Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bla bla bla

Yeah Jazzi!!!
Yeah, I have my beehive toy right here.
Yeah, I know...Dont worry~~Bla bla bla!!
YES!! I have learned to play with my Bee-hive under the tramp and not get caught on top of it, you dont have to gawk you know!!! You know Jazzi, I can give that ole stink eye right back at ya!! Geezzz.....Big sisters!! They can be sooo bossy!!P.S. Dont forget to get your school lunches in. Just click on me on my sidebar for info.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Steps??

These nice new steps have arrived at our house. They are super sturdy, so thought that I would have a little looksy.Oh yah, I understand xactly what they are for now and I am so outta here!! I have been on this big contraption before and I dont like it!! NOT one single bit!Jazzi: Addy!! Stay off those stairs. Jazzi: Addy!! I am telling you, DONT go any farther!!
Addy: But Jazzi, they have toys up there.
Jazzi: I dont care if they have toys, It is a trick, LISTEN to me!!! Addy: But....Jazzi, I gotta get my bee-hive toy, I am going anyways!!
Jazzi: I tell you~~You are gonna be sorry, Dont go fur it!!
Ah-Ha!! got the Bee-hive~~SEE!! and No problems!!! Jazzi, HELP they are jumping, what do I do now?? Jazzi, this is skeary!! I gotta jump. Aahhhhhhhh.....
Jazzi: I told you not to go up there. When.... I say When, are you gonna listen to me??? Lets get inside with that dumb ole bee-hive before they trick you AGAIN!! Geezzzz....... Pups!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Guess what??

Guess what?? I got asked to the Pawm by this handsome guy named Sweet William!! Isn't he just the cutest?? I LOVE his blue glasses too~~makes him look so dashing!! And that name Sweet William......sounds so....dreamy!!!I was soo excited that he wanted to go with ME!! He has been reading my blog fur along time and I never even knew it. He already knows all about me~~how sweet is that huh??? I was blushing when I found that out. Miss Asta encouraged him just to ask me and I am so glad that he did. So..Thanks to Miss Asta.
I was so excited that I HAD to call Uncle Ed and tell him all about Sweet William. He is gonna give me some dating advice as this is all new to and Sweet William are e-mailing each other and we are planning on having lots of fun at the Pawm. I could pick him up in my vertable but he has his own bike.
Hopefully he will pick me up in it, and we WILL look Snazzi going down the road, 2 Scotties with 4 ears just a flappin..... in the wind. C-ya all at the Pawm!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Her first road trip

Addy is going on her first road trip. Doesn't she look excited?? Moms son Tom is going to Davenport Iowa to see his friend and his friend has a dog too, so Addy gets to go. She has her kennel, her toys, her food and she is ready to ROLL.........Well.......Toot a Lou, C-ya later Alligator, Not too soon, you BIG baboon!! BOL
I am excited too...cuz now, the couch is all mine and the toys are all mine and I have Mom all to myself!! Don't worry, she will be back Sunday night!!

Together on a walk!!

Today, Mom took us both on a walk at the same time. We go separate but never together. Something bout we might be too much fur her!! I know you wont believe this BUT......Jazzi pulls more than me!! She kept getting yelled at, Naw, naw naw naw, naw, Naw!! BOL
While out walking we met this nice boy up the street and see these baby ducks? They lost their Mom, she died and so the boy is taking care of them and feeding them until they get big enough to go to live on a farm. Mom thought that they were really cute and they follow this boy everywhere, just like their mom!! It was really cute!!We continued on our walk and actually we just followed Kaleb, that way we don't get run over by that bike. Jazzi says it is better to be behind it than in front of it, so I am taking her word fur it!!Hey Jazz, I just heard her say....that she must be a gluten fur punishment, is that Bad???Not too sure bout that punishment stuff, but we are 2 dawgs with hangy out tongues!!
She wore us out and we certainly are 2 Pooped Dawgs!! was FUN!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

4th place today

As most of you may know, I am a BIG 48 Jimmie Johnson NASCAR fan. Me and Minna Krebs both are. Well....he has 5 championships already and going fur his 6th. I LOVE to watch the races every Sunday.
I always have my front row seat and cheer Jimmie on.
Now....with Addy...she doesn't really know much about NASCAR and so I am teach her everything that I know. I think I have turned her into a great Jimmie Johnson fan.

P.S. Alls I did was tell her he...he...he... but don't tell her that...cuz she thinks I am super Smart!! bol Pups!!!
Unfortunately he didn't win today but he got 4th place so not too bad. There is still time before the chase begins. My guy did have to have a few words with Kurt Busch who tried to run him off da track!! You DON'T mess with Jimmie!! Go 48th next week!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our peeps just dont get it!!!

They just don't get it at how really smart we are. I mean we can hear other dogs barking and right away me and Addy have to run to the window and we start barking back. We know xactly what they are sayin...right?? Its a dog lingo thing!!!~~~Today, Addy was sound asleep in the basement, she heard nother dog barking and ran as fast as her Dog-zilla legs would take her to check the situation out. Mom is like Addy, you don't know what it going on...uh.. yah Mom...we do~~you don't!!
You could blindfold me, tie my paws behind my back and cover my sniffer and I could still know and bark when nother dog is walking by our house, we just KNOW these things!! We also know xactly when these pesty squirrels are on our property.....are you with me??
And when these little dudes are out and about, am I right???
At night, if I start going is usually cuz the coons or the possums are out and I am 99.9999% right on. Then.....why.....why.....I ask... don't our peeps get it?? Does this happen to any of you guys too? It is ruff to be misunderstood when we are oh so right on!!!

From 2 misunderstood dogs living in Illinois!!
I also have a request. My friend Jasmine, (Jaz) needs all our helps. You see she is the smartest and bestest and the cutest shopper that I have ever known. She is trying to win a spot in a doggie magazine. Click on Jaz and it will take you to her blog and she will explain more and tell you how to vote. You can also see clips of her shopping, she is amazing!! If you dont know her, this will give you a chance to say Hey!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The answer is........

As you read my post yesterday, Addy somehow managed to get herself locked out on the front porch and was asking fur my help to get back in.
So.....the question was~~Did I let her back in or make her stay outside??
Well.....I knew that I had to help Miss Dog-zilla out!! I mean she looked so pitiful out there!!

I noticed that the door wasn't completely shut by the hook, so I jumped on it and it swung open. This door is quite a bit more heavier than I am strong, so it only opened a tad bit and Addy wasn't able to get her paw or her nose in the space that it opened and the door shut again. This time the door shut on the hook and I wasn't able to get it open again. So....I barked and Mom had been watching the whole thing and she said that I was so sweet to try and let Addy back in, Yah, that's me!! bol Mom came over right away, opened it nice and wide fur Addy to get in the door and right away Mom gave us both a treat yay!! So it all worked out and hopefully Addy wont get stuck out there again!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Stuck outside!!

Arf, Arf!! Jazzi: help me to get back inside, I'm stuck out here!!Now....Addy, How did ya get yourself out there in the first place ?? PUPS!!
Soo....the question is....Did I help her get in or leave Miss Dog-zilla out there by herself??