Saturday, July 26, 2014


Need a little help here!!  These darn poles keep getting in my way!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I gots my eye on YOU!!!

Remember that ole bunny that I scared off?
Apparently he is back on the side of the house that I can't go to. He's just sitting there resting my grass!!!! I mean the nerve of this guy!!
Well Bunny...I gots my eye on you and.... you little red cardinal...don't think that you are safe either!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Me and Addi are in Blogville too

Yep, we are in Blogville too. We almost missed this but we saw it just in time.
I live in Belvidere which is where the Red dot is. Now Miss Dog-zilla lives in Rockford which is where the circle with the dot in the middle of it. Rockford and Belvidere are only about 20 min away from each other so we do get to see each other lots.
We love Blogville and everyone else here. We have made many friends in Blogville. While we have been busy with the grandpeeps we will be back soon. I hafta tell you guys about my mom. This time she really did it when she went to Texas. She got arrested while in San Antonio!!! Thats right. All trips are off limits for her now and I will tell you guys about it tomorrow.
DAWG...I can let her go anywhere now. Her new name is Jailbird!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

They are back.

Yay!! They are back home again. While I loved Ashley it was so good to see my family again. I was doing the Happy Dance for sure. They took Kyla and Kaleb with them and brought back Tyler for  a couple weeks. Kaleb turned into a cowboy while in Texas. He has his hat, a bandana, a sheriffs badge, and his pistal with his holder. Bol. Now we all just call him Cowboy!!!
Now Tom is on vacation so we are watching Dog-zilla too. They are running here and there and me and Addi get left at home but they are doing stuffs with us too. Mom bought me a new chewy bone, and Miss Dog-zilla ate the whole thing, had dinner and threw it all up!!~~Bulldogs!!

Mom and Tyler are making a bug barn today so tonight we will be out catching lightening bugs!! They just keep them awhile then they let them go so they wont die and the lightening bugs always seem to come back. he..he.. guess they appreciate that!! It is just fun to lay and watch the things going on round here, guess I am easily entertained!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

We had Tacos....

That's right, Ashley and Trevor got tacos from Taco Bell. It was so yummy and they were surprised that I knew how to eat it. I eat all the insides first then demolish the soft tortilla, that's the best way.
Hello!!!!.... I'm the Taco Queen!!!!
I did get lots of belly rubs too. I was totally spoiled and loved Ashley and Trevor. Trevor saw bol and figured out what it meant so he has drank the kool-aid and has officially crossed over into Blogville!!!
Mom is on her way home and I will be happy to see her too. She is bringing a Grandpeep home with her so I'll have some company round here. If you need a good dog sitter I gots one here.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Hope that yours is gonna be as good as mine is gonna be.
Happy 4th