Saturday, November 28, 2009

Me and my Uncle Ed...

As you all know, my Uncle Ed (my favorist uncle btw) came to see us for Thanksgiving. He lets me do things that I am not pose to do like...get up to the table, and he feeds me, etc.
While he was cutting the turkey, he was giving me pieces but shhhh.. mom doesnt know that part. Uncle Ed and I were at the Thanksgiving table, just for dessert only though.One day when they were out shopping, he bought me some organic pumpkin doggie treats that were shaped like teddy bears. I got to have those when they were having dessert. They were so yummy that Kaleb thought he would have some too!! I am like Wait a Minute, those are MINE!!! So Mom tried to get it from him but....too late, he already ate it!!! Geezzzz.....Kids!! But it didnt kill him, he is still alive ha! ha!Uncle Ed and I laid around on the couch together and just was nice and relaxing....Thanksgiving...Uncle Ed also took me for walks in the morning. We saw the neighbor dog Molly (remember the snobby westie?) she just barked at me~~and I just walked proudly with my Uncle Ed in front of her ;-) We saw lots of other stuff on our walk too and it was alot of fun with him.I have been trying to keep those pesty squirrels away and I was pretty proud of myself cuz they seemed like they were all staying away from my house. We were almost done with the walk and I could see my house across the street...and I couldnt believe what I saw when I took a second look....The Pesty squirrel was just SITTING on the top of my house!!! Darn squirrel!! I mean it is different if it is in the trees...or in the yard...or the neighbors house...but my own very house!! Well, I just had to scare that sucker right out of here and he is gone now!!! MAN!! give them an inch and they take a mile!!!Uncle Ed finally had to load up the white van and go home and I miss him already. But next summer we get to go to his house in Kansas and from what I hear, he has 5 acres and some neighbor cows and a cat to annoy!! Sure sounds like fun to me!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Thankful for my family

My family used to have a poodle named Sprint. He lived to be 18 and had heart problems, went blind and deaf. They were sad when he passed has always loved scotties and so now she could finally get her scottie which would be ME!!! Her 4 kids all chipped in and bought me for a birthday gift. I was born April 6th~~3 yrs ago in Missouri. I dont remember alot about when I was really little. I was kept in a kennel and I didnt like that. But the lady had a grand daughter that really liked me and she would come and get me out of the kennel and hold me which must have been my first spoilin..

My mom contacted them by this net and they decided that they wanted me. The Mr. was going to IL so he met my mom and dad in IL. I was kinda scrawny looking, I could see the look on moms face, it was ummm priceless!!! They took me home to this big house and I was kinda scared coming from the kennel. Here is my very 1st pic of me at my new house, I am 4 months old!!
My name was Sugar and Mom wanted to change it so she thought about the perfect name and came up with Jazzi. I was a bit fiesty, so she said it fit me just Perfect and I like it too!! I soon became familiar with my new surroundings and since I was so small that I could fit in the oddest places and sleep, Mom never knew just where she would find me:From the very first day Mom has been taking pictures of me. I should have known then what would actually become of this flashy box. lol She thought that I was adorable :-)
I came into a great family, with Mom and Dads 4 kids and 3 doggie cousins~~Ivy and Wrigley:
And Jake:
Mom knew I would get along good with kids cuz I was good with the little girl in Missouri. This was good because at my new house, there are a ton of grandkids for me to chase, bark at and play with. I think they keep me young!!The years have gone fast and like my Mom says "Time flies when you are having fun" and I am having lots of fun here.
As, I reflect and ponder my life here and my experiences, Life has been good to me. I couldnt ask for anything better~~I have much to be truly Thankful for:
I like the color pink and Yes, I may be a tad bit spoiled:
And...Mom dresses me in ridiculas blinky antlers:
And....She tries to turn this girlie girl into a biker:And.....even though they would actually throw me in the leaves, which by the way, I am still appauled about: I Love my family and I know they Love me too!! And...wanna know what the very best thing is??????? Well, it is......Having my very own.....UNCLE ED!!!!
and Yes, Him and I WILL be at the turkey table, but dont tell Mom, she doesnt know just yet!!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my family and all my bloggy friends.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom made a BIG mistake today!!

My Mom made a BIG mistake today!!
Her and Aunt Linda and Mister Ed all went shopping today and out to lunch and stuff like that. They were gone all day today. But when they came home, Mom was showing Kim a gift that they had bought for my Christmas exchange doggie~~Sasha. I was sitting there watching and my ears perked right up when I heard it~~ A squeek, squeek!! What was it???It was a really cute santa doggie with a great squeekie in it. The sound of it was music to my ears, so much that I started dancing round and round on my feet and I don't do that very much. I wanted that doggie, I knew it was mine!! I wolfed, "Mom. Just let me see it" and so she showed me the doggie and she told me that it was for Sasha!! I am like.....Oh No, it's not!!! I knew I had to do something really cute like and I mean quick!! So.....I decided to sit up soooo pretty, Mom was awwww...that is so cute!!
As I was sitting there, I heard, Oh Do I have to give it to her?? do Mom!! I kept sitting and she was so impressed that she gave me the doggie.
I took that doggie and shook it, ran around with it and squeeked it like there was no tomorrow!! It was so much fun.
Mom can't have it back after I sunk my teeth into it, so.....I have to say Sorry to Sasha. She can't have this toy but it is a fun squeekie!! I betcha next time, Mom won't say anything in front of me anymore!! If she does, I know exactly what to do!! :-)

Just one piece at a time!!

