Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I had a very nice surprise tonight~~

Well, I had a very busy day squirrel watching and I can report NO...... squirrels in the yard today. Although, now I have that Bad squirrel song in my head all day long today. I decided to come down for a nap and some food and hopefully they will know to stay away from here now.Tonight I got on the puter and what did I find???? I had a new follower. Guess who it was?? It was Cricket!! Remember I introduced you to my step cousin Cricket??I guess Twink's comment made her go ahead and start her own blog, Thanks Twink!! I owe ya one!! Here are Cricket's very talkative and very active assistants. Katie, Sydney and Skylar. Katie spent the night at my house last night and believe me there were lots of words coming out of her mouth, BOL~~She was good when she was here, I like to tease the kids.Here is Cricket's blog: Cricket's Adventures Everyone go over and meet Cricket and follow her. She has already had quite an experience already today and many more to come. I am just so excited about having a family member have a blog too.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tom is in the house~~

Tom has been in San Antonio Texas for the last 3 months doing his ternship and was coming home Sat. Upon his arrival, we all made some cupcakes. Afterall...we all know the way to a guys heart is through food!! I was there to oversee and catch any drips of batter.And WHOLA~~Cupcakes~~Then the kids made signs~~Then Mom left me in charge to greet him cuz they had a dance recital to go to. So, I waited and waited....La de daaaa.....He came home and I gave him a great greeting but no one was there for pictures..sigh..Once he got home, the munchkins have been hogging him. They were soooo soo excited to see Uncle Tom that they have great BIG smiles.
In Texas, Tom was staying with nother munchkin Tyler, he is 2 yrs old. Tyler is missing Tom now. Too bad that we dont have 2 Toms, one for here and one for there!! Mom is happy that he made it safe and sound though.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I do when Mom is gone!!

Yes Mom, yah , uh huh?? I will, I will, Yes, Again, I will be good, just go and dont worry bout me!! Geezzzz...thought she would never leave. Now.....down to some serious playing.......
Okay, A little fluff here and a little fluff there, and umpff...chew chew chew on this tough little rubber ball, chew chew....
Mom: I'm home!! Oh what do we have here? Let me follow the trail of fluff..........
Jazzi: Hi ya Mom, Yes, I was good , just playing a little with my stuffie~~wink! wink!And.....did a little chewy on the tough rubber ball.......It's toast!!Now, I usually get those darn squeakers out and chew them up in no time but kinda got sidetracked by the tough little rubber ball. Mom was very excited about this cuz she says she can make me a toy and put it in it!! DARN!!! Hey, you guys ever seen a squeaker before you eat them????So, all in all yesterday, even though Mom was gone doing all her stuff..... I had a pretty fun day. Have a Happy Saturday~~
Oh yah.. Before I forget~~~I am soooo excited~~Remember when Tom (Mom's son) left for Texas 3 months ago for his ternship.......and I was gonna miss him???? Well, he is coming home today. He should be home in like 5 hours, he is in St Louis!! I cant wait to jump all over him!! YAY!!! The munchkins are VERY excited to see Uncle Tom again!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here~~

Our snow we got the other day is all gone, the grass is greenin up and the flowers are bloomin....cuz Spring is here!!! I love the color Pink, but Purple flowers and the color Green is looking real good right now.I was watchin....out my window and saw something snatchin.. these flowers and took them right into this hole in our tree.Upon further vestigatin...I found that it was my old friend, Harvey, He lives in this old tree and it was good to see him back again. He does look cute holding the flowers huh?? There are other several other holes in the tree~~so he has a blast going in and out of them and thats why he likes this tree so much.