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Friday, April 29, 2016

Around the world in 87 days.

Today is the first day of out Around the World in 87 days tour in which I will be driving and maybe a little flying and boating Christmas all around the World in order to meet other doggies and  other animals in Blogville. We will be doing this every Friday!!
We started out in Georgia at Christmas's house and first stop is at Madi's house in North Carolina.
Pop on over to Christmas's blog to see the visit.
We will be heading up to see Hailey and Phod in Canada, Bertie and Aunty Yam over the pond.
Some of you have signed up previously to have a visit from Christmas. If you haven't yet and would like to..please leave us your name and bloggy addy in the comments. We want  as many as we can have the opportunity to meet Christmas!!
Next stop next Friday is in New York where we will be visiting Chloe and Lady Bug

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Road trip for Mayoral race

Christmas is running for Mayor. As his campaign manager....I wondered the best way for Christmas to meet others in Blogville.
Suddenly.....brilliant idea!! Ha!
Christmas and I are going to hit the road.
We want to criss-cross the U.S. and Canada. We want to meet you all and to see you where you live. We have a bus, a limo, the weiner mobile, and a helicopter so we are able to go where we need to go.  We will also be able to visit these over the pond.
If you would like Christmas to visit you....just let us know in the comments. Also when you sign up give us your city and state..then we will get it all mapped out.

P.S. Addi says...Oh Bertie....sign up cuz i have my bag packed already to see my guy!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Q & A with Christmas

Hi, Oreo here. I am so excited for you all to get to know Christmas better. He really is excited about the election to choose a new Mayor. I thought what better way to get to know Christmas was if I sat down and had a Q & A session. We sat down inside of the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile and after a few are the questions.
Christmas...are you ready?
Yes I am Oreo

1. Tell us a little bit about your beginnings and how you came to live with your family and your Mom..Robin.
Well, my mommy wanted a dog. A show dog. But there were already two doggies in the family, and it wasn't a good time. Eventually my mommy heard about the Brownwood Farm, the kennel my mommy got me from, and my breeder gave me to my mommy after our first show.

2. Tell us about your Mom.
My mommy is lots of fun. She takes for tons of walks around the neighborhood. We don't just walk though. She lets me sniff around, meet new people and doggies, pee on mailboxes, and practice commands during our walks. My mommy is very patient with me. Even though I love training, sometimes my hound nose gets distracted. My mommy is my best friend and I'm her best friend.

3. I hear that you have been in Dog Shows. Is that fun for you? Have you won any ribbons?
I love my dog shows! It's fun to socialize with other doggies and Dachshunds and let people pet me who share a love for dogs. My mommy says she wouldn't show me if I wasn't enjoying it. It's fun being in the ring with my mommy and proudly strutting around the ring as the judge watches. I love to show off! Yes, I do have some ribbons. The VERY FIRST TIME my mommy and I entered the ring at our first show, I won Reserve winner in the smooth Dachshund breed, meaning I was the second best smooth Dachshund that day at the whole show! The judges compare each dog to the breed's standard, and I guess I'm pretty good! I got a nice ribbon from that, and I have lots of other ribbons me and my mommy won in Junior showmanship, where the kids showing the dogs are judged on how they handle their dog.

4. What kinds of things do you like to do?
 I love training for both my shows and for new commands. I am trained positively with clicker training. Most Dachshunds are known for being feisty and stubborn, but I am not like that! I also love playing fetch (not usually with balls, but with my favorite squeaky toy) and occasionally tug of war. I love showing off and playing with my doggy friends. Sometimes when people are talking to me or petting me, I'll spin around (one of my tricks) without my mommy even telling me! I love to impress people!

5. Ok...thats cool.. but there has to be things that you really don't like, what are those?
Things I don't like? Well, Vacula, obviously, and I don't like tree rats. I could chase them all day! We don't have a fenced in backyard, but sometimes my mommy takes me to play in a neighbor's yard. I love all other dogs, except for Labs. I won't bite them or growl at them, I'm just scared of them, but not scared enough to defend myself. Sometimes a neighbor's Lab puppy gets out and tries to play with me, but when that puppy is a hundred pounds, I get so scared! Plus, that's on my walks, so I'm on leash, and my mommy says I would probably be calmer if I wasn't on a leash. Dogs are always less frustrated when meeting each other off leash.

6. What is your favorite food and treats?
 I love all food! I especially like Greenies dental bones and Zuke's treats, and sometimes Natural Balance. I also like Milk Bones, and sometimes if I've had too many treats in one day, my mommy will use kibble as treats for me when training. I love it just as much as treats! I'm a Dachshund, so I am not a picky boy.

7. Christmas...Why did you decide to run for Mayor?
 I decided to run for mayor because I feel like I can provide Blogville with the leadership it needs to grow and thrive. Of course I have my assistant (aka mommy) to help me along the way, and a campaign manager, Oreo, to help me with my advertising. Even though I'm the one running for mayor, I try to incorporate others into my run to get to know them personally and establish trust and teamwork, which is something Blogville thrives on. I feel like Blogville should give me a chance, and because Blogville is so awesome, of course they are giving me one! That's the mercy I hope to keep in Blogville.

8. What do you want to bring to Blogville?
I want to bring lasting happiness to Blogville. I want to keep it a peaceful place. Yes, there will be rules for those who want to disrupt the peace (a big NO!) but we aren't really that strict here. Everyone kind of just helps each other out, and I'll be honored to be a part of that. I make my mommy so happy every day, whether we're at a show, taking a walk, or just hanging around at home. I think I can take that happiness and kindness to a different place, Blogville, where happiness and kindness is the most important thing.

Thanks Christmas. I hope you all enjoyed hearing from Christmas. I know that for the next few months...we will get to know all the candy dates better. Christmas has a badge, so feel free to take it and add it to your blog.
Have a Great day everyone!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Campaign Manager

As you all know that we are having an election in Blogville. My friend Christmas is running for Mayor. He has asked me to be his campaign manager. I was honored and thrilled to death and I said Oh yah!!!! Although I am 6 yrs old.... I must admit that I have never done this sort of thing before but it sure sounds like fun.

Today...Christmas picked me up in his new Limo and he let me drive and we took a spin and discussed:
where we would like to travel to,
what kind of treats to have in this limo,
to have an endless supply of dog bones,
making sure that we have comfy pillows to lay on,
having a HD 5K flat screen to watch Animal Planet and the Westminster dog show,
and having only the best food for dinners etc. important stuffs like that!!
Christmas's campaign slogan is:
"Not just a Holiday, but for our Future"

Drop by tomorrow because I will be sitting down with Christmas dog to dog to ask the questions that we all would like to know about Christmas, so that you all can get to know him better.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Choose your own bed!!

Which kind of  BED would you choose?

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The car wash

One day the weather was kinda warm and mom wanted to get the car washed. It was one of those drive through thingys. I must admit that neither Addi or I have been to this thing before.
At first....when we were getting soaped....Addi was a bit nervous. To me it was no big deal. Ha!
After a bit.....we both had fun watching the squirters and the water and the blowers were pretty loud.

Turned out to be a fun day and gee...
our car is so shinny now!!😂

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

News from Addi

Addi here: As you know I was staying all week with Oreo while Tom went to San Antonio with his girlfriend Brittney to see Toms sister...Jessica and Brittney's best friend....Courtney.
Me and Oreo became real Houdini's!! bol We also had other adventures that we will share with you.
Oreo's mom got a phone call while they were gone and guess what Tom did?
He went and got himself  ENGAGED!!!! He asked her right down on the River walk!!
I like Brittney so it is all cool. Gee.....Now I will have a family with a Mom and Dad and even a big brother named Loki.
This is my new family!!
And....The wedding is Oct 1st!!!! Congrats to Tom and Brittney

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Another resident of Blogville

Boy!! Blogville sure is booming with new residents and that's so cool!!
I'd like to introduce you to Teddy. Isn't he just too cute?
To learn more about Teddy..head on over to the Welcome Wagon and Welcome him to Blogville.