Saturday, August 28, 2010

Frosty Texas's

Thank-you Sugar~~After reading your post, I begged and pleaded with Mom to make me some Frosty Paws cuz they look so licious. Well, she agreed and she just happen to have all the ingredients....the blueberries, the banana, and the yogurt. I watched as she blended it all up.Now, we didn't have any Paw molds, all Mom had was a Texas mold....So....I have Frosty Texas's!!She put it on the floor and at first I wasn't sure what to think. I sniffed it and it smelt yummy, so I ate it!! and it was as good as Sugar says it is. You all have to have your Mom make these. Check out Sugar's blog for the recipe. We have a bag full in the freezer, so I can have more!Thanks Sugar, and Thank your mom too for letting you share the recipe!! I loved them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My hangover~~

YES........I had a Hangover last night. Mom thought she needed to get a picture of my hangover, geeezzzzz... Mom~~You gotta problem with this tail hangover???

Monday, August 23, 2010

A surprising cool treat!!

Mom had to work today but after dinner we all did something special with Kyla and Kaleb. Sorry bout only seeing my eyes but my assistant is slacking here a bit as far as getting ALL of me in the picture. is me with my ears UP!!
We headed out and I love to feel the breeze on my face and my ears a flappin.....
I was hoping that we would go to Taco Bell for some yummy tacos but we didnt. Here is where we went instead. Oh goodie...A hamburger!!
Nope...... wrong, but I did get to have some ice cream.....and I can tell you that it hit the spot and it was goooood!!! What a nice surprise!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My services were needed

This little guy is Zac! (Oh forget that he has a bowl on his head, he is silly sometimes) When Zac has food in his hand he is soooo easy!! I can sneak right up and gently snatch it and sometimes he makes it even easier for me, he just holds it out to me. Well, when he does that ~~what else is a girl to do than to take it and walk away with a BIG smile on my face!! Well, today, Zac dropped his crackers on the mini tramp and so I heard those words that were music to my Ears!!!~~~ Jazzi, we need you in here, Jazzi!!! Needless to say I was there by the time she finshed calling me and saw just why I was needed and I can say that they picked the right girl for the job!!!
I got right in there and started right in on those crackers~~And finished up by licking up every single crumb!! And.....Mom, I was thrilled to be of assistance, please call me ANY time!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Ears

Mom and I were hangin out today and I was entertaining her. See the ears up???? As soon as she pats my head, the ears go down!!
Ears up!! Ears down!!She does it really quick and she does it very slow and the ears do the same thing each time. She just thinks that this is so funny and just laughs like crazy!! These humans are way to easy to entertain!! But if it makes her laugh and smile then my job is done!!

Woody and a Happy Birthday~~

Today is Kaleb's 3 rd Birthday~~He is very excited as you can tell. He loves all of us singing the Happy Birthday song to him. I got in a few howls too.As usual, he got a TON of gifts. I had to snoop around and see what things that I NEED to make disappear that will bug me!! So far, this birthday seems pretty safe!!Since Kaleb loves Toy Story, he got lots of Toy Story stuff. He even got 2 different Woody's One is big and like a giant stuffy um....??? and the other even talks!! Actually the talking guy is kinda cute!! And Kaleb got his own Woody hat to match the 2 Woody's, cool huh??When Kaleb wasn't looking, I snatched that giant stuffy for myself. And guess what???? Woody makes a Great Pillow, I just LOVE this Woody!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It is HOT~~~

Aww.....Now....That is what I am talking bout!! ~~~Enjoying a cool breeze!!
WHAT?? You got a problem??? FYI, It's Hot outside!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The little Red ball!!

Today was grocery day and Mom came home with some little red balls. She gave me one and I wasnt quite sure what to make of it. I moved up on it real slow like and it didnt move. I stared at it, nosed it around and it rolls really good. I even pawed it and it just rolled. I couldnt figure out what was the deal with this little red ball. Once I got closer, I figured that I would bite it and know what??? It tasted good!!! I like em Mom and give me more!! She gave me 2 red grapes and I loved them, but not as much as I love Kim's tacos!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A funny story

Today was Moms cleaning day. She did lots of laundry and kitchen towels etc. She also cleaned out alot of cabinets and I love the sniffin of things she is throwing away. When the doors on the island are open, I like to crawl in and look out at mom. She usually closes the door behind me so that I cant back out!!! It is fun to get an inside view of things!!A funny thing happened though. Mom decided to clean out the fridge cuz tomorrow is trash/grocery day. Since she had been sick the whole thing really needed to be clean and so that is what she did. Shelves were out and drawers were out etc. I watched awihle and then slept when I got bored. But later she put this drawer thing in the sink and put some liquid in it and started running water into it. Then she kept cleaning the fridge. Pretty soon, I looked up and there are bubbles starting to grow and pretty quick there were a whole lot of bubbles and they were getting really high. It looked like snow honestly!!! I could hear trickling of water running onto the floor. I didn't know if I should bark or just keep watching~~well, I kept watching. BOL

She noticed a minute or 2 later and boy did she scramble!! It was so funny to watch. Water had run out of the drawer in the sink and was running onto the floor. She went for some towels but guess what?? NO towels in the drawers cuz she washed them all!! So then she went for the paper towels and guess what?? NO paper towels cuz it is grocery day tomorrow!!! I was quite curious by now to see what she would do. She had one washcloth and kept wiping it up and wringing it out and doing it over and over. If you guys could have seen the look on her face, it was priceless!!!

Finally she got it all cleaned up and was very tired. So next time your mom cleans the fridge, stick around and watch, you might just have a good laugh!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mom met someone Special in Texas

A few days ago, Mom got home from Texas just fine and no Dr visits or anything. I was jumping like crazy and so happy to see her again. Strange thing is....she went for Tyler's B-day party. The party was a BIG success~~it was a carnival party with booths and lots of good food, sure wish I could have gone!! Kim had fun being there too.
Benny and Lily, I didnt find any hotel soaps but came she came home with tan swimsuit lines. I question this and she said that Tyler loves the pool so that they just HAD to go, ummmm......yah right!!!! I was under the impresion that this was strictly a b-day business trip!!!

She said that while she was there, that she got to meet someone very special. ummmm... who could my Mom know in Texas??? Well, Dory, Jacob and Bilbo live in Austin and so Jessica, Tyler and Mom got to have lunch with their Mama. Mom says that she is very nice and that they had a good time. Maybe next time I come with them to San Antonio, I want to meet Dory, Jacob and Bilbo.
Mom says that usually on the way home they just land. But this time they got to fly over downtown Chicago
and way out over the lake
and back again. She thought that it was so cool.
I am just glad she is home and no more trips planned in the future.