Sunday, December 8, 2013

Card and Gift update

Hey!! Just hand over the cards and no one will get hurt!!
Card Count: Me and Addi----26   E-cards----7
The peeps----1
And Kim-----1
Aww.....just the way I like it!!! he..he..he..
They could only dream to be as popular as all of us are in Blogville!!!

Now bout the Gift Exchange: 
It is going really good, well as far as we know. There have been a few partners not getting in contact but we think they have been resolved. This makes my Mom SOoooo HAPPY that there are NO major problems. All gifts should be mailed out this week, no later that this coming weekend, so that they can get to your partner by Christmas. Remember you can open right away if your peeps let you and if not then you hafta wait until Christmas. Either way, remember to take pics and post them on your blog.

Me and Addi just finished up our shopping this weekend so we just  have to get our partners gifts wrapped and packed in a box and they will be right to you Shadow and Coccolino.
Christmas is so much Fun!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Oh gee...Wordless Wednesday. Mom has been working like 87 hours and she "did" remember Wednesday!!!