Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh dont!!

OH NO!! you dont..... you Dog-zilla!! I have all my paws and claws dug in and you may be pulling me across the floor are not, I are NOT getting this toy outta the grips of my mouth!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oct 4th~~National Taco Day!!

Coming up on October 4th is National Taco Day!! Last year was the first year that we all celebrated it. So....this is the 2nd annual Taco!! I am sure you all will agree that it was so much fun eatin...them and then showin...our taco pictures right??
Your tacos can be made with whatever you want in them. They can be beef, chicken, fish or veggies tacos, or if you dont eat people food, you could your have kibble with a little cheese sprinkled on top in your Taco. You can eat a hard shell or a soft shell taco. If your Mom doesnt cook much, the best way is just to go and get one from Taco Bell~~they are the bestest!!
When I met up with Mr Pip, we shared a Taco Bell taco and he was loving it:
We want everyone to have some Tacos. So....get your Moms on the job of making your Tacos, serving them to you on a silver platter, of course!! and getting pictures of you eatin...your Taco and on October 4th, everyone will blog their Taco eatin.. pictures.
Lets see you eatin.....Last year, everyone that posted pictures recieved a little Taco ornament. Sorry I dont have a picture of the ornament to show you. Again, this year, everyone that posts their pictures will get a "Special" gift and then all the names will be put in and I will draw out a lucky winner. That winner will win a Special Taco gift. So get to fixins together and eat your Tacos!! You have 3 weeks. You can take the Taco Logo and add it to your sidebar on your blog. Happy Taco Eating!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

After the Pawm

Sweet William and I had so much fun at the Pawm. He was such a great date and we just had good ole plain FUN. On the way home, he wanted to stop fur some ice-cream. He knew of the perfect ice-cream parlor and so we stopped. turned out that he had made arrangements with the manager previously cuz they had a "special" sundae made just fur us with a cherry on top to share with our own straws. How cool is that huh?? We sipped and we slurped and we even tried blowing bubbles in the ice-cream, NOT a good thing to do, bolIt was a very nice evening and he is the perfect date. Of course, when I got home, I got asked about 87 questions, about what all happened etc. you know how parents are right?? But first~~I had to call Uncle Ed and tell him all about the date....then the fam wanted all the details......
Once I got away from the fam, I could sit and tell Addy all about the fun etc, etc and etc that sisters talk about!!!
Thanks for the great evening Sweet William, I felt very Special and we really enjoyed hanging out together. The ride was great too!! Sssshhhh~~Dont tell Mom, but he popped a wheelie while we were on the bike and we were both Arroooing!!! BOL It was Paw-some!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pawm night is here and so is my date!!

I have been so excited bout going to the Pawm with Sweet William. When he came over, he showed up with this beautiful bouquet of flowers. Pink Roses~~my favorite. I was totally SHOCKED, I have never gotten flowers from a guy before!! This is him giving them to me and I love them, they smelt so good. I hadnt known Sweet William before he asked me to the Pawm, so Sweet William came over early so that we could spend some time together. We ran around and played together, course Mom HAD to have her flashy box round!! I think she wanted to keep an eye on us, MOMS!!!
Before we got dressed to go to the Pawm, Sweet William said he wanted to take me somewhere "Special." He surprised me with a stop at my favorite place~~Taco Bell!! I was thrilled to say the least....and he even ordered fur the both of us. What a guy huh?? The tacos were the best!!
After the Tacos, it was time to get ready to go. I got on my Pawn dress and he had a matching bow tie. He even got me a little wrist corsage with a pink daisy and it fit perfectly. More pictures.....
and finally we were off to the Pawm. We didn't go in my vertable, instead we went on his very own personal bike. I fit perfectly right behind him and we threw in a few extra tacos in the basket fur the ride and a few dollars and we were on our way!! We are gonna ride like the wind and have 4 ears just a the wind!!On the way to the Pawm, I noticed a BIG Blue box. I said, Hey! Lets stop and check this out and it was one of those boxes like my Mom's flashy box except this one you actually go inside of. Now...this was really cool inside. The background inside was gold and all glitzy!! So...we decided why not get our picture taken. We decided to do a stick your tongue out picture cuz those are really funny pictures!! BOL I think we are in fur one exciting and fun-filled evening and I have a handsome guy, it doesn't get much better than this. See ya all at the Pawm.