morning and she's still in a lot of pain. As long as she has morphine, she's OK. They can't do the gallbladder surgery till her pancreas and everything around that calms down-right now it's very inflamed. That is why they're hoping for Tuesday for the surgery. Keep her in your prayers and I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Note from Jazzi's mom~~

I am taking over Jazzi's post today for an update:
We made it Monday afternoon to beautiful San Antonio, Texas. The flight was good and as soon as we got off the plane, there it was~~~Hot and Humid!! LOL I know, it could be worse, but from what we have in Illinois, this is hot for me.

We are here this week to take care of my 2 yr old grandson while his parents are in San Diego for a few days. I still have my pains and all the sickness that goes along with the gallstones/gallbladder stuff and I feel horrible, cant sleep good etc. My DR said that I can only eat low-fat stuff ~~~which means no milk, cheese, ice-cream, no meat, no mayo, oils, no sugar or treats~~Basically fruits and veggies. Arrrgggg... Nothing good at all!! LOL If I do this, I should be able to make through the week until I get home. So I am surviving and each day the pains are getting worse, so I just have to make it until Sat night. So, keep those fingers crossed. :-) We plan on making the Riverwalk but not sure about Seaworld. Tyler likes the park and the pool, LOL

Meanwhile the morning that we left, my daughter Kim took her son to swim lessons, stubbed her toe and broke it!! So she was at the Immediate care and got all taped back up again and was laid up on the couch Monday night with her 2 kids and Jazzi. Kyla is in charge of letting Jazzi in and out and Jazzi is getting along just fine.

We are having fun in Texas with Tyler already and gee...they have so much good food down here. You Texans sure are spoiled with so many great restaurants. Do you know how discouraging it is to be on vacation and go to eat and then have to order a salad and then drool over everyone else's food?? Seriously, it is really a bummer!! LOL We are going for breakfast in the morning and my husband saw that there is something than I can order~~A fruitcup!!!! Oh.......the life I am living right now, LOL

My daughter Jessica and her husband are in beautiful San Diego and she says it is really nice and they are shopping already. I know they will have a blast there and enjoy their 10th anniversary. Well, I better scoot. Jazzi will be reading blogs and she will post this weekend. OH! I just got a call from my DR. I have a ultrasound scheduled for Monday and 8:30 am. Yay!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nothing good can come from this~~

I was just hanging out today and doing some serious snoozing when I just happen to open one eye and saw Mom bring these babies out. {gasp} Now, I know nothing good can come from seeing these things. I immediately followed her to her room and watched her flop them on the bed. Hey!!! maybe I was dreaming........
Did some sniffin...and NOPE, not dreaming. These are the official travel bags. I know she is going somewhere. I haven't heard any conversation bout this, How could this have slipped by my ears??? Well, if she is leaving, So am I~~No, I'm not????? What is up with that?? {{double gasp}} I have to stay home with Kim?? {{{triple gasp}}} BOL naw....she does take good care of me. Kyla promised Mom that they would take very good care of me. (Kim, better watch those tacos!!)
Apparently they are leaving early Monday morning and flying to San Antonio to watch the little Munchkin Tyler. His Mommy and Daddy are going on a 10 yr. anniversary trip to San Diego for a few days.Here is me and Tyler when we there last summer.They are also going to be watching my cousins, Ivy (the Westie) and Wrigley (the Field Spaniel) I like to play with my cousins, so I wish that I could go ;-(I am kinda concerned cuz Mom has still been sick this past week. She just hasn't felt good and thought something was up more than the flu. She went to the Dr today and he thinks it is Gallstones/Gallbladder stuff. She couldn't get a ultra-picture cuz they are leaving in the morning. She just needs to get through the week and get back home again to have the test done. If by change something happens while in Texas, then she will have to have emergency surgery . So could you put your paws together that Mom makes it home ok? Thanks alot!!
I won't be posting until Sunday but I can pop and read your blogs still. c-ya

Friday, May 14, 2010

Will I ever learn???

