Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Christmas

I had a great Christmas. My wonderful girl Hazel sent me a gift....a frisbee...and I LOVE it. I dont chew up any toys from Hazel...I take excellent care of them. She also sent me some treats.

I also got  gifts from Lady Shasta.
This toy was my favorite but I must admit that I got all the squeakers and destuffed it right away. It is still fun to play with.
I love my other gifts and treats. Thanks Shasta.
Addi got her gifts also but Tom forgot to take pics but she Loved them also.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This Candle is lit for Easy

Our dear friend Easy has crossed the Bridge to meet many other of our fur friends.
While we miss him we all want to remember and celebrate his life with his family.
So...In honor or Easy...we have lit the lantern for Easy.
Always in our hearts...Easy will never be forgotten.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Advantages to mom working:
** money to buy cool toys
Disadvantages to mom working:
**she comes home with this dumb blinking nose!!!!

Have a great day everyone.  I'm with my family and 9 grand peeps. We even have the Texan ones  "  here to so......things are a bit crazy.....that's an understatement. Bol

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Its looking like christmas

Our house is so christmasy. We have 5 christmas trees in our house. Mom loves decorating and
I love all the pretty lights.

My own personal stocking.
I know all have christmas at your houses. Isn't it fun? Can't wait for Santa Paws.

As a matter of fact.....I have found several toys that mom has bought me. These are the latest two and.....i destuffed them both. bol!!!
I mean a guy can't resist that. She looked at me and I said. Hey...I can't help that you're a lousy toy hider!! Right?
Oh...and BTW is everyone getting their gifts sent out to their partners and are you recieving your gifts? They should be mailed by monday.
This is going to be a happy christmas.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hey Hazel.......

Just....wondering....would you like to grab your Santa hat and  join me at Dory's birthday party?
I'd love to take you Hazel.
Dont worry about little Miss Pipsqueak....she's just photo bombing my picture. So.....pupish!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

We have snow. It snowed last night and we got about 3 inches. Its still snowing and they say another 3-4 inches. I'm not a big snow fan.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Birthday

Mom has been sooo busy working that we haven't been on blogging duty. She has a couple days off so hopefully..... I have lots to catch up on.
I had a birthday around Election day and well it all got lost in all the elections. I turned 7 yrs old.
I got a card from Christmas and a special gift from my girl Hazel. She got me this really cool ball that I just LOVE!! I take very good care of it Hazel. She sent me cookies and a picture of her. Of course...I got a new frisbee, a slinky which is now 1/2 slinky and treats from Mom.
I cant stop looking at Hazel...shes so pretty.
Here I am giving her a Hug!
Thanks for the gifts Hazel and I loved the ice cream cookies too. Youre just wonderful!!
Oh yah!!! 
Has everyone made contact with their Christmas Partners? 
We haven't heard that any haven't so that's good news. 
We bought our gifts and will be mailing them out soon. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Something for Hazel

I had a Great thanksgiving. My peeps were here with all the grand peeps and I got to have some yummy turkey. The day can really wear a guy out.
Mom has been so busy working 6 days this week. 
It's been crazy at Michael's. Right before Thanksgiving she also got rid of the tomato plants. I snoopervised the whole operation.
Sure wish that Hazel was here. We could have really enjoyed the last of the cherry tomatoes.
Guess I'll have to give you virtual cherry tomatoes
Enjoy Hazel.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Did someone say......

Did someone say "Cookie"?

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Christmas List is out!!

Here is the Christmas list. It is pretty simple.
You see your name in Red. Click on your partners name in the Green and it should take you right to their blog. You can also click on the Red to go the partner that has you. Leave a message on their blogs so that you can exchange emails to find out what the dogs/cats like and dislike, allergies etc. 
Some of you might not know your partner so you can make a new friend.

Gifts need to be mailed by Dec 10th to make sure that they get there in time. Those going overseas or to Canada need to mailed maybe a little sooner. When your gift arrives it is up to you whether yo u want to save it for Christmas or open it then. Make sure that you get pictures so you can post about it. We all want to enjoy your gifts with you.

For Singles it is 10.00-12.00 each and Groups is 20.00. Happy Shopping!!
Buddy has Walter
Lady Shasta has Oreo
Ruby has Dory
Sarge has Phod
Madi has Hazuzu the Cat
Lily has Bilbo
Edward has Jakey
Dory has Princess Leah
Jakey has Addi
Arty has Stanley
Bilbo has Hailey
Millie has Lily
Walter has Astro
Astro has Edward
Christmas has Murphy
Oreo has Millie
Addi has Lady Shasta
Princess Leah has Louis Dog Armstrong
Stanley has Sarge
Murphy has Madi
Hailey has Ruby
Phod has Buddy
Louis Dog Armstrong has Christmas
Hazuzu the Cat has Arty

Collie 222 has Braedon, Seth and Riley
DZ Dogs has Collie 222
Braedon, Seth and Riley has DZ Dogs

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christmas Gift Exchange

Last call for the Christmas gift exchange. This is really a fun time and who doesn't believe in Santa Paws?

