Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Card Exchange

Do you like getting 87 bazillion Christmas cards?Do you like feeling more popular than your Peeps?

Do you love having the mail person wonder what is going on?

Do you love to say: Just hand down the cards and no one gets hurt?If you answered Yes, to any of these questions then this is for you:
Yes, again The Christmas Card Exchange: Interested?? Here's the 411.
You can send Christmas, Holiday and Hannakah cards. For those of you that want to go Green, you may send
E-cards also. It is just as much fun getting them online as in the mailbox, plus we hold up puter time from our peeps!! bol The deadline is Nov 19 and names must be in by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS!! The list will be
E-mailed to you on Nov. 21st. If you are sending to any overseas, then you will want to get those out right away so that they will have time to get there.

To get your name and addy on the list, you will need to sign up.

If your state begins with the letters A-L you will E-mail the Hounddogmom

States starting with M-Z you will E-mail Finn ~~ marianne(DOT) d (DOT)howard(AT)gmail(DOT)com

If you live outside of the US you will Email Schnauzer Days~~ schnauzerdays(AT)yahoo(DOT) co(DOT)uk

When you E-mail them this is the information that they will need:
Your blog name
Your blogspot addy
All the dogs/cats name that you want the cards addressed to.
Your e-mail addy for those people going green and sending e-cards.
Your snail mail addy for mailing

Lets show our Peeps that ~~Animals Rule and Peeps Drool!! ~~They will be drooling when they will see all of our cards, right?? Have fun and Happy Mailing!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas card exchange

Last year, we had a Christmas Card exchange here in Blogland. It was so much fun cuz we were ALL getting more than our peeps were, it was so funny.......
that I just began waiting at the door when my nice mailman came cuz I knew that there were always cards fur me. I just politely said, Dad, just hand the cards over and no one gets hurt, bol
Pretty soon the place filled up and on both sides and around the room!! So......we are looking fur 2-3 people to help collect snail mail addresses and put them together and send them out in an E-mail to everyone. E-mail addresses will NOT be shared on any blogs. Is anyone interested in helping with the addys for blogland? If, so send me an E-mail to dcraftsalot(AT)yahoo(dot)com