Tuesday, August 28, 2012

National Taco Day

Wanna have some good ole delicious FUN?? Then you will want to join in on National Taco Day. On this day we all get to have our very own Tacos for dinner. They can be chicken, meat, veggie, fish tacos or whatever you want to put in your Taco.
When is this holiday? This, our 3rd annual Blogville Taco day is on October 4. Although this National holiday has been celebrated for 87 yrs already.

What is this Holiday for? This holiday is for celebrating and enjoying the yummy taste of a traditional Mexican dish called a Taco.

Who celebrates this holiday? Every dog, cat, or whatever animal that you are that is in Blogville.

How can I Celebrate this holiday? Have your peep make ya some yummy Tacos, get pictures of you chowing down your yummy Tacos and on Oct 4th, everybody post about you eattin.....your Taco, its Easy Peasy!!

Do we win anything? Yes, you do. There will be 3 lucky winners. If you are gonna eat, I need
you to leave a comment to let us know that you are joining in for National Taco Day, no later than Oct 3rd. We will be putting all the names in a BIG bowl and draw out the 3 lucky names to win the prizes. Prizes are still to be determined. The drawing will be on Oct 4th.

So grab your Taco makin...stuffs and get ready to chow down on National Taco Day on October 4th.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The BIG ole green Tank is GONE!!!

Addy and Bertie have been going bonkers with that BIG ole green Tank, shooting those canons off, acting like they own the roads and stuffs  and well....nuff is nuff!! I mean really!!....they made Puddles run into a lamp post!! Sweet William and I are taking control of Addy and Bertie situation~They are Dawgs Gone WILD!!! Since we are diggers, we have a plan to bury that BIG ole green Tank gone when they are not looking!! Bertie got word of this and he thought that they would hide it back in Scotland in Aberdeen's famous granite. Don't think so!! These 2 must be stopped!!
While they were busy watching the Chewing events, we got right to work. I got the digging started,
Some offered their help so we have Goose and Ruby willing to lend some paws....
 and Bella from Down-under, WOW!! She is quite the digger, we will have this done in no time!! We gotta hurry cuz they Chewing event is gonna be ending and they will be back to the BIG ole green Tank!!
Sweet William had brought in the BIG guns to get this BIG ole green Tank gone once and fur all.
Now Thanks for all the help, cuz we FINALLY have that BIG ole green Tank buried at a undisclosed place. You all can enjoy the rest of the games and enjoy your rides to the events without the fear of the BIG ole green Tank!! RIP, you BIG ole green Tank!! and have fun walking Bertie and Addy!! BOL

Thursday, August 2, 2012

For Bertie and Addy

As you remember, I ditched  left Addy off by the BIG ole green tank so that she could meet up with Bertie. I was sure hoping that Addy wasn't driving that BIG ole green tank!! Bertie assured me that Addy is with him, but they have been real showoffs at the Olympics (have you all seen them?)
I mean they have been blasting their way through everywhere and driving us crazy!!
Well....FYI...the diggin event is coming up tomorrow.  My sweetie, Sweet William is taking control of the situation. This is from Sweet William and this is whats' happening tomorrow!!
I am going all out tomorrow in the Digging Competition. I plan on burying that tank Addy and Bertie are riding around in while they have it parked!  They won't know what happened to it.
So........Bertie and Addy, Tomorrow, you two are goin......D-O-W-N!!!!