Monday is the last day to sign up. You can sign up as singles or as a group. Here are the ones we have signed up already. Check to make sure your name is there and if isnt ...and you want to be involved please let me know.
Lady Shasta
Princess Leah
Louis Dog Armstrong
Hazuzu the Cat
Collie 222
Dz dogs
Braedon, Seth and Riley

Singles is a 10.00 gift and group is a 20.00 gift.
Gifts must be mailed out by Dec.10 th at the latest.
Only sign up are able to follow through. We had a dog that didn't get their gift last year and that's not fair. Its so much fun so dont miss on this opportunity.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Water break here

We had a water line break at our house.
Water was coming in but the meter wasnt measuring it. Mom kinda hated to report it but she knew that she had to.
Mom said the good news was....that it was on the city's side so we didn't have to pay anything. Yay!!
All done and fixed again.

Monday, November 7, 2016

We are asking for your Vote.....

I'm Oreo and I'm running for Vice President along with Christmas.
We love our great country of America and the World for allowing us forever homes and comfy beds with our owners and many take walks and demand belly rubs and treats when we want.
Thanks to the many people who have fought for our freedoms and keep us safe. I'm sure you all have heard like I have about the decisions that our peeps have to make tomorrow. It has them all in a funky mood.

We also love our great land of Blogville where we all can gather, build friendships and have 87 kinds of fun. We care about each other and we love having our parties don't we? Yes...parties are exceptional. We are so thankful for our peeps who work so hard to keep Blogville so fun and a good place for us all. All of our past Mayors have done an exceptional job and have kept Blogville wonderful for us all.

Tomorrow is a big decision for Blogville as we choose a new Mayor. I believe that Christmas is the right guy and he will do a great job. Working along  side of Christmas....I've gotten to know him pretty well. Let me say He's Awesome with a capital A!!! He really loves Blogville as he wants to keep it wonderful.

Christmas is very hardworking, dedicated to his task, he's caring and loves all animals big or small. He is thoughtful and cares about rescues and helping whomever he can. He's also been a show-dog so has that discipline that it takes to be under pressure.
Christmas is also very much an idea kind of guy. Ive been amazed at his ideas.....they are so cool. He's very creative, and there's so many parties and fun things that he'd like to have for us here in Blogville. He has a fabulous assistant that is there to help him as needed. She may be young but she's superb.....he couldn't have found a better assistant.

This  year Christmas and I traveled across the U.S. and overseas to get to meet you all in the Wiener mobile and we got to see how and where you live. Everyone showed us a fabulous time and we both loved meeting you all. Thank you for your hospitality. Let me bring Christmas up here...come on up Chris.
We'd be honored to be your next Mayor and VP. We are asking for your vote tomorrow.
If you give us the chance......We promise to do our best for Blogville and listen to our citizens, we vow to keep Blogville a Fun place to be that welcomes every pet of any kind and there.... bubbles anytime!!! Bol
Vote Christmas....To learn more about Christmas click Here
Thank-you and God bless Blogville

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Card list~~Please check it

Here is the Card list that we have so far. It is smaller than most years and not exactly sure why?
We usually have about 75 and we have 44 as of now.
It is soooo much fun to get cards in the mail so dont miss out.

Please check and see if your name is there.
**If you were on the list last year and want to stay on it just let me know because we will have your information from last year. 
***If you want to get on the card list, then email me your blog name, Blog address, names to be addressed to and your mailing address.
*****If you are moving or dont want to mail out cards, you can do Ecards only. Several of you only want to send and recieve Ecards. In that case...I only need names to be addressed and your blog name and your email address. 

Amber Da Weenie
Bella, Roxy and Macdui
Frankie and Ernie
Sarge and the Crabby girls
Lady Shasta
Dougie Dog
Jasper and Co
Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song
Wonderful Yam
Edward and Lily
Dory and Boys
Ruby the Airdale
Miss Oswin
Princess Leah
Louis Dog Armstrong and Hazuzu
Sheltie Times
Ruby and Rosie
OP Pack
Noodles and gang
DZ dogs
Hailey and Zaphod
Chloe and ladybug
Charlie down under
Idaho Pug Ranch 
Reilly and Denny
Stanley and Murphy
Millie and Walter
Casey and Jessie
Necy, Izzy and Audrey
Stella Rose
Lassiter chase and Benjamin
Braedon and Seth
Jan's Funny Farm 
Bell Fur Zoo 
Sammie and Ava Evans

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Just a few days left for the Card Exchange

Christmas Card Exchange

We are down to the final days to get on the Christmas Card list. Saturday is the deadline. Dont be left out. You will get 87 zillion cards. 

You can send via mail or E-cards.
To get on the list....We will need:
Your blog name and address
Your names to be addressed on the cards
Your mailing address with zip code
Your e-mail address
*If you only want E-cards and not paper cards please note it so that we can note it on the list. 
If there are any other preferences please include that also.

