Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

We totally forgot.....

We suddenly realized that we totally forgot to show you the leaf throwing pics from last Fall. Well...this year she couldn't throw and take pics at the same just imagine....a poor helpless Scottie being tossed to and fro just to land in this pile of leaves...and landing with grace!!
  Okay...this is crazy!! I do NOT see the humor in this one single bit!!
Which way is out??? Left or Right?
I don't know but....I'm choosing the closet piece of cement!!
Now...for Miss Pipsqueak!!
She popped out so fast that it wasn't even funny. She weighed all of 5 lbs at the time!!
And then it was time for the Leaf Sucker to come by and get the Torture leaves!!
It is nice to see the warm... no snow pictures and We cant wait for Spring here!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ka-oss Valentine Mission challenge

Ka-oss mission challenge:
For all you Ka-oss partiers...this is your Valentine group challenge.
You must all work together.
You all will be going up and you all will parachute out of a plane. There will be 3 min of free fall and during that 3 min....You must all form a heart shape design. Once the heart shaped is formed then the shutes will be deployed.
Failure to accomplish will mean a big...
It's unanimous..they want to accept the mission.
Prince William brought Addi and Bertie to the party and he is nice enough to take us up in the plane.
We have our first jumpers. 
And more jumpers....the sky is filled with jumpers.
This is not looking good. It's been a min and we aren't seeing a heart.
This is really  getting Ka-otic...its been almost 2 min...........they have to get their act together ASAP. Can they do it? I sure dont want a SPLAT!!
Yay!!!! They've accomplished it.....
A heart shape is formed by the jumpers.
Excellent job. I must admit that they  had me a bit worried. Guess.. they just wanted to cause more Ka-oss. Everyone congratulate them.
All the shutes have been deployed and our jumpers will be landing safely.
Here are our first jumpers in...Casey and Hailey
What Ka-otic exciment they gave us today.
A Valentine mission accomplished

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just being a little helper....

Mom was vacuuming the floor yesterday. So being the nice guy that I am....I decided to help her out and pull some of the rug back for her.

then....bring funny... I blew her a raspberry. It made her laugh and smile.... mission accomplished!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We have a new dog in Blogville

Meet Molly. Isnt she adorable?
Some of you have met her already but if you havent, pop on over and read her story at the  Welcome Wagon 
WELCOME Molly!!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Assistant City Manager's Office

Here on the 87th floor is my Office. I just love the door and my own name plaque
WELCOME to My office. I am glad that you are able to visit it with me. As you can see...I have a great view. I have a few of my favorites in here.
1. Me and Hazels picture. This is one of my favorites.
2. The bubble machine and there's plenty of room to chase bubbles
3. The Pool of balls. I also hired a Butler pick up all the balls that get all over the floor.
4. Of course..a bowl of dog bone treats.
5 My own puter and on my screen saver is a package of.....OREOS..of course!!
I do believe that I am ready to roll into business with Christmas. He is the City Manager, so I work under him which is fine cuz we work well together. We both want to serve Blogville the best that we can.
Enjoy the rest of the tour and Thanks for visiting my office!!
Oh and drop by anytime for bubbles or ball playing...I'm here for YOU!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our sniffers just know.

Mom went grocery shopping and bought me a pkg of balls.
Well I sniffed em right out and had them before she  even knew it. Ok....tag off...
Ok...outta plastic web bag....

And playing with 2 tennis balls. She says did  you know how to find  them in the groceries? dog just knows...right?
Then she says...that's ok cuz I bought another set that you didn't see so there.
I hated to tell her the news that I already found them too... Ha..ha.. Another 2 balls with tag off and out of the bagging. He..he..
So...I'm one lucky dog with 4 balls!!!! Doesn't get much better than that.