Friday, October 31, 2014

Addi and Bertie's Halloween

Bertie, how are we going to get over this wall?
Well, Addi, you know me being a terrier, I am a pretty good jumper.
Yah, but that does me no good Bertie. Did you ever notice my size?? I got it Bertie....Lets just put this tank to good use and blast right through that wall. No wall is too tough for the Bert-meister right?? 
Ok. hang on Addi, here we go!!!
BAM....CRUNCH....You did it. WTG Bertie...I knew that you could!!!
Once inside that big castle, we had to find ole Jake so we can scare the bejeebies outta him!!
Addi...lets go down this follow me alright??
I'm right beside ya Bertie. I'm hanging on with one paw Bertie!!
We found the door to Jake's room and opened find.....a table set for a party and Jake sitting there on a bench all by himself. Not at all what we expected.
Whats going on here Jake? Looks like you are having a Howl-O-ween party here. He said I am. I invited a bunch of old dog buddies but...not one of them showed up. Bertie and I both looked at each other. We knew why no doggie showed up do you tell Jake that?
Bertie said Jake, you remember that incident when you bit me? He said Yah.
I said Well, Jake that wasn't very nice to do that to Bertie cuz it really hurt him and he had to go to the Dogter and have medicine and stuffs like that. Do you do that to other dogs Jake? Well, not to many. He said he likes to bully some dogs around and that he might not be the nicest sometimes. Bertie and I each said together....Maybe you need to be nicer.
If you want friends then you cant be mean or pushy or bully them because they don't like that very much. We all talked some more and Jake said he was sorry to Bertie and that he would try and be nicer to other dogs from now on. Bertie and I were very happy about this and we would rather be friends with Jake. We said we were sorry about wanting to scare you Jake.
We said Hey Jake!! We are going to a Howl-O-ween party at our friend Dory's house. Would you like to come along? She won't mind a bit and then you can meet a bunch of new friends.
Jake said Yes, so we headed to the tank and on our way to Dory's party.
 Fire it up Bertie and lets roll!!
Get ready Dory because the BIG Ole Green tank is on its way to your place. C-ya all at the party!!

Halloween date with Bertie

I have been so excited about my Halloween date with my handsome guy Bertie.
I've Been counting down the days and its finally here.
Click on Bertie to see how it all begins.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Morning....

Have a fabulous day!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Check out the Christmas lists

This is what I have so far for the card and gift exchange. Please check and make sure that your names are on the correct list. The deadline is Nov 9th so you still have time to get on the list. It is a lot of fun and let me know in the comments whether things are correct or not. Thanks!!
Christmas Card list
1 Frankie and Ernie
2 Whitley Westie
3 Winston, Chloe and Cecil
4 Monty and Harlow
5Reilly and Denny
6Idaho Pug Ranch, Bailey and Hazel
7 Ruby the Airdale
8 Addi
9Five Sibes
10 Sully
11 Rottrover
13 Princess Leah
14Piappies World
15 Lily and Edward
16 Stella Rose
17 Stanley and Murphy
18 Millie and Walter
19 Daisy
20 Wallace and Samuel
21 Easy Rider
22 Braeden, Seth and Riley
23 Ranger
24 Sugar

25 Jans Funny Farm
26 Hailey and Zaphod
27 Mason and Lemon
28 Bentley and Pierre
29 Lassie and Benji
30 Nellie and Jasper
31 Dachsies with Moxie
32 Madi
33 Goose
34 OP pack
35 Duncan
36 Audrey and Izzy
37 Dorys Backyard
38 Cinnamon
39 Freya Rose
40 Aunt June Cagley
41 Sarge
42 Spencer the golden doodle
43 Homer
44 Stuart
45 Sasha
46 Finleys Fables
47 Jacque and Pippen
48 Sadie the goldenpup
49 Bailey and Katy
50 Riley
51 Nola
52 Casey and Cinderella
53 Taffy
54 Kyla
55 Edgar
56 Bella, Roxy and Dui
57 Mona and Prissy Ricca
58 Molly the Wally
59 Lady Caroline, Arthur and Valentine Daniel
60 Chloe and LadyBug of BICHONPAWZ
61 Fiona and Abby

Christmas Gift List
1 Ruby
2 Jack
3 Stanley
4 Murphy
5 Millie
6 Walter
8 Daisy
9 Cocco
10 Winston
11 Madi
12 Duncan
13 Freya Rose
14 Sarge
15 Jacque
16 Pippen
17 Stuart
18 Sadie
19 Taffy
20 Edgar
21 Riley

1 Five Sibes
2 Hailey and Zaphod
3 Dorys backyard
4 Reilly and Denny
5 Shiver and Chico
6 Hoke and Shane
7 Braeden, Seth and Riley
8 Dachsies with Moxie