We are collecting addresses until sat November 5th.
They will be all put on a list to get them ready to send out to you all.
Card information will go out on Saturday November 12th.
You can email your information to dcraftsalot(AT)
Click on the mailbox on my sidebar
Just drop your info. in the comment section and the information wont be seen!!
Thank you

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Its Gift Exchange Time: 2016

Christmas Gift Exchange: Yep, thats right...its time to get signed up. Santa Paws is coming to town!!
This is our 5th yr now and its always so much FUN!!!
Most of you know how this all works but for new ones...Let me explain. There are 2 ways to sign up: Singles or as a group.
1. Singles buy for another single dog and the limit is $10.00
2. Groups will buy for another group of dogs and the limit is $20.00 *****************************************************************
You will be assigned a partner and that will come out on the Christmas Exchange list that will be posted on my blog. At that get into contact with your partner and exchange gift ideas, etc. We ask that all mailings should be out by Dec 10th to make sure that it arrives on time. Some of you mail early and that is fine too. It is up to you and your mom want to open your gift when it comes or wait until Christmas. PLEASE....Don't sign up unless you know fully that you can follow through..This is SO Important!!! We have had dogs stiffed in the past and it makes my very Mom spastic when that happens. We realize that things can come up so if for some reason, you cant fulfill your gift then please let us know so that we can find another partner or make other arrangements.
The deadline to sign up is Sunday Nov. 13th.
The list will come out on Tuesday. Nov 15th.
This will give you about 3 1/2 wks to buy and get your gift sent to your partner.  
This deadline is very Firm!!  
It is so hard to keep adding names later on and there will be several reminders so that Moms have time to get your name in. We just want to have fun shopping and buying that "special" gift for our "special" friend.
Email my mom at dcraftsalot(AT) and let her know if you are in single or groups!
And I know some of you don't mind having a partner outside of the US. If so, please let us know in the e-mail too.  I have it on my sidebar also. That's about it.....Go get signed up and Go....Shop till you drop!!
And Dont forget to sign up for the Christmas card exchange. We are accepting names until November 6th. Click on the Blogville Mailbox on my sidebar for card information!!

Addi here.....

To give you the corn update.
Here's an inside look
Still just a tad green
It is so pretty as its golden. We are just waiting for the farmer to do his harvesting.
Have a great Sunday.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Final Debate Tuesday

Welcome to the final debate Tuesday. I am running with Christmas and he is really a great guy. I believe in him and he wants to keep Blogville a fun, friendly and happening place. There are only 2 weeks left until Election Day. We have been asked questions and we want you to know as much as you can so that you can about us.
1-For each of the candidates and their running mates - if you could meet with anyone, living or dead, who would you like to meet?  
Oh I have met so many friends in the furs at the BAR and I loved it. Someone that I would really liked to have met was Remington. We both share a love for footballs and I think that he would be a blast to hang with.

2-We would like to know what fun things each candy date has in store for Blogville. What about a blogville christmess pawlender? maybe with 24 funny posts , so the time isn't too long while we wait for santa :o)

Christmas and I just love yes I do see parties in the future. The Christmas pawlender sounds great. While we are waiting for Santa.... you cant have a great party without.....
3- If you win, will you replace the entire administration or will you reappoint those who wish to stay in their pawsitions?     
Christmas and I would go over the positions and see who would like to stay and who wouldn't. I know that if positions need to be filled that Christmas and I would fill it with very capable animals.
 4- I have have a question for both candidates, who is your hero and what superpower do you wish you could have? 
Oh man!!! Thats a great question. I think that My hero is my Mom. She took me in and has been so patient with me with all my anxiety issues. Our moms  do so much for us, walkies, belly rubs, getting new toys or bubbles in my case and just really taking care of us when we are sick and watching out for us.

My Super power? 
I wish that I could make sure that every doggie or kitty would always have a good home and that animals never had to be treated badly by mean people.
That is such an awful thing. Chris and I want  to be good neighbors.

 The Election is just 2 weeks away. Christmas and I would love to have your vote and we will work our very hardest for you!! Thank-you!!!
Drop on over to see the other Candy dates: Arty at Dory's Backyard
                                                                       Mabel at Idaho Pug Ranch
                         Christmas at Paw Province

Saturday, October 22, 2016

They have arrived!!!

Here they are backing in...
I was so excited and I ran right out there and jumped right into their mini motor home.
After meeting and saying Hello...
I had to check this's a real home away from home. Lots to sniff and smell....
Here is my guest for the next 5 days...My very own Uncle Ed. Most of you know him from blogville and yay.. I've heard all about him and that Jazzi loved him and let me tell that I love him too. We have bonded already.
I showed them my frisbee and I am looking forard to walks with my Uncle Ed. He is so cool. This is gonna be so much fun....and mom is loving having her sister ( my aunt Linda) here. I hear that there is lots of crafting going on so I'll be hanging with Uncle Ed.