Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Easter Bag

This is my best mailman guy that brings me all my packages. Doesnt he look nice?Well....he is.. a great mailman and look what he left fur me on the mailbox!!
And....on closer look~~see what is inside of it??? DOGBONES!! Yippee!! Me and Addy love the mailman!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is my Birthday!!

Today is my Birthday~~I am a BIG 5 yrs old now, WHOA!!!! Seems like just yesterday when I was just a pup~~not that much bigger than that flower pot!! Time sure has gone fast. In my 5 yrs. I have climbed trees, riden bikes, horses, and I have my very own red convertible. I have been thrown in the leaves countless times, thrown in the pool, have been forced to wear crazy costumes, and deal with that darn flashy box day in and day out!! Man!! I have survived alot. But....on the flip side, I have a great family, kids to play with, Kim to make Tacos so I can snatch them, BOL I have a Mom that spoils me, a soft bed, good food, and I had lots of toys until Dog-zilla came along, ha! and yah she isn't so bad anymore!! I have a great Uncle Ed that is always there fur me, so actually life is pretty good to me. Mom made me some Scottie cookies and gave me one early, she just couldn't wait!! Works fur me!! You don't see me objecting!! Mom also made me 2 new collars. You can't see it really well, but it has lots of really pretty colored sparkles on it and it is my Favorite color....PINK!!
I like this lime green one too and it has PINK buttons on it. Trying to make my head go where you can see it really good.I like both of them and now....lets bring on the stuffies...WHAT???
Apparently I hafta wait until later this afternoon so we can celebrate!! For this long of a wait, there better be some good stuffies, BOL


And....... Oh yah, there are only a few days left to get your pictures in fur the Bunny Look alike contest. They have to be in by Monday and then Voting starts. There are 4 catagories:

Bunny tails, Bunny ears, Bunny jumps, and Bunny outift. These will be voted on by all of you and then the honorable Uncle Ed will be voting fur the Overall Best of Bunny. For info, click on the car with the bunnies in it on my sidebar. Hurry and send your pictures to and we will get you entered. There are great prizes that fur sure, so lets Hop to it, BOL

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The easy way or the hard way!!

That is a BIG bone you have there Addy~~You are gonna share with me arent you?Sure, we can go inside to d'cuss it but I am, that you are gonna share with me!! LOOK~~here Missy, you have chewed up almost ALL my stuffies and I want that BIG ole bone!! Ok, Dog-zilla~~We can do this the easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours? Oh, OK, I see, you want the hard way!! I can ablige you on that!! A pull here and there....
Aww......Paybacks are soo Sweet!! Chomp, Chomp, chew, chew!

Friday, April 1, 2011

News from the DR's office

As you know, I was going in fur what I thought was a regular check-up and my rabies shot~~No biggie on that. I had to endure my weight being broad casted across the room A-g-a-i-n~~ and I waited patiently fur DR Jerome to come in and give me the once over. I paw-ed the Bark magazine and looked at it from front to back!! DR Jerome came in and checked me out. I didn't like him looking at my teefs, and my eyes and my ears, not just in the mood I guess!! He found that I have a right ear infection which Mom didn't know about!! I squirmed so much when he had to give me my rabies shot, that I actually knocked the needle out of his hand and the real funny thing was that he hadn't even touched me with the needle yet BOL Then....Another shot was coming and I was NOT going to have a part in that and so went into a MAJOR Scottie squirm again~~but...when all was said and done, it got done!! drat!! fur the other news.....He found a bump on my tummy. He wondered what it is. WHAT?? A bump~~What does all this mean?? Well....Dr Jerome said if it needs to be removed then I am going to need surgery. SURGERY?? See, my serious look?? Ears perked!!
I have never had anything like this happen to me ever before. He will know if I need the surgery pretty quick he said. He gave us all the details which I just couldn't process at the moment but I am sure that Mom has them all in her head. I got my tags too and I am getting my spa treatment and who can think about being beautiful with a bump on my mind?? And...Oh yah...a good thing about this bump thing is......that it is April FOOLS!!!! BOL Have a great April Fools Day!!!