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Introducing a new dog in Blogville

We have a new dog that I want you all to meet.This is Frisbee. Isnt she just the cutest??
She is on the Blogville Welcome Wagon blog so go ahead over there and read all about Frisbee.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Addi's costumes

A review of Addi's life costumes. Addi doesnt like costumes much but here is what we could get on her. The first time was pretty hard, She didnt like it at all and was pawing to get it off!!
The Little Devil (the year she was diggin up my rose bushes!! )
 The Target Dog
 It took MANY treats to get these pictures!! Hey Wait!! Maybe........ she was smart about that after all lol

Guess who's at Uncle Eds house???  I am. I'm visiting my sister Linda in Kansas
We are doing some serious crafting.and having a blast. Later we will show you guys what things we have made.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween costumes

A life in review of Jazzi of her Halloween costumes:
A beautiful butterfly:
 Da Bears Fan:
 The Count:
 A ghost:
A skeleton:
 Her favorite: A Taco:
 A 50's girl:
Jazzi was going to be My little Cupcake this year!! She would have been the cutest cupcake in town!!
Do you guys have your costumes all figured out and almost ready for Howl-O-ween?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas Card and Christmas Gift Information!

Do you like getting 87 bazillion Christmas cards?Do you like being more popular than your Peeps?

Do you love having the mail person wonder what's going on?

Do you love to say: Just hand down the cards and no one gets hurt?

If you answered Yes, to any of these questions, then this is for you. It is The Christmas Card Exchange. Interested?? Here's the information.
You can send Christmas, Holiday and Hanukkah cards. For those of you that want to go Green, you may send E-cards also. It is just as much fun getting them online as in the mailbox. The deadline to get your name on the mailing list is Nov 8th. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Again, I can not emphasize this enough. This gives you 3 weeks to get your information sent in.  Once the list is sent out, it is a pain to keep adding names to it and it isn't fair to those that got their information in on time, so hence the deadline. The list will be E-mailed in a spreadsheet form to you on Nov. 10th. If you are sending to any overseas, then you will want to get those out right away so that they will have time to get there. It gives you 6 weeks to get your cards all mailed out. There are no rules: You can mail to everyone on the list or just to the ones you know. It is entirely up to you.

Riley's Mom Elyse, from  The adventures of a cattle dog, will be helping me and she will be making the spreadsheet and sending the list out. It will be easy to read and I think you all will love it. Elyse did it last year and did a fantastic job.

To get your name and addy on the list, you will need to sign up. The information you will need is:
1.Your blog name
2.Your blogspot addy
3.All the dogs/cats name that you want the cards addressed to.
4.Your e-mail addy for those people going green and sending e-cards.
5.Your snail mail addy for mailing
If you were on the list last year, we already have your information, we just need to know if you want to remain on the list or not. You can state that in the comment section. To those that weren't on the list last year or have moved then we will need that information. Please make sure that all your information is correct before you send it. Send the information to me at Dcraftsalot(at)yahoo(dot)com

I Pawmise you that you WILL get 87 more cards than your peeps and they will be scratching their heads!! They will be telling all their friends about your Christmas cards and they will wish that they could be so popular!!  Have fun and Happy Mailing!!
Now....for the Christmas Gift Exchange
I know it seems like awhile off but it will be here before we know it so we need to start dreaming about Santa Paws:
This will be our 6th annual Christmas gift exchange. If you would like to join in, there are  a few things that you need to know.  There are 2 ways to join, by Singles and Groups:
GROUPS~~Usually if you have more than 2-3 dogs, they do a group and you will be assigned another group of dogs. You buy your group a bunch of gifts for that group to share and the group that has your name would buy your dogs a bunch of toys to share.
SINGLES~~are of course single dogs. If you have 2 dogs, you could be a group or you could go single, it just depends on how many gifts you want to buy. If 2 dogs go single, then they would buy 2 gifts and receive 2 gifts.
~~For the overseas doggies, we match them up with other doggies close by in the same area, so that you are not shipping to the US to save $$,

The deadline to sign up is Nov 8th. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!!! no ands, ifs or buts about it. Once the names are out, it is very hard to add you in. So remember Nov 8th, mark your calendars.
You can sign-up from now until Nov 8th by just letting me know in the comments that you want to join and whether you are singles or a group. Dorys mama will be helping me with the group section. The names and partners will be posted on Nov. 10th. Once the names are posted, you get in contact with your name and get their mailing addresses and any information about what the dogs/cat likes and doesn't like.