When the weather is nice Mom likes to get some things done outside. When I am outside, I like to run and play and Mom always tells me not to play round the bushes cuz I will get all tangled up in them. Now telling that to a Scottie is just like inviting me to the bushes!! So do you think I listened?? NOPE!! here I go~~All tangled up!!Oh BOY!! How do I xplain this to Mom without getting scolded??? UmmmmmmWhile I am just sittin here, know what it does?? It starts sprinkling!! Arrgggggg Just look at that cloudy sky. Looks like it may pour any minute and here I am stuck all tangled up!!
Now, usually when I want in I start barking and she lets me inside. I kinda have her trained like that. hehehe~~She claims that the whole neighborhood doesn't need to hear me barking. I think that is stretched just a bit!! Well, here goes.......BARK!! BARK!! Nothing.....
So, well maybe she is teaching me a lesson. I will give a measly little, feel sorry for me bark and she will come runnin.... Bark, Bark!! Still nothing!! Geezzz...whats a girl gotta do to get in outta the rain?? Then on top of that she will say I smell like a wet dog, DA!!!!! When she finally came and got me she said "Wont you ever learn to stay away from the bushes?" (probably not)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh My eyes have seen something really COOL!!!

Hey! You all remember when I was able to buy my new Viper? I was very happy and enjoyed my spins around the neighborhood. I rode nice and proud in my Viper, even though it wasn't Pink!!
Well....My eyes have just spotted the coolest thing~~
A Harley Bike.
Its got a real comfy seat,
some nice chrome,
plenty of lights, although I have to have to be in before dark!!
A side bag to keep my bones and toys in,
and would ya look at those COOL flames!!!

I am thinkin....that I would look really cool ridin....this around. The bad thing is that the bike is $99.00. I don't have that much money since I cleaned out my piggy bank, to buy the Viper. When I wouldn't be riding it, I would even share it with the munchkins too, if I had one. Doesn't it look sharp??
But I got to thinkin! When I do get it, I have to have the right clothes to be a ~~Motorcycle Mama right?? So...I did some checking and found a couple accessories. I cant really decide on which jacket would look the best. Let me know what you think??
A~~The Skulls?
B~~Or the Eagle?? The Pink one for sure~~Do I go with Pink or Black?
Guess I better start saving those pennies. I may have to ask for some things to do to earn money!! I can dig great holes in the garden, I do a good cleanup on dropped foodables, I help get rid of Kleenex etc by eating it, plus I do a good job at keeping the pesty squirrels out of the yard. Do you think I will get hired??

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We've been MIA

Hiya!! We have been MIA for the past few days. The family went to brunch on Mother's Day and something that Mom ate didn't agree with her and she has been in bed until today. Of course, I stuck it out with her and I did alot of this~~She is feeling much better today so we hope to get caught up on blogsThis morning, I got a phone call from who else?? Uncle Ed!! At first, I wondered what trouble he has gotten himself into now!! He wanted me to check my E-mail ASAP and he sounded very anxious. I thought OH GREAT~~This has got to be BAD!! So, I ran upstairs to get on quick and found a picture with my name on it. Ummm....He also sent an E-mail message. This is the deal. My Aunt Linda quilts and shops at this quilt shop in Kansas. They had these brown bags that you buy. The bags have lots of fabric in them and you have no idea of what colors are in the bag. You have to make a quilt out of the fabric that is in the bag and it has to be your own design. There is a deadline to turn the quilt in and the winner will be announced July 1st. This is the bag that she chose and this is just some of the fabric that was in the bag. There were several different blacks too.Uncle Ed said, That as soon as he saw the fabric, he told Aunt Linda that she HAD to make the quilt about me and then give it to me and of course, she did just what Uncle Ed said to do!! Smart lady there huh??? it is~~The Jazzi quilt~~Aunt Linda's very own design. I LOVE it and think she did a fantastic job on it. Uncle Ed's great idea, and Aunt Linda's great work!!! They are quite a team~~but Uncle Ed is the head of that great team ;-) I sure hope the quilt wins, there is $75.00 riding on this!! Gee....I wonder if she will split the $$ with me??? ahem ahem, Aunt Linda~~~

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My 4 favorite words!!

These are my 4 most favorite words~~~I love to hear these 4 words~~~I come fast as I can when I hear these 4 words~~~Do you want to know what my 4 favorite words are????



Here are the 4 best words ever~~~Jazzi, We need you!! That means that there is a cleanup needed~~And I am just the girl to do it. I mean I like to offer my services whenever I can!! I clean up cheese~~
I clean up potato chips~~ I cleanup cookies~~Whatever the spill is, I am there for my family!! I figure it's the least that I can do for them right??? Plus I do a much better job than that big old noisy thing that hangs and lurks around the house. That big machine and I DONT get along at all!! So....I just asoon that it stays away in the closet where it belongs!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poor Uncle Ed~~

