Friday, April 30, 2010


See.... this..... BIG...... Smile on my face!!!
Know who puts it there???YOU...All...Do!!!!! It's May Day and so lets all SMILE!!!!
The flowers are even smilin.......
Have a Happy May Day!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I cashed in the Piggy Bank~~

I have been really saving my money and my snazzi Pink piggy bank was pretty full. I saw something that I really, really wanted. I told Mom that I wanted to cash in the money and buy what I saw. Afterall I am 4 yrs old now, which is way past old enough for what I want to buy. So.....I took all the money out and we went it is~~~ A new car!!! It's a Viper SRT convertable and it is really cool. They didn't have a Pink one but I think I look good in Red too!!! I love the wind blowing my ears while I am driving!! Anyone wanna take a spin???

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My sidekick

I was out walking and this other "shady character" kept being by my side. It didn't make any noise, just seemed to follow me at every where that I went.
Turn to the left, still there~~
Turn to the right, yep still there~~ I mean seriously, whats up with this shady character?I just couldn't shake this thing!! I hope it isn't a stalker!!! It wasn't bad, it didn't give me any back talk, didn't bug me, just followed me. Well, it was kinda nice to have a partner to walk with I guess in a weird kind of way!! Any of you ever seen these shady characters where you live?
If so, don't worry they wont hurt you but just get used to being followed around by it!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A little sniff, paw and dig~~

It is a nice sunny day and mom was out weeding, so I thought the only thing to do was to give her a paw and help her out!! After all, it's a little rude just to sit and watch.

A little sniff, sniff~~to find that ole weed!!A little paw, paw here~~and a.... A little dig, dig there~~and....(oops, sorry bout that dirt that I just threw in your lap, Mom)I took care of that weed!! He is toast now!!But...all this a girl a brown nose but it is so much fun!!And then She wondered why my water bowl was all dirty. DA!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey Mom~~ "Do you need a little help with those dishes?" I am a great helper!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chillin today

I am outta the dog house and just hangin today and staying outta trouble!!!I even let mom take pictures of me with some of our tulips!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My escape

See this gate across the porch?? It was put there to keep Kaleb on the porch, it had nothing to do with me!! wink, wink. Well, Kaleb and I were outside lookin around and he started playing with the gate. Now, I am innocently standin... there watchin... and all of a sudden he made an opening. I am like YES!! ok, just a little more Kaleb, a little..... more!! UH HA!! I was out and runnin...FREE!! Free as a lark!!! Readin..pee mail here and there and leaving some here and there, it was grand!!I look back and I see Kaleb runnin...after me, Sorry little fellow, not gonna catch me!!! I am down the street by the beige house and outta no where comes a lady and she snatches me.I am doing some serious squirmin.. and wigglin...and she isn't letting go of me!! Then....she tells her husband to take his belt off!! WHAT!! are they going to beat me!!! AWwwwww...... Well, she used to belt to put around my collar to hold me there. By this time Kaleb had run across the street and was at the beige house too with the lady. Then... guess who I see coming running down the street?? YUP!!! Mom!! gulp!! Kaleb thought he was gonna be in BIG trouble for letting me out so he thought he would come and catch me and bring me home. The lady told mom that luckily the cars stopped for him when he ran across the street!! YIKES, I knew I was busted when she heard that!!! We all got home safe and sound and I was grounded to my kennel. There
was also a lock put in the gate, so that it CAN'T open anymore!!I was gonna say, LOOK, I am helping you get some more exercise but.....I didn't even offer any excuses to Mom, cuz I knew she wasn't going to buy any, just take the punishment and keep my trap shut!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I was being followed~~

See, this little guy? Looks harmless doesn't he? His name is Zac. Well....looks can be deceiving. Zac loves to pull my ears, my tail, my fur and poke my eyeballs out!! Zac is the youngest munchkin. Kim watches him a couple days every week. He learned to crawl a couple weeks ago and today was his first day on our grass. He took off after me, once he saw me outside. I thought... No problem he is still little....... and me being a terrier~~I can move faster than he can..... Well.....The little guy is better than I thought he was.... I moved around the yard and so did he. Everywhere I went, he followed me, it was crazy!!The kid was relentless, seriously, he was right on my tail all morning long. I couldn't shake him!!I had to be nice but whats a girl to do with a kid literally right behind me?? Nothing but wait it out. Thank goodness for nap time so I had 2 1/2 hrs to myself. WHAT!!! ~~Zac took his first steps at home tonight?? YIKES!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is in the Big box??

