Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Really Really cool button

I am really happy that so many of you have signed up for the Christmas gift exchange. This is gonna be lots of fun. I am really anxious to draw names but Mom says I hafta wait until it is time so that any others can still sign up for it!! I am chompin at the bit here!! HA!

Twix's mom was so kind and made this cool Christmas exchange button. For all of you that have signed up, if you would like to take it and post it on your sidebar, to showing that you are joining the FUN, feel free to take it for the Christmas season. Thanks Twix's mom!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on the Christmas Gift Exchange

A gift could be yours get invloved with the Christmas Gift Exchange. Some have signed up already and here is the list I have so far. Check it to see if it is correct. If not, just drop me a comment letting me know ok?

Amazing Animal Lovers
Rocky Creek Scotties
Bookerman and Asa
Fiesty Three
Dog Daze
Agnes B Bullock group
Mango and PeeWee
Bella and Ollie
The Hounddogs
Molly Jo
George the Lad
Wow!! What a group!! 37 singles and 10 groups~~This is gonna be cool!!
Now, there is still time to sign up. Sign ups will be taken until Nov 6th. That night I, Jazzi will draw the names and we will post who has who on Nov 7th. The deadline for mailout is Dec 6th. Remember only sign up if you want to do this. We dont want any dogs or cats not getting a gift, that just isnt fair.

Limit for singles is $10.00 and for groups anywhere from $15.00-$20.00. Once you have your name you contact them and exchange snail mail address!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I just HAD to do it!! nice and clean window and me NOT touch it, Not a chance!! One last thought, should I or should I not??? Umm.......
Oh yah , I smoozed it and licked it and got it all looking good again. Actually.... there was a pesty squirrel sittin..right there on the ledge of the porch. When I went for him, I uh...ooppss..accidently got up against the window!! BOL That's my story and I am it!! Mom didn't get mad, she said she knew I would mess it up but she wanted it to keep clean lest for one day and well....I gave her ONE day!!
During my nap~~I was sleeping hard and snoring up a storm, when all of sudden, she said I started squeak barking in my sleep. She kept calling my name but I didn't wake up, just kept squeak barking!! I was really into my dream, I was chasing that darn pesty squirrel and when I caught him, he was Toast!!! It was the greatest dream!!So...all in all, it was a good day today. I have a smooshed up window and caught the pesty squirrel in my dreams, now to make my dreams a reality!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


With all the window washing that took place, Mom let it be known plain and clear that this window is clean and she better NOT find any licks, sniffs or paws on here or else...I am Toast!!!
I mean~~this is just way too much pressure for one lone scotty NOT to touch, sniff or lick!! WHAT does she expect??

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jail Bird

Jail bird?? I know what this looks like!! But it isn't the situation that is seems!!
I am just keeping an Eagle eye out on the neighborhood!!
And FYI....The gate was put up strickly to keep the munchkins on the porch. It didn't include me!! ;-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Award

We want to say Thank-you for this award. It was given to us from 24 Paws of Love and from Ben and Lily from Doggy Days! We are honored to receive this award. We really enjoy having all you as friends and Mom and I love doing the blog. Its a 50/50 deal, I supply her with the ideas and pictures and she documents it.

There are rules to this award.

1. Thank the ones that gave it to you and link to them.

2. Name 10 things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.

3. Then award this to 15 other doggie bloggers. It doesn't matter if they are old or new, all furfriends deserve this award.

4. Comment on the receivers blog to let them now about the Love.

5. And the most important~~~Have Fun!!

So here goes for the 911 on me:

1. I am an excellent car traveler~~I can ride for 2 days to Texas and they don't hear one peep outta me.

2. I go crazy over squirrels and birds and cats, sorry Madi, it totally excludes You!!

3. When my water bowl gets empty, I take it and throw it up in the air in the kitchen. Luckily, it is plastic!!

4. I bark only once to go outside and bark like crazy when I am outside!!

5. I once tore the fur off the tennis ball. I love all my toys.

6. I love tearing it up outside, whether it is in the snow, or crunching in the leaves or kicking the up the grass.

7. I have a one great and terrific Uncle Ed!!!

8. I have just a teeny-tiny weakness for Tacos!! I will get on the table for them too!!

9. I make a great vacuum cleaner for all those dropped foodables.

10. When it is cold outside and I come inside~~I like to run really fast and zip around the house like a mad woman~~first on the main floor several times making circles around the table~back and forth in the Living room, then up the stairs I go and I make a couple rounds back and forth and then back down to the main floor for a couple more rounds then I poop out and have to lay down with my ole tongue just a hangin..out. BOL Mom says it funny to hear my feet pitter patter when I am upstairs.