Hi, It sounds like everyone is excited about the gift exchange and happy with their names. I didn't think to list the name of each blog to make it easier to find your name incase you didn't know them. Hopefully everyone has found the blog of their name, if not let me know. You will have to check your names blog for an e-mail address. Also, Olive, and Mitch and Maggie might need to get your packages in the mail to Mexico and Alaska sooner than the rest of us. Lorenza says it sometimes can take anywhere from a week to a month. I will remind everyone of the due date. It is Dec. 15th!!

Now.....onto my news!!!
Sunday we had company human Aunt Linda and Uncle Ed are here from Kansas. I was sooo...happy to see my Mister Ed. I was jumpin all around and going crazy. I couldn't even hardly sit still for him to pet me, I was so excited.
Once they brought all their stuff in, I had to sniff it all out and see if there were any goodies/toys in it for me ;-) Didn't sniff anything out but am certain that something..... will show up while he is here.
If you remember he is the guy that taught me to get onto the table and grab the food, which Mom wasn't a fan of that!! I tried it after he left and I kept getting into trouble! anyway he is back....YIPPEE!!!! which means.....cinnamon rolls!! Yummy!!!Now, silly Mr. Ed is breaking the roll into pieces and wants me to eat ONE at a time!! What is he thinking??Well, I devoured about 3 at he told me again, one at a time! OK, OK, I got it~~2 pieces, one at a time, one at a time.......Do you think I ate those 2 pieces one at a time??? NOPE, can't say that I did!!Hey, now I have my Aunt Linda feeding me a pieces~~Man!! Life doesn't get much better than this!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The names have been Drawn:

Mom and I are getting antsy. We have company coming in tomorrow and so lots of work is being done today. I have been checking the Christmas update and so far nobody new. We figured that whoever was going to sign up, would have by now so we drew the names early. If any stragglers come in, we will deal with it. Mom put all the names in a bowl for me to choose.
Ok, are you ready Mom?? Ewww....This is way too exciting!!!Choose!! ok, here it goes!!! Everybody ready???? I pick them and hand them off to Mom to record exactly who has who. She did a pretty good job for me, since I cant write!!
OK.....Here is the time you all have been waiting for:

Tank has Dory(dorys backyard)
Benny has Mango Man(mangos great adventures)
Lily has Jazzi(jazzisworld)
Jack has Tank(tanks two cents)
Frankie Furter has Bilbo(dorys backyard)
Jazzi has Sasha(sassy Sasha)
Lorenza has Lily(doggie days)
Dory has Jack(daily dose of Jack)
Bilbo has Pee Wee(mangos great adventures)
Sasha has Bambi(animal lover, quilt lover)
Mango man has Benny(doggie days)
Pee wee has Frankie Furter(frankly speaking)
Madi, has Olive(olive)
Olive has Lorenza(el Diario de Lorenza)
Bambi has Madi (the cat)(potpourri in NC)
Amazing animal lovers has Kennedy Funny Farm
Ina in Alaska~~Toby, Ginger, and Jeter has Amazing animal lovers
Courtney~~from Kennedy Funny Farm has Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly(Fiesty Three)
Cheryl~~Indiana, Shingo and Molly has Rocky Creek Scotties
Rocky Creek Scotties~~Lilly, Piper,Carrleigh and Java has Mitch and Maggie
The Airedales~~Mitch and Maggie has Ina from Alaska

The mailout date is Dec 15th. By the way, you can get a box for free at the post office….Size: 8 5/8 x 5 3/8 x 1 5/8 and ship anything in it up to 70 lbs for $4.95? It is their priority mail shipping, but it has to fit in that size box… is a good deal. So.......Happy Shopping Days!!! and....Have fun!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Update on the Christmas gift exchange

Hi Jazzi here,
Last week, I posted about a Christmas gift exchange between all of us. There was a good response and so I am happy bout that. There are 2 groups, the singles and the multi-group. Names will be accepted until Sunday the 22nd and then the names will be drawn Monday the 23rd and posted on Monday evening. That way moms will know who you have and they can shop over Thanksgiving weekend if they are crazy enough to go shopping!! LOL Us doggies will be snoozin at home after the big turkey dinner!!

We want the gift exchange to be really fun and we don't want it to be real expensive, since times are kinda tight right now with this economy. For the singles, $10.00 will be a good amount. Now if you have a group, you will be buying for more than one dog, so the amount may go up to $15.00-$20.00 for the whole group. Once you know who you have you can get e-mail your name and get a home address.

