Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chillin....and Missin.....

Today is a lazy Wednesday. Mom is working and i am just chillin....and Best Uncle in the whole wide world~~Uncle Ed!!
He came for Thanksgiving last year and he let me sit right up to the table with the BIG bird on it and I got to listen to all the chit chat. I didn't understand all of it but I didn't care, cuz I was in Uncle Ed's lap and that was all that mattered to me!! It was great.
Boy oh Boy!! Uncle Ed gave the best neck and belly rubs. I loved every minute of it and I think he liked it too.
And Oh!! some great walks. We walked every morning and we didn't care how cold it was. We bark at cold!! Arf, Arf, Arf~~ Uncle Ed could take any walk and instantly turn it in to a blast!! Oh!! I really miss my Uncle Ed (sigh)
Oh, those were the good ole days!! We were suppose to go there in Nov but their house wont be finished by then and my Mom doesn't do floors!! What a wimp huh?? I have no problem with a floor!! But..... can you keep a secret?? I over heard Mom talking to my Aunt Linda and maybe just maybe they will come for Thanksgiving again!! Aunt Linda said they want to see the Munchkins but...I know they really want to see me!! So cross your paws that Uncle Ed will come. Otherwise we wont be able to go and see him until next Spring.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some nice tongue cleaning and an Update!

Today, it was such a nice day out that Mom decided to wash the inside of the car and get it all spankin...clean. She asked me to help too!! yay!!
Fur awhile I sat and watched her do the cleaning, polishing etc.
Then I told her that she didn't even need all those cleany bottles, that having a Scottie, is enough!!I mean, I gots a big tongue and I can get those ole windows clean from corner to corner~~
Looks pretty darn good, don't you think?? Well....Mom didn't see things as I did. She said she likes them so clean that you cant tell whether you are in or outta the car!!
An Update too: My tummy is doing much better and the spots are starting to go away. I am still on my pills and hardly scratching at all, so that's all cool.
As for my new neighbor, the Alien kitty, I am beginning to live peaceably with "it" Mom stressed in no uncertain terms, that I better stop my barking and get used to it cuz neither of us is moving, so whatcha gonna do?? We are not best buds but I am trying to deal with the Alien!! It is really tough for this scottie cuz that kitty sits in the window all day and just waits for me to come out and bark, but I am doing the best I can.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I had to go to the Dr. today

I have been a little under the weather this past week. I have been scratchin...which was driving me bananas and I was biting my tummy!!! So, Mom thought I better go and see the DR to see what the problem is. So we headed off for a busy day in town
First stop, my DR's office!! Yay! I love to go there, cuz there's lots of other doggies to yap at!! I get into the office and he looks at me and then asks, "Is there ANY stresses in your life Jazzi? ~HELLO~~ I belong to my Mom~~She tricks me with treats, puts me on wierd contraptions, makes me do crazy stuff, and is over-all a crazy woman!! "Is that stress enough for one lone Scottie??
The Doc checked me over and I have a staff infection on my tummy. The Doc rubbed it and it felt so good, so I acted like I NEVER get any attention at home!! BOL Mom is like OH! Brother Jazzi!!! I just shot her one of those "Looks", you all know what I mean?? Anyways the infection is very itchy and so he gave me some meds for the infection and the ichies. He isn't sure how I got it, maybe allergies although I haven't ever had any before or maybe a bug bite me, But in either case, I will live ~~which was touch and go there for a few moments!!~~and hope to feel better soon. I am hoping that since Mom knows that I have something, that she will feel bad for that~LOOK~trick for a treat~which BTW, I never got the treat!! !! Geezz...Mom also asked the Doc about me getting gray hairs already!! I am only 4 yrs old and he said that us Scottie's can get gray hairs!! AHhhhh I am turning into an Old Lady!!
We made a stop by my favorite bank that gives what else but.....Biscuits!!Had to stop by Moms DR too really quick but I stayed in the car for a few minutes. She brought me home so she could the rest of her zillion errands. By the time she got home, she was soooo Frazzled!! Her hair was standing on ends, I thought she stuck it in a light socket.
When inquiring bout it, She just said, Oh! the traffic was a real BEAR!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

To Hear or not to hear!!

Diana here: You know when kids don't hear what you say to them, unless it is something they really want?? Or you can say something and they wont hear you but whisper it in the other room and they've heard every word?? Or you can wrinkle a package and they will come running?? I find that dogs are the same way!!

Jazzi, You gotta help clean up your toys!!~~I cant hear you, not listening at the moment!! Jazzi, It's time for a Bath!!~~LA, LA, LA, I really really!! Totally ignoring that one.Jazzi~~Do you want a Treat?? BAM!! That did it!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

hey you all, look here!!

Mom, Kim and the munchkins went shopping. They came home with some big Hoops. She said they are called Hula Hoops. Mom said she wanted me to step through this hoop, huh?? Say What???? You are not serious are you?? You are!!! (gulp)
Oh, okay for a treat, I will step through!!This is easy enough, now 3 hoops?? nother treat please.Pretty soon they had me jumpin..through the hoops!!Once they were all ready and raised it higher and guess what?? I sneaked them and went underneath and got the treat heheheHey LOOK!! I am like Brutus!!!For more entertainment, Here is Kyla doing all 4 hoops at once. She can hula on the trampoline and while on rollerskates too, cool huh???