Now...I want to give this award to:


Rocky Creek Scotties


Maggie and Mitch




Downunder Daisy






Curious Cavorting Cavoodle

Amazing Animal Lovers

Walks resume

Since Mom was cleaning and I got to play with Clyde and Ralph, the walks resume today!! I wanted to bring Clyde and Ralph but she said that it was like uhh kinda impossible for them to walk LOL so then..... YES, I am ready to roll....
First off, I see that my tree cimbing tree has lost all its leaves...but...actually that makes it easier to SEE.....the pesty squirrels...uh yah I see you guys out there!! and I am gonna get ya!!!
The leaves are turning..
Flowers are pretty fall colors.... Although I think this guys is just a little mixed up. He must not know that he is suppose to bloom in the Spring, but he is just as pretty anyways...
I just love this time of the year, and love my walks too. Have a great day today!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

christmas exchange

Hi, I did a Christmas gift exchange last year and everydog had fun, so I thought I would do it again. It is really alot of fun and exciting to get your own package in the mail.
There are singles and groups. Groups are families with three or more doggies or kitty's. If you go as a group, you buy several gifts for that group family and they all share the gifts. If you have several animals, you don't have to go as a group, you can go as singles too. Their names would just be added as singles.

You can sign up by leaving a comment from now to Nov. 6th. I will post a list of all the names so you all can check and make sure that you are on the right list. Then on Nov 7 th, I will draw the names and Mom will take her pictures and I will post the list of who has who and the shopping can begin.
The mail out date will be December 6th. When you receive your package, then post it so we all can see what the opening and all the LOOT!! Ha! Last yr, the price was set at $10.00 for singles and about $15.00-20.00 for groups and everyone seemed to be fine with this. Last yr we only had one person who signed up and got their gift but didn't send a gift out, so please.....only sign up if you want to do it for sure. We don't want any doggie left out without a gift!! they say~~Here comes Santa Paws!!

And it wont be long and we will be looking and opening our packages.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let me be Frank~If you will!!

LOL Gotcha with that one huh?? Since it is October now, Mom really likes this month. She was in the crafty mood today and made some Franks with me and the munchkins out of their feet and my paws. Here are my paws all Franked up!! (My paws are not really that big, I think Mom kinda overdid them to make it look bigger!!)Here they are~~all plastered to the window!!The kids made Frank masks too~~Thank goodness she didnt make one for me and hold it up to me face!!!~~I just kept busy on my chewy chips!! (notice Baby Zac is looking out one eye, Ha!)

My new dress

Well...I worked my way out of the slammer with probation for the table incident. I haven't gone near the table yet, or as Mom knows of~~he! he! he! Tonight she got this crazy idea to sew me a new dress~~and I have to model it for terms of my probation!!! Back view so you can read it!!So....what do you think bout it??? Pretty Scary huh?? BOL She said she might add a bow on it too!! Next comes my HALLOWEEN costume!! wait till ya'll see this. I am even cited bout this years costume!!
And guess what else she gave me tonight???
My Chewy Chips!! YAY!! So... I am gnawin...and chewin... like crazy!!Life is GOOD again!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

right choice, a nice payoff and big ooppss!!

Aww....I just couldn't do it!! The little guy was so looking forward to the treat and he really really wanted it. I figured that there would be a pay off!!! Like I scratch your back, you scratch my back!! And sure enough there was payoff. A nice bag of square chewy chips just for me. I was could taste it even before they hit these chompers. Mom had to do something first, so this is where I get myself into trouble!! I hear Mom calling me and before I could come, there she was~~Standing there!!! MAJOR BIG GULP!! Yes, I did climb onto the table all by myself. I was pretty PROUD until I got busted!!I went to the edge of the table and sat and gave her my sheepyist look that I could!! Afterall there was no place to go and I couldn't hide!! Did the sheepyist look work?? NOT a chance. I got sent to my home jail and she said I could kiss those treats goodbye!! She said to Think about what I did!! yah right!!
So.....what I am is all her fault cuz if she didn't have to do something, then I wouldn't have gotten into trouble, yah that's it! I will see if this smoozes it all over!! And what made the whole thing even worse, was that there was NO tacos this time!! Drat!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ahhhh..What to do????

Decision Time~~we have one treat~~Me and Zac dancing for the only treat. So the question is........Do I let Zac get the treat or do I jump and take it?? The rule goes, the best jumper wins right?? If I take it, chances are they will feel bad for Zac and give him a treat. But then...what if they don't?? What a delima!!

My cousin Jake

This is my cousin Jake. He lives bout 30 min from us. Mom got to see him last night....... Cuz she got to babysit baby Zac. She spoiled him by bringing him candy and he learned the word "Candy" last night.Here he is showing his grandma the puter, she thought that this was really cute. It is but....enough of baby Zac, afterall the blog is about Jake remember????
Anyways back to Jake. He was the luckiest dawg in town last night. Why, you ask?? Well, when his Mom and Dad got home, this is what they gave him. Jake was grinning ear to ear with the bone in his mouth!!! Can you believe the size of this bone?? Mom says the bone is probably longer than I am!!She said Jake loved it right away~~And I cant blame him a bit!!Hey Mom!! Can I have one of those bones???? YES! I can handle the bone!!! Geezzz....