The mail out date is Dec 15th and we should all receive our packages around the same time, give or take a few days. If you live far away, like Alaska or Mexico, you might want to mail a little bit earlier. :-) Post after you get your package in the mail, we all want to see what you got.
If you sign up, the doggies name you have is depending on you. We dont want any doggies not to get their Christmas gift. If your name is on the list and you have changed your mind, or if I have left some doggie off, just let me know on my blog and we are accepting more names until Sunday.

Frankie Furter
Mango man
Pee wee
Madi, the cat

Amazing animal lovers~~all their animals share
Ina in Alaska~~Toby, Ginger & Jeter
Courtney from Kennedys funny farm
Cheryl,~~ Indiana, Shingo and Molly
Rocky Creek Scotties~~Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java
The Airedales~~Mitch and Maggie

I am excited and hopefully we all will have fun and enjoy opening our packages and sniffing everything inside. Geee....maybe I will get a new stuffie!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Road Trip~~

I was so....excited cuz Mom took me along in the car. I like to call it a Road Trip cuz that sounds "Cool" and "Important" but really it was a ride to the bank and back, but in any case, I don't care, cuz I was riding!!

I love to go to the bank cuz I know they give doggie treats there. I get the treat and Mom gets the money, so I figure it is a win, win for both of us and I'm happy and Mom is happy!! I am patiently sittin there, lookin at the lady in the window all cute and everything. The drawer thing came out and Mom got her envelope and Mom thought she was done and I am like ummm.. ummm.... cuse me!!! Biscuit here!! The lady in the window said, Oh dont forget the biscuit!! Uh YAH!!! I can't believe Mom almost forgot the most important thing!! Geezz.....
Ok, Thats what I am talking about, a nice big doggie biscuit, Come to mama!!! Once Mom gets it, she has to play this ridiculas game of I bite it and she moves it!! She is laughing and I am NOT seeing the humor in this dumb game. Moms can be so childish sometimes!!! Finally I was quicker than she was and I got the darn biscuit. By then my mouth was so slobbery, that it is a wonder that I could even hold it to eat it!!! But somehow I managed and gobbled it right up and it was delicious!! lick lick!!On the way home it was kinda warm, so Mom rolled down my window just a tad. I was able to stick just my head out and was smellin up all the smells, feelin the wind across my face and I could feel the flappin of my ears!! It was Great!!! I didn't have a care in the world, until......we saw a couple things moving. I mediately went into attack mode!!!
CATS!!! No offense to my cat buddies, but these were onory cats and I have seen them around before. I was growling and barkin so Mom just kept right on going. She wouldn't even let me out to take care of them!!
Something bout they might take care of me!!! hogwash!!I settled down and then we saw the firetruck out. I thought that it was pretty cool. They have 2 of them in this building. Didn't see the cute fireguys though!! Darn!!
We were almost home and this man caught my eye. I had to do a double take...maybe cuz I noticed the bright green sleighmobil he was in and some animals with big horns pulling him. Upon second look, I noticed that it was good ole Santa!! I remember him from last year. I asked Mom, is it that time already?? She said Pretty soon. I told Mom, that I remember 2 years ago, when I played Santa for the kids. They all liked that I brought them presents and I was quite the hit that year. It was fun but the beard got a little itchy!! Oh yah, Mom tried to get me to wear these little glasses!! Nope sorry!! No can do, so I was Santa without the glasses, :-) Hey!!! She was lucky that I even agreed to wear the suit and that crazy hat and the itchy beard~~Plus the suit had ummm bells on it so I actually jingled!!!! The things I do for Mom!!!See...kermit on the floor? That was my favorite stuffy for a long time until I finally destroyed him. When I got done with him, he had no eyeballs, no arms or legs, his mouth was ripped open and no him. Kermit was great to play with. Maybe I will ask Santa for another great stuffy this year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Brilliant Christmas Idea.....

I have been listening to the humans around my house and they have been talking bout Christmas and gift ideas for family and for friends etc. They want to know what people want and yet they havent asked me yet. Mom has been talking bout this Black Friday. Not sure why it is Black, maybe the sun isn't shining that day or something but anyway....

Now I do have a Christmas stocking and I do get goodies in my stocking.
Since I have been listening, I started thinking bout what I could do with all my friends. So.....I was wondering how many of you would be interested in a animal gift exchange? I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb idea. I talked to mom bout it and she thought it was cool.

I would take names until Sunday Nov, 22nd, then draw the names on Monday the 23rd and post the who has who list Monday evening. That way you will know who you have and who has you and can get info to them on Tuesday, so if any of your moms are out shopping on Black Friday and find a bargain, then they can get it.

The mail out date will be Dec 15th, so that gives moms time to shop/make anything for your special buddy. Hopefully we all will get our packages within a few days of each other and you post your opening it and what all you recieved. Does this sound like a plan to anyone?

If you are interested, just let me know in the comments and mom will be keepin track. I hope everyone will have fun with this, we are excited here!!