Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our TV watcher

Addi loves to watch TV. She really likes the animal shows and she loved the dog show too.
Once she finds a good movie, then Addi just settles in for the long haul!!

Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Me and Bertie on Valentine's Day

I asked Bertie to the dance this year and he said Yes. I was so excited and so Bertie decided to dust off the tank and take it to the party. Bertie went and made all the preparations for the tank before I arrived.
We decided to dress it up seeing how it is Valentines day!! We started in the morning, added a big red heart and some splatter paint and we thought it looked pretty Cool!!
Ernie and Roxy wanted to see the tank, so they came over and we showed them the inside of the tank.
Here is where all the controls are right in the center. As you can see there are 87 thousand buttons and all computerized and of course, my Smart Bertie knows how to work it all. He always completes his 87 point check list. He is much more than just a Handsome guy!!
Roxy and Ernie loved poking their heads out of the top and Ernie assured Roxy that he would be there to catch her, if she slipped or something like that. Don't worry Frankie, he has been a complete gentlemen to Roxy, and NO she didn't no worries to Roxy's mom!!
 Me and Bertie even painted our names on the back of the tank, sharp huh?? Roxy and Ernie headed out and so Me and Bertie went to dinner in the furs of course. He did get a window seat so we could watch the sunset while we had some wine.
 Then...its to the dance floor to dance the night away!! We do have so much fun together.
 Oh yah, Bertie says that he has a special surprise for me. Click on Surprise and lets see what he has!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Funny Friday

Frankie had a great idea of Funny Friday.  We show one of our favorite funny things. What a genius he is!!
Ok, here is one of my favorites!! Remember the time that Kim went upstairs to get something and she left these yummy tacos just sittin...on the table, I mean they were screaming Jazzi, Come eat me!! So, I answered and scarfed them down so fast, that it wasn't even funny!! To my amazement, Kim didn't find it as funny as I did!! What a kill-joy huh??
I was SO...good, that not even a lick of cheese was left, pretty impressive huh?? BOL
But hey!! On the flip side, I did leave her a few cinnamon twist~~ So...I am not all bad!! BOL
Now...for Addi, she chose the rolling on her back picture cuz she is that she can smile upside down!!! WOW!!
For both of us together, it HAS to be the fight that took place just days after she came to live with us. Remember she chewed up all my stuffies to zilch?, then she has the nerve to grab "MY" rope!! Nope, Miss Dog-zilla, you are not getting "MY" rope toy. I don't care how big you are, I dug all my paws and claws and told her that: You are NOT getting this rope from the Jaws of this Scottie!! I won and I kept my rope!!
We hope that you all enjoy our funnies. :-)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yay!! It's!!

I have been so excited about Sled day. I got out the Pink goggles and have been practicing on the snowboard that best that I could while I was awaiting the making on my very own personalized Sled!!
You all know that I like Pink and being a girly girl, nothing suits me better than a Pink High heel. he..he..and the best part is...what is stuffed in da toes of the shoes.....TACOS!!! ummm.. munch, crunch!! Sledding doesn't get much better than this!! Thanks Sarge for the sled, I LOVE it!!
Meanwhile, yesterday proved to be too much of a day for Addi with Puddles and Pip. After they blew outta here in a puff of smoke, Addi had Tom drive her to go and see Bertie, something bout needed some R & R and getting outta town. She is still worried about the cops and when she sees the cops drive by, she hides under the pillows!! BOL
She is now at Bertie's The BIG Green ole Tank!! This never seems to end!! So if you see them, you better sled the other way, I'm just sayin......
Pop on over to Sarge's to see 87 more sleds!!
And PUDDLES....seems that Addi has a bone to pick with you as soon as is over and when she gets back from Berties!! She has quite a situation on her paws!!