Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Look Back~~~

Hi!~~Now that 2009 is almost over, I have been doing some thinking. I started my blog in August and have 108 blogs. I have met some really cool dogs here. Who knew that I would have a cat~Madi for a friend or a HUGE Mango, or a smart friend like Jack, who knows a little bit about everything, or a hamster, or Jasmine the goat. I have learned alot about each of you and I am happy to be your friend. As I was thinking, I was also remembering some of my past experiences that I have shared with you all, so I thought I would do a recap of some of my favorites. So...get some kibble and enjoy!!

My wierdest is~~What is so attractive about my kennel, that the kids want to play in it?? This is suppose to be for me:Finally, my own bed back again!!!******************************************
The most surprising~~ was when Tank and I discovered what some of you dogs get to eat while we get just kibble:Mom, look what Rocky Creek Scotties get to eat:and look what Mitch and Maggie get to eat: It just wasnt fair, so we put out a plea to all our moms for some good food. I did get a dab of chili and cheese with my kibble that night, and it was really good!!******************************************
My Girliest~~was when we did True Colours Pink~~I was all pinked out.
A Scary moment~~was the watching and hearing the noisy GIANT leaf sucker!! I was really glad that I was on the porch or I would be toast!!******************************************
My Proudest moment~~was when I snuck up on that ole mouse outside and GOT him, brought him in the house to show Mom. Well....she wasn't impressed seeing how she didn't see it but accidently stepped on it and you should have heard her scream. Needless to say, we dont have a picture of that one!!
The Goal of many post~~was to rid my yard of the pesty squirrels and that job kept me plenty busy this year and they still are. They just keep coming back and I keep getting rid of them. When will they ever learn?
Tank had been taking applications for an new assistant job~~If I remember right, his assistant broke the camera? and he was having assistant trouble. This Mr. Ima Rodent applied for the job. When Tank found out who he was he kicked him right out and wasnt long after that Mr. Ima Rodent showed up here, working as a apple taster and I had to boot him right out also.
My Favorite vacation~~was to San Antonio Texas. I am a Great Traveler~~not a peep outta me, :-) I love to watch where we are going.We went to see my 2 dog cousins, Ivy~she's the Queen Westie and Wrigley~is a 2nd in command field spaniel and they are both fun to run with. and my little human Tyler. He was alot of fun to play with. He liked to give me hugs.
Most Embarrasing~~was looking like drenched rat after my bath and mom right there with the flashy box!!And to make matters worse, she throws the towel on me, calls my name and laughs when I am trying to get out and there is that flashy box again, How embarrasing!!******************************************
Favorite Costume~~was my glow in the dark skeleton outfit. I liked getting treats on Howl-O-ween but I will never understand the orange round balls with funny faces and lights in them, HUMANS!!!
Most Tramatic moment~~was the leaf pile throw. I am still appauled:
The funniest~~has to be the Taco incident with Kim. She blamed it on Uncle Ed cuz he taught me how to get the food off the table but.....Like I say, if they leave it right there, whats a girl to do???With the help of Tank, he gave her the choice to treat me with respect or suffer dogs howling, cats hissing at her. She didnt give in, but there were strange dog and cat noises when she went outside!! Thanks Tank.
My VIP human~~Uncle Ed~~ Yep, he's the bestest. He came for Thanksgiving and we had fun together. He let me sit with him at the table,He may have fed me just a couple bites from the table, shhhh don't tell Mom~~We chilled together~~We went on walks~~I didn't want him to go home but even though he is gone, he sends me e-mailAnd he sent me this cool rug (that my Aunt Linda made) and he sent me my chocolate ice cream bar, it's on the rug with me~~
That's my Uncle Ed!!
The sneakiest trick played on me~~was when Kaleb and Kyla told me that they were going to Kansas. I was so excited cuz I would have some peace and quiet. I told Uncle Ed that he could come back cuz it wouldn't be quiet with them there at his house. I ran to the knock, knock, to find out they were just kidding!! They really didn't go anywhere!!
My Revenge moment~~was during cookie making. Moms waffle iron chirps like a bird when it is ready. We told Kaleb and Kyla that they have to duck when it chirps cuz birds fly out when Kim opens the waffle iron. So when it chirped, they all yelled DUCK!! and they was so funny and sweet revenge!!******************************************
My tastiest moment~was licking up all the whip cream during the BIG whip cream fight here on Christmas day!! It was licious.
My Sad moment~~was watching my human, Tom walk out the door, knowing that he is moving to Texas and see him drive away, we all miss him here.But, on the flip side, when we go to Texas again, I can see him and see my dog cousins again too.

