Saturday, January 21, 2023

Slow down and relax

My mom was saying the other day that in this crazy world that people need to slow down and do something fun and relaxing. Well my mom relaxes with jigsaw puzzles.  She was quite surprised to find this. 
And even more surprised to find this. 
So we had a mom to bunny conversation. 

Mom: what do you have to say for yourself about the puzzle box cover?

Scooter: not much other than I'm actually doing you a favor in  helping you to really slow down. 

Mom: you have anything to say about the puzzle pieces or lack there of?

Scooter: nope!!

I love my Dad.

 Yup that's right.  I love my Dad. Thing is.... that he doesn't do much with me,  mom does all that.  But when he's around I follow him around and sit by him.  It drives mom crazy. Wiggles.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Potty Training

 This is my very own space. It's about 4x6. I have a kennel in the back of my area. The kennel has a door on it.  

After I got home,  mom started right away.  She put me in the kennel and shut the door.  She needed for me to find my potty spot.  You see bunnys will find a corner to potty in and that's where she put my potty bin.  My food tray is hooked to the kennel by my potty bin cuz we potty while eating. 

Anyways she kept me in my. Kennel to learn to go on the potty bin. In a few days she would move my fencing with a little space outside of the kennel like about a couple ft. As I learned to still use the potty bin then she'd increase my space little by little.  It took about 8 days and she was finally able to keep it where it's at now.
Then came the time to come out into the living room.  She gave me a small space with the fencing so that I had a path back into my area.  When I needed to go then I'd head back to my potty bin.  About a few days and I was ok to stay out in the living room/ dining rooms with supervision. Those are the 2 only rooms that I go in. 
I wanted 2 potty bins just because.  I mean I want to have choices.  So I have a little green one right outside of the door of the kennel.  That door is always kept open. I use the green one the most and the one in the kennel when I'm eating. I also have my water bowl in my kennel.  It's a pretty cool set up and I love it when she opens my gate so I can run around.
Here's slow mow of my jump. BTW that was my first jump ever at home. 

So.... now I'm all potty trained.  If I'm out and need to go, I hop right back in and sit on my green potty bin then come back out. Cool huh?

Saturday, January 14, 2023

I was chosen very carefully

Mom said that before she got me that she wanted to learn more about bunnies and what she'll need to do.  She joined a couple Facebook pages and was horrified at what she saw

Bunnies were jumping out of their areas,  chewing up cords, furniture, couches, carpet. She wanted a girl but so many people were getting a girl to find out that they are having babies lol so she went with a boy. We all know that boys can't have babies. She had a list of things to check off and so she went to look. 
What she was looking for:
A boy ️️✅️️
Good with little kids ✅️️
Easy going,  ️✅️️
Good temperament✅️️
Cute and adorable ✅️️
Soft and cuddley ✅️️
Small size ✅️️
So basically i was the perfect bunny. I'm very chill and I have a good temperament so she decided to give me a whirl. 
Turns out that I don't chew any chords, furniture, etc. I just like cardboard ha!

What to name me? These were tossed around: the grandkids gave their suggestions. 
Mr Hopps
Funny thing is that Scooter wasn't even mentioned.  After she got me home,  she watched me and I kinda hop and scooted around so Scooter it was.  
We even had the family over to meet me and we have a name reveal party.  I loved being the center of attention.  Everyone loved the name Scooter and it fits me well. 

What happened to Oreo

 Hi, Its me Scooter. Some may be wondering what happened to Oreo. This is what I know. 

Last April Oreo seemed not to be paying attention to Mom. He wouldn't come inside when she called him and she had to go out and chase him around to get him to come inside which mom says was weird cuz as soon as he got outside he wanted back in. After a couple weeks, by then it was May and then she noticed that he wasn't following her around and then she discovered that he had lost his hearing. She tested it and yep, he couldn't hear her so he wasn't just ignoring her!! 

For  the next couple weeks he just wasn't himself. He didn't play with any balls, or bubbles or water and those that knew Oreo knew that those were his most favorite things. He just slept. Mom thought maybe he was depressed because he couldn't figure out why he couldn't hear and she tried to play with him but he wasn't having any one it. She said it was so sad to see.

Then he stopped eating and doing his bathroom stuff. She took him to the Doc and his blood numbers were perfect  so the Doc thought that he had some infection and wanted her to try some meds for a week. Mom said she knew what needed to be done cuz she couldn't see it in his eyes, but she agreed to try the meds for a week.

A week later and he was no better just getting worse. He had lost about 5 lbs when they went back to the doc. Mom was in the room with him on one side and the Doc went to get something. She came back and asked what was wrong with his eye? Mom walked around to that side and it was bleeding. It wasnt like that before they went to see the Doc. They both knew then that this was the time. Mom held Oreo in her arms, hugging him as the Doc gave him the shot. He went very peacefully embraced by Mom. She said it was so sad but it had to be done. So apparently he must have had a tumor in his head that made him loose his hearing and it made the blood vessel burst in his eye.

Mom said she didn't want anymore dogs. She really missed having a pet and she thought a bunny might be perfect. She still thought about it and was nervous about it but she got me!! We met at the Boone county fair one summer day in August. So by end of August, I was in my new digs. Here is the day that Me and Mom met. We both were so happy, afterall I was leaving the barn life for a city life!!

I love it here and have stuffs to tell you about my potty training and exactly where I live etc. Well save that for the next post so you all come back ya hear?? 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

My Christmas tree

I had a good first Christmas.  I loved  chewing on the packages under the tree.  Mom put the cabash on that so then I just laid under the tree.  Even  once the boxes were opened I liked to lay on the empty boxes under the tree. I mean it was such a nice cozy spot for me. 

My mom even made me my own Tree. I liked going in that too but not as much as the real tree. 

I did find a candy cane under the tree to which I went to town on until mom found me and took it away.  I am a bun with a sweet tooth. That candy cane tasted so good!!

So you can totally understand why I was so sad when my favorite big tree was taken down.  I kept going to the spot where it was and just sat.  

I was hoping that it'd come back but it did not.  Sigh.  Mom said next year. We're onto a New Year of adventure. 

Friday, January 6, 2023

I'm the new family member

Hi I'm Scooter and I'm a 10 month old Holland Lop. 

I live where Oreo and Jazzi did.  I moved here in August and I like it.  

I'm hoping to get to know you all.