When I see big boxes being brought into the house, I just kinda cringe cuz you just never know what it is and whatever it is, I am sure Mom will make me a part of what it is. Sure enough, this was the case with this big contraption!! It wasn't so bad but....she gave me a big swoosh!! and I went a slidin....and plopped right onto the ground on my hiney~~NOT a fan of that at all!!!!Mom tried that 2 seater thingy and there was NO way I was doing that. There was some serious and I mean serious~~4 paw all out kickin... and squirmin....and wigglin.. going on that she realized then...that this was just was NOT going to happen. I thought whew!! I won, I won... until she threw me right into this other swingy thing and strapped me in!! The nerve!!Some of our yard is fenced in but this part isn't so I have to be on my leash when I am out here. Now, I consider myself pretty smart, but Hey!! I can't be smart all of the time, I got myself into a little bit of a quandary here!!~~Need a little help here~~MOM!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Mailman

This is a picture of my wonderful mailman. I lay on my loveseat spot and watch for him cuz he leaves me a dog biscuit everyday in the mailbox/or gives it to me if I am on the porch. He also leaves the 2 munchkins a piece of candy everyday so they like him too. They snapped this picture when I was outside in the sideyard, so I wasnt able to get in the picture.Anyone else have a great mailman like mine??

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some trivia for my 4th birthday

It is April 6th and it is my Birthday. I am a whopping 4 yrs old today YAY!!! Mom went through my doggie book and found a few pictures to share with you all. This picture was taken the day that they brought me home, I was 4 months old and you can tell I was kinda shy and not sure what my life would be like with my new family.As I got to know them better, I soon realized that I have a pretty good home here and began to relax and enjoy my family.I used to like to sit in the window ledges on the 2nd floor, cuz you can see what all is going on from there, :-)Mom has really broadened my horizons to say the least~~she has got me to do many things that I never thought I could do:
Horse riding~~Bike riding~~She has taken me to new heights~~I have my own GREAT Uncle Ed~~Oh Ok!! present time here~~This one I received from Remington. It sure smells good~~and so does the card~~sniff sniffI got a cool toy and a hooded sweatshirt from Remington, but I am overtaken by the great smell of the treats ha!I cant stand it~~Open the bag! Open the bag! Awwwww......Next, I got a squeakable sock monkey from Mom, yah, that's nice, but...can I have some more of Remington's treats pleeaassee???Let me model the cool sweatshirt. It fits just perfectly~~Mom even got me a birthday cake decoration and a "Queen for the Day" crown, cool huh?Here are some of the friends that stopped by for my birthday~~WHAT?? a doggie lunchable!! Ok! I will be right there!! Thanks so much Remington for the gifts, I love them all especially the treats!!
The doggie lunchable: turkey, cheese, chips.....and 4 candles!!! I am sitting here thinking, How am I gonna blow these babies out??Just a little look closer~~and mom was afraid I was gonna singe my eyebrows!! HA!
and...for dessert~~3 M & M's and more of Remington's treats. Look!! little paws made right in the treat~~How cute is that?? and they are soo yummy!!This day keeps going and going and going~~What else will there be??
A new piece of trivia has come to us~~I actually share my birthday with......guess what???

The Twinkie!!! Yes, its true. the Twinkie's b-day is April 6th, 1930

On April 6th, 1953~~Swanson's TV dinners went on sale in the stores

and I share a birthday with Congress woman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota.