Friday, July 29, 2011

Update on my Mom

It has been 5 days since Mom's surgery. MAN!! She has slept soooo much, I didn't think a peep could sleep that much but yah she has. Addy was banished to the basement cuz she is a great lap dog and mom wasn't exactly thrilled bout that part, whereas I knew to lay right next to her!! Pups!! But Addy soon learned that since the lap is not the spot fur now that it works to lay on the floor and keep an eye on Mom.
Addy decided that doing tricks entertains Mom and makes her smile, although she said not to make her laugh cuz it hurts!! Ha!
Look here at Addy's upside down smile!! Can you believe that~~how talented is my Dog-zilla sister??? Addy also likes to make faces fur Mom and so between the 2 of us, we have been taking care of her. She is not sleeping quite as much and can get up a little bit easier today. Hopefully each day she will feel better and be good as new pretty quick. She thanks you for all your thoughts and get well wishes. Our wonderful Mayor, Frankie Furter even sent my Mom a card, that was so nice of you Frankie, she just LOVED it and it made her Smile!! Thanks Frankie!!
Silly Addy, still wants attention, so she sits here with her back to Mom, so that Mom can just reach over and rub her ears and rub her head!! to that I say Oh brother!!! bol

Friday, July 22, 2011

Anything different?

Hey!! Do you notice anything different in these 2 pictures??
I got my tag like 87 yrs ago but Mom procrastinates and she finally got it on!! How does it look?

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey Addy!! I want to share with you~~You can have the spot on the couch in front of the fan now. I found a new spot and this is.....even better!!! I was feeling a bit quilty about keeping the A/C to I decided to let Addy on to where it is!!
Keep by the A/C everybody!! Me and Addy are cool fur sure now!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


WHEW!! Its HOT when me and Addy's tongues are hanging out!!This will fix the hangy out tongue problem~~Sorry Addy, but this cushion is only big enough fur one of're gonna hafta wait your turn!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pressies from Uncle Ed

I totally forgot to post about the gift that I got from my wonderful Uncle Ed. It is a big fuzzy brown bear. He is so soft and he has squeakers in every paw and in his head. This is kept far, far away from Addy and I am taking good care of it. I love to grab the head and shake it all around and make it squeak to death: makes the bestest bear skin rug to lay around on, I mean I don't know a girl that doesn't like to lay on a bear skin rug!! It is sooo comfy!!
Thanks Uncle Ed, I LOVE it!!

 If you are new, or don't know, here is WHY I keep my portant stuffies out of reach of my Dog-zilla sister Addy. All....dead as a door nail!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We have electric again!! song

Yeppers, we have our electric back again and BOY did we missed all you guys. It was a quick storm but very powerful. The lightening hit lots of transformers and there were lots of wires and trees down. One night, it was way to HOT inside that Mom and I slept out on the front porch on the porch swing. hafta understand that my Moms idea of ruffin it is with the A/C on low, so this was quite out of her comfort zone!! bol She admits that it was kinda fun and I was there to fight off the possums, skunks and what not!! We feel so outta the loop: Mom was going bonkers, that she re-wrote a verse from one of her favorite childhood shows~~Gilligan's Island, so sing right along OK??
So this is the tale of us storm survivors,
And what we had to do fur a short, short time.
We had to make the best of things,
It was an uphill climb.

The mom and her Jazzi too
Did their very best,
To make the others comf'terble
In their hot, hot home.

No phone, no lights, no puter,
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Crusoe
It was primitive as can be.

So join us as we are back my friends,
You're sure to get a smile,
From 6 peeps and 2 dawgs
Here at Jazzi's World!
BOL, I told her NOT to quit her day job!!
I must tell you though that Limping Antelope is back again and she had nother incident yesterday. You see, she has a ceiling fan over their bed but the string is short and she has to stand on the water bed to reach the string and usually never has a problem. (The string was short, cuz....well.....she is a great procrastinator!!) Well... yesterday that wasn't the case. Addy and I experienced the whole thing right before our very paws. She stood on the water bed, pulled the string and was getting back off. One foot was on the floor and the other one was going all wacky~~Addy and I looked at each other, like Oh no, here she goes~~and yep she went!! She said she didn't want to sprain that ankle AGAIN, so she decided just to take the fall on the floor which wasn't really too far down anyways. She fell and it all worked out ok cept for the fact that the fall made her head fall back and whack her head on the radiator!! She felt a BIG indent and there was blood!! Me and Addy are shocked by this point, what's she gonna do. She just paced and mumbled, Oh, I don't have time for this today bla bla bla. She put us outside and went to the neighbors to see if she could bandage it up or have to go to the DR. Michelle is like, uhhh, yah, you are going to have to go to the Dr's. She was still mumbling right out that door, bol ~~~ and sorry Mom, but all we both could do was snicker to each other!!

Long story short, she has a 3 inch gash on the left back side of her head, she got about 4 shots in the head and a bunch of staples in it to hold her head back together again. Luckily she didn't even get a headache and it didn't knock her out either and NO....we all thought that maybe it would knock some sense back into her but she says Nope, probably not BOL I sure hated to ask the question: Which would have been smarter: the sprained ankle or the gash in the head?? But I can proudly say now, that the string is longer and she can now reach it without getting on the bed!!

We have so much that has happened over these few days, I got a pressie in the mail, I met new friends and we will get to that and try to get to your blogs today. Just wanted to let you know that we are OK and back again.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Slip and Slide

Friday we had 4 of the munchkins to watch and Mom needed something to entertain them so hence this thing called a Slip N Slide. I watched them hook it up and out comes the water. I wasn't to sure but had to investigate it fur myself. I inched forward ever so slowly to see if it would attack me and No it wont but.....I got the funny feeling that this is something that she is gonna try to get me in or on or whatever. I ran away ASAP. I mean sliding down into a water pile and getting attacked by squirting water!!! YIKES~~Thanks but NO thanks!!!
And.......just as I suspected, I was whisked right up and sat on top of the slide. She left my lead on to urge me down the slide. Uh......Sorry NOT..... happening to this Scottie, NOPE!!! She pulled and I resisted and then I jumped right off the side and I was outta there. There was No way, this was happening to me, I put my paw down!! Then......Before I knew it, Addy went right up and drunk from it, I couldn't believe it!! I am like "NO Addy don't!!!" Although, she does have size on her side, cuz there is no way that Mom can lift her and put her on top of the slide.Before long, Addy was right there with all the munchkins playing with the water!! PUPS!! They just don't know what is best fur them yet!! Well......Addy needs to learn how to listen to me cuz the peeps ended up getting her into the water and she got all wet and I just gave her "I told you so " look!! I tried to tell her!!! But she didn't go near that slide deal again the rest of the day!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ok, we met, here is my special friend!!

Well....I am waiting to meet my special friend....
And finally.....he is here...It is Mr. Pip!! Let me tell you that he is just adorable. Gee....I could marry this guy, he just took my breathe away!! I am crazy, hopefully he didnt see me drooling!! Mr. Pip is sooo sooo cute!
Of course, we did Tacos, Hey! whats a meeting without Tacos?? Pip sure is enjoying this TacoWe just kinda hung out while the peeps chit-chatted!!
I had brought some toys fur Pip fur in the car and here is Pip with his treats and toys,
We had a blast and it was sooo nice to meet you in person Mr Pip!! We have to do this again fur sure. Have a great week up North Mr Pip.