The ssspp....Ball

Hey you guys, remember that big ball that went ssppp.... flat on me??? Well, I didnt get into trouble at all, she actually thought that it was funny!! and guess what?? She gave it to me. I love to chew on this hunk of plastic, but not to worry I chew but dont bite off pieces of plastic. If...I do, then she will take away the pieces so I dont eat them.
I am having fun shaking it back and forth and growling at it~~~I love to do the growling stuff, makes me feel portant! is great for paying Tug-o-war. Man I am gonna have fun for today with this flattened puff ball.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today, Mom was making cupcakes with the munchkins and I wasnt involved and had nothing to do so I was B-O-R-E-D!! I just happen to come across this big orange ball, so I decided to play with it. I dont know what happened but it just went Ssspppp....Flat!! What am I to do now??

Friday, September 17, 2010

Treats and Stew make for a Wonderful day!!

Today was a Fantastic day!! First, my mail guy brought me a package from Sugar. I sniffed it but no, I don't open my own packages.
There were treats and a postcard of Sugar with her new picture.The treats smelt so good that I stuck my tongue in there to get to them. Peanut Butter treats YUMMERS!!!Thanks Sugar, I loved them and I would have demolished the whole bag but Mom says No, only a few at a time ~sigh~And.....could this day get any better?? I didn't think so but I was wrong. I knew something was up, so I was in that kitchen watching to see just what was happening.Turns out that Mom got Ferns recipe for Stew, the stew that Bambi eats. So guess what I was having for dinner??? yep, Stew!!!!The floor just wasn't working anymore, so I had to get an up close and personal view of my best smellin..stew. Perfect...Good job Mom!!
Mom had her flashy box there and the funny thing is....that I ate every lick of it before she could get any pictures!! Ha!Thanks Fern for the recipe, I hope to have this many more times. A full belly and now I think I will retire to my couch for the evening.
Fern, luckily Mom got the quick cookin...Barley. If you want the reciepe, get in contact with Fern. It was G-R-E-A-T stew!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To all Service Dogs

Upon the advice from Sugar, we ordered the book~~A dog named Slugger.Mom tells me bout it and it is really good so far. It is all about Slugger being a service dog to a nice mom named Leigh. Before she could have him, he had to go through lots and lots of training. Mom says that it is so interesting and how he was trained. They were a perfect match and so began their relationship. Slugger did things for Leigh and he helped her with walking too and Slugger was a big help to Leigh. She went to apply for a job and the agency wouldn't hire her cuz she had Slugger. Can you believe that?? Leigh fought it and now the agency has service dogs there Yay!!
When Mom was working at Micheals, there was a lady that came in with a service dog. She had never seen a service dog before. She said it was really cool!! And guess what?? He looked just like Remington but smaller. Mom said he was doing such a great job that she wanted to pet him and tell him what a good dog he was. But she knew from reading the book, that you don't touch or feed a dog while they are working. She wasn't able to get his name or anything. :-(

But now Mom has ideas~~Yikes, that spells T-r-o-u-b-l-e!! Mom was telling me that she thinks that I could use some learning and some training.WHAT??? I couldn't believe what my ears heard!!
ME??? Yah right!! Personally, I think I do a great service round here already.

I can clean off a table real quick, especially if it is Tacos!!
I play with the munchkins and keep them entertained.
I help with cleaning up loose foodables left on the floor,
I do things to make Mom smile, that's service right??I keep the pesty squirrels outta the yard,
I keep an eye out and I protect my family unless attacked by a helium balloon, So...NO..I don't think there is any training needed~~We will see if my arguments will work!!

But really, we want to give a big shout out to any Service Dogs like Clive and Therapy Dogs like Josie~~You do a great service and we admire your good work. Paws clapping for you!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How does she know??

I just cant figure it out~~How does she know what I did during the day while she was at work?? I know she says she has eyes in the back of her head but she is working about 20 miles away, she cant see that far can she?? Who Me??? Do I look like I did it?? It was the munchkins!! (wink, wink)

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Jazzi Quilt

~~Come ON Mom!!! geezzz.....You have to hang up my quilt. I mean Aunt Linda sent it to us like a zillion years ago!! I have the tools, hurry up!!!~~
The quilt has been laying here for a zillion years. My mom is the "Queen" of procrastination. I think that she thinks ~~Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!! ~~She drives me crazy sometimes!! Worse yet, she has this sign in her kitchen and believe me, she lives up to that last minute stuff, I have seen her rushing round her at the last minute like a chicken with its head cut off!! ha!
FINALLY!! It is hung and looks just wonderful. Thanks Aunt Linda for making this quilt for me, cuz I wuv it!!!!

Aunt Linda quilted this and entered it into a contest. Sadly, it didn't win but Aunt Linda, you are a WINNER in my book!! :-)