Today, I was just taking it easy on my love seat when I received a phone call from Uncle Ed. He sounded quite upset bout something. I had him tell me just xactly what happened.He said that yesterday Aunt Linda had went and bought some flowers for her flower pot. She came home and got them all planted and she liked how they looked. Uncle Ed said once they bloom there will be pretty flowers there.
Today, she came out on the patio and this is what she found in her flower pot. The tag and a big hole!!There were pieces of the prairie grass and flowers strung up the patio stairs and on the patio. He said that Aunt Linda was really really MAD!!! Uncle Ed thought it might have been the raccoons, or the possums or the bunnies that did this.
But Aunt Linda wouldn't hear of any of it, do you know what she did?? She blamed MY Uncle Ed!! As if...he had anything to do with it!! I was shocked to hear that~~ Aunt Linda blaming MY favorite Uncle Ed!!!! WHAT was she thinking???? Now....I know he is smart enough NOT to mess with his wife's flowers!! Seriously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you not to do that.
So, I guess there was quite the heated discussion and Uncle Ed stormed out and was determined to prove that it wasn't him. He did a little investigating and he found these tracks. They kinda look like giant bear track. Hey Tank, Are there any Bears in Kansas??
Uncle Ed kept following the tracks to see what the giant animal was. He followed them up and down some hills and finally they led to the giant animal. It wasn't a bear at all!! Here is the culprit!! BOL!They got pretty bold to come up by the house but they did!! Uncle Ed is still upset for being blamed for this incident. Since I also get blamed for things, I tried to offer my support for him. Now, I am kinda miffed at Aunt Linda for blaming MY Uncle Ed!!!

The Nerve he has!!

See...this little munchkin guy Zac??? He looks all cute and stuff huh??
He has learned to walk with his walking toy~~ And he is learning to ride his scooter~~That is all fine and well. But he has crossed that fine line for me~~ LOOK! at what else he thinks he can do~~
This is MY sittin...and squirrel watchin...tree!! and he has invaded MY space!!! The nerve!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is how it is done

Remember I just told you about Sprint and how he opened the fridge? Well, sorry buddy, I hate to burst your bubble~~But there is a better way!! You simply wait for one of the munchkins to leave it open, which is usually Kaleb~~then you just give it a little nose and there ya go!! WHOLA!!! You are in. Then just wait and give a listen to see if anyone is coming~~just in case mom sees you, she will just think you are standing there innocently!!Ok, don't hear anyone~~ Give a few sniffs to see xactly where you want to head to~~ And then make your move!! Grab it quick like~~ and high tail it outta there to a safe place and they will call for Kaleb bot closing the fridge door and that....guys is how it is Done!!!!! Terriers know how it is done!! :-) Anyone else sneak in the fridge sometimes??

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mom was cleaning and going through some old pictures. She came across some pictures of the dog that they had before they got me. He lived to the rip old age of 18 yrs old. He was named Sprint cuz when he was a puppy, he would run real fast like a sprinter guy and then stop and run fast again. Mom said he had a high backend so she thought about naming him Hotrod!! He was quite spunky and a wee bit spoiled~~Good thing I am NOT like that!!Sprint had a different way of getting into the fridge!! I guess this is what you would call......hangin...round the fridge!!! After he died, they got me 3 months later. I just get into the fridge, not hang on it!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My two Uncle Ed's

For those that are new and don't know about my Uncle Ed~~Well.....this is my Uncle Ed~~He is the bestest Uncle in the whole wide world. He came to visit last Thanksgiving and we bonded right away. We became best buddies and spent lots of time together. He even let me sit at the table with him!! He taught me how to get some food from the table and fed me some pieces of food from the table. Mom and Kim says that he taught me some bad habits but I think it is ok since Uncle Ed taught me. Since then, I get into trouble sometimes for getting on the table~~especially the time I stole Kim's taco when she was in the other room!! It wasn't a pretty site when she found out!! She was blaming Uncle Ed and I put my paw down for him!! No one blames MY Uncle Ed!!We spent time on the couch together and he gave me lots of neck and belly rubs!!
We went on walks together and shoo-ed off the squirrels~~
He has sent me gifts. He sent me a chocolate ice-cream bar, a bone and had Aunt Linda make me this cool rug for me to lay on, Isnt he really cool?I can call Uncle Ed anytime if I have a problem with mom and he helps me out. I have his back and he has mine, thats the way Best Buddies are. I am so Happy to have my own personal Uncle Ed!! Now, Mom tells me that I have another Uncle Ed. ~~WHAT!!! ~~Two of em??? This is my Uncle Ed and Aunt Helen that live in Owasso, Oklahoma. I havent met him but he looks like a nice guy. Geee..I wonder if he will send me any toys?? hint, hint,So....all I can do is give 2 thumbs up for 2 Uncle Ed's!