For in the US, We would like to have all the packages mailed by Dec 18th so that your package has time to get to its partner.  For those that live out of the US, you will NEED to send early depending on how your mail is and how close your partner is to you so keep that in  mind ok? You can also find out from your partner about how long their mail takes to get to them.

The cost for a single is $10.00 and for a group is from $15.00 -$20.00. But.....remember...ONLY sign up if you really WANT to do this and CAN follow through. I can not emphasize this enough!! We have had a few in the past yrs where a dog didn't get a gift because their name didn't follow through and that isn't fair to the partner and is no fun for me!! I kinda go well....lets say....spastic!!
and I don't like to go spastic!! Last year, it was so super smooth, no problems and everyone got their gifts and I was really pleased about that.
We are looking forward to a fun Christmas exchange. When you get your gift, it is up to you whether you want to open it then or wait until Christmas. We do want you to get pictures and do a post about it so we can all share in you opening your gift. your comments or e-mail, please indicate Card exchange or Gift exchange or both so that I get you in the right one. If you are doing the gift...please tell me is single or a group. If you send an e-mail with just your address info, I'm going to assume Card exchange only. Thanks, it just really helps me 87 tons!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Badge and then some R & R

We have a new pup in Blogville. Here is a badge for the Welcome Wagon to put on your sidebar of your blog and you can link it also.
Now for some R & R. Thank goodness for Love seats cuz...I love em!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jazzi meets Addi

Tom came over and brought Addi over. I wasnt sure about this cuz Addi is still missing Jazzi. They each did the I sniff you and you sniff me game. Jazzi was nosing and nipping just a bit but it didn't seen to bother Addi.
They even went outside and sniffed.
Aren't these 2 cute faces? Im thinking.....oh they are going to get along just fine. Wrong!!!!
I was in the LR and they were in the Dr doing their sniffing still. When .....all of a sudden I hear commotion and there was lots of growling going on and I got up to find a full out fight. Jazzi was biting at Addi and Addi was protecting herself and they knocked chairs over. I jumped in to pull Addi away and about that time Addi moved really fast and really strong and she thrust me backwards and I fell on the floor and I dropped my phone and I screamed lol

They were still going at it and I managed to break it up and send Jazzi to the couch and hang onto Addi. Tom was out weed wacking for us. From the behavior earlier,  I figure that Jazzi thought.....well I'm here and I'm the dog in charge. Addi probably thought.....I don't know where you came from but I've been here much longer than you have and I'm the dog in charge.

We kept them separated and so needless to say they won't be the best of friends lol.
But it did add some excitement to my day. Lol
Remember to add the Welcome Wagon to your blog list. We have a new pup in Blogville (as soon as i finish it up) and also become a friend of the Welcome Wagon.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thanks and the Howl-O-ween costume winners

I want to say a BIG Thank-you for making Jazzi's Taco Day so special. I know she would have been thrilled by all the tacos. You all had some of the best ones yet this year and I could tell that you all thoroughly LOVED eating them. Gee....they were making me hungry for Tacos Ha!
I know that Jazzi and Greta were watching with excitement and knowing Jazzi, Im pretty sure that she was running circles in heaven!! LOL Those videos showed what she was about: Excitement, Fun, just being silly, and chasing with Addi. Now you can understand why Addi is missing her buddy so much. She will be waiting to welcome future friends with a paw and a taco in her other paw.
Now onto the Howl-O-ween costume giveaway. The visiting Jazzi was nice enough to wake up from her nap to help me draw a winner:
The winners are:
Purple thang goes to Ranger
Butterfly goes to Cinnamon
Black spider goes to Miley at Miley's Dailey Scoop
The GRAND prize winner to choose her own costume is.......Kyla!!!! CONGRATS to the winners.

I need Ranger, Cinnamon, and Miley to e-mail me your mailing address to:
Kyla, I need your E-mail addy so I can turn it into Entirely Pets.
Tomorrow, I will have information about a brand new blog. I think it is very exciting and something that will be helpful to all of us here in Blogville, so come back tomorrow!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Taco day at our house and Jazzi memories

Addi here: Looks like you all are enjoying National Taco Day. I have mine here and already to devour it. Can I have it now pretty please??
Oh ......this is YUMMY!!!!
I  have MANY memories of Jazzi. We were best buds. We couldn't stand to be apart from each other. We had terrific teamwork and took this box from a normal box to a demolished box with our toofers. It was so much fun.
She could also be crazy and we loved to chase each other and she was always making so much noise. We played upstairs, round the DR table and sometimes we would run upstairs and back down and all around the main floor. Just watch this funny chase. (The little peeps had been put to bed so you can hear their music and eventually Kim yells at us for making so much noise. ) 

Jazzi could be a Miss Bossy pants but then she had her soft side where she tried to teach a new pup all the stuffs that she knew. She was always trying to warn me about stuffs and of course I never listened!! Ha! But we did had many quiet moments together too. I hope to make her proud of me!!
Jazzi here: This is all new to me. I have never had or even heard of a taco before. I don't get people food at my house, so Mom when you are reading this, I only had kibble and carrots!! wink wink!!
Oh, This is great!! I didn't know what I have missed out on all of my 5 yrs!!
I don't know Jazzi at all but from what I have been sniffin...she was pretty darn special.

