Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!!

While I am still playing in my box I have been watching the kitchen. The food is beginning to roll out. Looks like homemade sausage pizza tonight, I spotted Cheetos, and lots of snackums!! So I think this is gonna be a fun filled night fur me and Addy. Uncle Ed sent us a good movie to watch and we will be up to usher in the New Year.It has been a good 2011 for our family and Addy came to live with us in February. It was a little ruff in the beginning but Dog-zilla and I get along pretty good. I don't mind her around but please don't tell her that OK? he..he.. I like to Thank-you all fur following me and Addy and for all the new friends that we have made this year. It has been so much fun!! Addy and I have enjoyed all your blogs so much. I want to give a BIG shout out to my Sweet William. I hope you have fun tonight and wish we could be together!!
I will be making out my list of my New Years resolutions for 2012 and you can bet that eating more Tacos will be on it, HA!

Friday, December 30, 2011

My box

You know that BIG box that came with the cookie jar in it? Well...I think it is the perfect place to sit and play. The stuffing is so squishy and FUN!!
I LOVE boxes, large and small, it make NO difference and Dog-zilla cant get into here!! So sorry bout that Addy~~NOT!! BOL

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ripped to Shreds!!

Hey!! I got a package from Uncle Ed, yay!! Normally, I haven't opened packages in the past, mom has always tried to get me to do it but I make her do it until I can see what is inside then I will take it from there. Well....this time when she said it was from Uncle Ed, I decided to open this all by myself. I took it and went to town on it. I mean there was MAJOR teef chewin...and growlin...going on here. I ripped that baby to shreds!!
You wont believe what I found inside of the package~~Devil horns!! YES, devil horns. I am like.....what in the world did he send this to me fur? I looked again thinkin...that it must be a joke, no joke just devil horns, not even ONE doggie treat!! what is goin...on with Uncle Ed? Is he gettin...that old peoples stuff? She want me to put on the devil horns and I said uh...NO WAY!! Not happening to this whats the next best thing to do?? Right, let put them on Miss Dog-zilla!! She wont mind BOL Don't these fit her exactly?? This is what you get fur chewing up ALL my stuffies!! Ha!Ha! you Bullsize Devil!!
There was a note that I missed and when all else fails read the note:
Do you all remember back a few weeks ago when human Tom came in and was gonna rub my tummy while I was sleeping and skeered the ba-zeebies outta me?? Well....the note says that the Devil horns are for Tom to wear around the house and next time he comes in and I am doing some serious snoozing~~all the sparkles will be shiny and it will wake me up and then I wont be scared to death anymore. I guess that sounds like a good idea except for the point that Tom wont wear the devil horns either BOL

Nice try Uncle Ed, I guess you aren't but I still cant get over not ONE doggie treat, whats that all about?? And Mom wants to know who is gonna clean up the mess all over the floor? Uh....don't look at me, I have a nap to take!!

Another funny!!

This was so funny. Yesterday my peeps got card number 2!! They were all Smiles and cheery and guess who the card was from? Nope, not the animal vet Like Jacks TG got. It was from the Discover credit card company!! BOL!! They said they didn't even care~~they Quickly and Proudly hung it up on their side with their other measly card Bahaww!!!!

Me and Addy 19 cards
Da Peeps 2 cards

Animals RULE!!!
Peeps DROOL!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It finally happened!!

My Peeps were so HAPPY yesterday~~it finally happened. Wanna know what happened?? Well......they were so thrilled yesterday that they got their very FIRST Christmas card!! BOL

The count is: Me and Addy 17 cards~~2 E-cards
The Peeps~~1 card he..he..he..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let the Fun begin~~

Today was the first day that I have recieved any Christmas cards. It was Great!! Anyone else getting cards too? I say.....let the Good times roll!!!REMINDER~~ The deadline for mailing out your Christmas Exchange gifts is Dec 7th. I know some dogs have recieved them already. If you have, you may open them now or wait until Christmas, which ever you prefer. When you do open it, take pictures and share with us on your blog. It will be fun to see what everyone gets. So...only 6 more shopping days left!!