I am thankful for my family and all my blog friends. I have had so much fun reading your blogs and hope you have enjoyed mine too. Here's to nother year to have fun together and getting to know each other better and make even more friends.
Happy New Year~~2010~~WOOF!! WOOF!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Remember our graduate????

Well....He graduated~~Bought a car~~Got a money tree for Christmas, it had lots of green papers on it and these silver coins all tied to it. Mom says he will plant it in his back yard!! Packed up his dresser, clothes, golf clubs and his bike~~and is going to Beautiful and Sunny San Antonio, Texas. We just had a big snowstorm.He has an internship to do there for 3 months. Mom says he will be training all kinds of Athletics in all kinds of sports but I am not sure what he is doing with the ships???

We took pictures~~said our goodbyes~~I watched him walk out the door~~and he is off~~I will miss him and I know Mom will miss him~~ specially.... when she calls me inside, I don't come and keeping playing outside but when Tom calls me I come right in and she can't figure out why I come for him but not for her!!! He said something bout me being to spoiled by her!!! Good Luck Tom!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

We had a fight at our house on Christmas that escalated into a BIG fight!!!

My Christmas was very good. We opened some gifts in the morning, had a yummy breakfast, naps and then opened more gifts in the late afternoon, had a great dinner...turkey, ham~~Yummers, it was goooood, and all was going smooth.
Now, I am not a big gift opener so the kids had to help, it for me ha!and I got some toys, treats, the pupscisle and bone from Uncle Ed and a red Scarf. I have not let Mom try the scarf on yet, but she sure it will fit...Darn!!!! :-)

In the late afternoon is where we opened the most gifts. From the look of the gifts I knew it would be awhile, so I found one of my gifts and took a little snooze. ZZzzzzzz......When I woke up, I thought I would take a looksie and see what all I was gonna have to contend with/destroy this year. Ummm... football helmet not so bad, now that football may prove to be quite interesting~~ I see a hole in that baby....A train whistles at me, WHOA!! as long as it stays on its tracks we are ok.Clothes, boring!!! This hammer may just have to be chewed, I could see this hurting if he gets wild with it.Dump truck, not bad but the little people and the little things that go in it, I am sure can be mine!!! I am so good, he will never even know bout it.I had my Santa suit on and so did Zac, so we had 2 Santa's at our house.
Like I said, we ate, opened gifts, all was smooth until dessert and then it all happened. One human did something to another human and the fight broke out. I was just chewing on my bone when it all started. First, it started in the DR and there was lots of noise and and screaming and it moved into the kitchen with more humans getting involved and more screaming. I was vestigating without getting stepped on and this is what I found: The pictures should tell the whole story about the BIG fight:Then.....all of a sudden something fell on the floor, missing my head by only a tad~~a dangerous spoon~~lick, lick, it was whip cream umm...this stuff is good.More fighting~~More whip cream, slurp, slurp~~Even more fighting~~Lots more whip cream~~I was way too busy cleaning the floor to get in this picture but ~~Merry Christmas, 2009~~
Mom and I got some on us, so did the walls, the doors, but they all had a blast. Things like this happens in our house. Indoors water fights, rubber bands fights, you just never know!!

I have my spot where I lay so that no one can find me when I want some quiet. (It is on the chair under the side of the table that humans dont go)Well, I knew Mom knew but it was our secret so I thought.Before bedtime, I was laying there and Kyla came and gave me a Hug and said, she loved me, so I think that was my best Christmas present a dog could have!!