Friday, June 28, 2013

Just Snoopin.....

Mom.s been planting flowers and so I am just snoopin....and snoopervisin...her work!!I am sure that this is where I left that ole bone!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Water Mania in our words

 Jazzi: One summer, the little peeps had this watery sliding mat and when Addi was a pup, she was up for anything. I warned her and she ignored my warnings. She walked right up it and stuck her nose right into it.
Addi: Hey! its not so bad Jazzi. Come on, its fun.
Jazzi: Yah, you got weight on your side and they cant do this to you.
 From then on out, I am like....uh...Lets not and say that we did!! I put my paws down!!
 Addi: Ya know Jazzi, my  most favorite water is the being by the seaside with Bertie. We admired the view and Bertie told me  all about the sea stuffs, then he showed me how to skip rocks.
Jazzi, Bertie has a rock theory and his rocks 4 skips and then it just thrust itself high into the air, does a loop deloop and back down for a final skip and PLOP!! into the water.
Jazzi: Oh come on Addi!! You have got to be kidding me, rocks don't do that.
Addi: Well....maybe not every one's do but..Bertie's do.
Jazzi: I am not falling for you and Bertie's story.
Addi: Jazz.... Jazz.... would I lie to you??
Jazzi: Oh, not to sure about if I believe that or not. I believe Dog-zilla bout as far as I can throw her, rocks doing loops, geezzz......
And, Sarge has lots of water mania pictures, so just pop on over to Sarge's place

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Take time to Smell the Roses with your Dad today!!
Happy Father's Day to all our our daddy's in Blogville!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I sure hope that they are getting Tacos right now, I'm just sayin.....
 P.S. Don't forget, there are 2 days left to get entered into the Father's day Contest. The winner will receive a yrs subscription to Blue Mountain cards and they have the snazziest cards around. Its a great prize!!
1. Just go to Blue Mountain E-cards, tell us which one you like best for your Dad, 
2. Leave a comment about Why your dad or your peep is so special and that's it. 
The winner will be announced Monday night, June 10th.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BIG news!!! Happy Birthday to....

My....Aunt Linda!!!! She says that she is like she was that last year too!!
She just LOVES Pink Lemonade cake so here ya go Aunt Linda. We made this piece of lemonade cake and  actually mailed it to Aunt Linda just like it is!!. I can say that it did put a Smile on the lady's face at the PO!! I bet Aunt Linda's mailman was wondering, What is this all about??  bol!!
Have a GREAT BIG GIANT fun birthday Aunt Linda how ever old you are BOL. And for specials, I threw in a picture of my wonderful Uncle Ed too, in case ya'lls forgot what he looks like ☺

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My surprise visitor

I got a surprise yesterday. Tom brought Addi over to play and we had a blast.  Here is just a small video of us playing. We got to run outside too and I sure didnt want her to go home. I get to go to her house on Thursday to play.

Note from Mom:
While Jazzi is excited to see Addi, she is on day 2 of not eating and today she got sick on the floor. I really don't know what to do. She hasn't played with any toys, the kids dropped food and she walked away and wouldn't eat it. I may just have to get her a Taco tomorrow, my luck this is what she is holding off for, LOL

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A ♥ to ♥ talk with Jazzi

Mom: Jazzi, I need to have a talk with you. I am not sure how to tell you this. You arent going to be happy about this news.
Jazzi: Just bark it out ok? It cant really be that bad!!
Mom: Ok, Here goes...... Jazzi, Addi is moving!!! Don't worry, it isn't to Texas. It isnt far, just about 15-20 min away. You will still be able to see her and I know that she will be coming back over sometimes, but she wont live here everyday anymore.
Jazzi: (Head hung low, big tears falling) NO!! She cant move, I will miss her, Tell Tom that she cant go, please?? I wont let her go, I will block the back door......No way!!
Mom: Sorry Jazz, but that's the way it is.
 Mom: LOOK, here is where she will be living. It is a really nice home.
Jazz, you can see the fenced in back yard, and you can go over and play with her.
Jazzi: But....what am I gonna do with out her? And what is she gonna do without  me?? I don't like this one bit, just so you know and I think that it is a rotten deal. And....on top of this, the news of Sweet William leaving, it all too much for this Scottie. What will I do?? *sigh*

Note from Mom: Last time Addi moved to Texas, Jazzi wasn't fine with this at all. She stopped eating, wouldn't play with any toys and just laid by the back door and waited for Addi to come home. It was months before she ever started to get back to normal. When Addi moved back home, she was instantly the same ole Jazzi. I am hoping that she doesn't do the same thing. She will get to see Addi several times a week. But for this week, she wont get to see her until this coming Thursday so we will see if she eats or not!!