Diana here: Thanks for making Taco day a success and thanks for sharing memories. Its nice to remember and Jazzi was so very special to our family. We miss her so much. One video that I think captures her spunky-ness, her happiness and her noisy-ness is the year we had a ton of snow and she was out playing in it. She loved the snow and would stay out for 87 hrs. Hope you enjoy watching it and ENJOY your Tacos!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Now, a little bit about Me!!

Hi, I hope you all didn't mind the mystery meet. I am a mysterious kind of girl and kind of a jokester too. My name is Jazzi, ironic.... I know but never the less very true. I am part Beagle and part Collie and I think I am about 5 yrs old.

I love long walks, chewing on bones, and playing with toys. I am in the process of de-stuffing a toy today. I really like playing tug o war with the toys with the peeps and I can get my growl going on, plus I am super strong. No, I am not a prissy pink girl. I am more of a sporty carefree girl. Very opposite of the Jazzi that lived here. I am learning alot about her by all the info that she left me. I have been so busy sniffin and trying to read all of her info. I can tell you that she was some kind of wonderful dog that's for sure.

Since I am sporty, I love to have toys or balls thrown to me and I can catch them mid air. Love that air feeling!! I can run really fast and I am a great huntress and have caught a squirrel before. I rid the yard of any kind of creature that dares comes into my yard. I don't sleep in kennels, only my BIG comfy pillow bed. I LOVE carrots and they say it is a hoot to watch me eat them. HEY!! Whats so different than a peep eating them but you all know how the peeps are bout stuff like that right? I do believe that they are easily entertained.

I have NEVER had a taco before but I hear that I am here just in time for National Taco day!!! Yippee....I'm up for it. I will be having a kibble/carrot taco so I can hardly wait.  I hear that I may be into some other interesting things going on here also, so we will see if I like them or not.

Now for the BIG question that you all are probably dying to know.
Am I the new dog in the house?
Is this a forever home for me?
Where did I come from?
How did they find me?

Well......No I am not the new dog in the house.
I already have my own forever home.
I live in Rockford, Il and my mom and Jazzi's mom are friends from way back, long before my time.
Anyway my moms daughter lives in Whales and she wanted to go and visit her. I whined and whined but she said NO Jazzi, you cant go!! I didn't think it was fair at all. I could be the best traveler ever. My mom will be gone for 10 whole days so Miss Diana came and picked me up and here I am.
This is a nice family and they are treating me very well and trying to accommodate me to my needs. I am working this angle to get more treats and carrots. Hey!! I am a girl!! bol So I will be around until Oct 12th. I am sure that you will see the things that I will be doing while I'm here. From what I am hearing....I don't know if I should be excited or scared!!! So nice to meet you all and being a part of Blogville for a short time.

Sadly, I wont get the opportunity to meet the famous Addi. She is still having a hard time with loosing Jazzi, that having her come over and getting us together and me being a Jazzi, might confuse her some. She would think that I would be living here now and she would definitely  wonder how Miss Bossy pants turned into me!!  Plus the next time she would be over, I wouldn't be here and then she would be sad all over again. So I get to put the plug in since tomorrow is......Wait for it.......
National TACO DAY!!!
Hope you all have your tacos all ready to go tomorrow and a memory or favorite post of the sweet angel Jazzi. It should be a really fun day, I'm excited!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

4 more days

Hey, Addi here!! Just a heads up that there are just 4 more days until Jazzi's National Taco day. Jazzi was so excited about doing this but sadly it wasn't meant to be. So I want to go ahead with it and make it super snazzy for Miss Bossy pants!! bol
Jazzi was a taco lover through and through and she devoured them very lady like. I cant count how many she has snatched mainly from Kim, ha! She'd do anything for a taco, really!!
Jazzi will be watching and she would want us to all go ahead and Eat Tacos!! Saturday, Oct 4th is the big day. On Sat, put up  your post with pictures of you eating your taco and you can tell us what all is in it. I know in the past, some of you have really creative tacos.
While honoring Jazzi's special day, if you want to, I think it would be cool to tell about your favorite memory of Jazzi, or your favorite blog post. I will be sharing mine on Saturday.
If you havent figured out your taco yet, get your peeps going. C-ya all on Saturday!!!