Tuesday, June 27, 2017

For Hazel

Hazel......would you like to go to Christmas's summer party with me? I love spending time with you.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cousin Piper

While Addi is with us.....we went to cousin Pipers house. She's about 6 lbs of fluff.
And....she's got frisbees all over the yard... talk about dying and  going to heaven. Bol
Funny story about Piper. Now me and Addie never gets stuffs off of the table and Addi never table/ counter surfs. They had chicken and Mac and cheese while we were there.
Little Bailey didn't eat hers and piper is no where to be found. Suddenly she's sitting in my moms lap licking her lips.  Pipers mom says....Piper have you been on the table? Piper gives her  one of those Duh looks and then Piper goes and burps!!!
Thing is she has cheese hanging  from her mouth.

Me and Addi couldn't believe it. Pups!!!!
We just shook our heads at each other. Every doggie  knows to destroy ALL of the  evidence!!

Friday, June 23, 2017


This is what girls do......
Watch QVC.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Addi shares really think you're gonna sleep here? We kinda have it already...just sayin....
 I dont mind sharing...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Where Oh Where did that Bunny go???

Diana Here. Addi has been here this week and these two have been super busy. This is a hilarious  and very true story but you will need to imagine it. I wasn't able to capture it on camera.
Ever see My best friends wedding? The bride runs by with the soon to be husband chasing her and then comes Julia Roberts chasing the soon to be husband? this case I let the dogs out and they saw a bunny. Enter stage right...Bunny runs across the yard followed by Oreo chasing the bunny followed by big ole Addi hot on the trail.
On the left out of sight of this picture are some bushes. The bunny runs around the bushes and re-enters stage left....same bunny runs across the yard again followed by Oreo chasing the bunny and big ole Addi still hot on the trail and they loose sight of the bunny.
WHERE did that bunny go they wondered?
It was just here and they are both just stunned. So close and zap its gone!!! Flabbergasted!!

They snoop and run around looking for the bunny.
They sniff every crook and cranny of the yard and......NO sign of said Bunny!!
The bunny has a front row seat and is watching all of this right in front of his eyes!!
This mama didn't raise a dumb bunny.LOL
I was just cracking up because neither of them figured it out. They are probably still scratching their ears wondering where that ole Bunny went!! Each time they go out, they still look for it!! HA!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Guess who's at my house?

It's this girl.
Her dad Tom and new mom Brittney are on their honeymoon. So she'll be here until Thursday
 We are hoping to have some fun.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Taco Thursday

Little Jazz would have loved this for Blogville.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

It's a great day for.....

Bubbles..and more bubbles....

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My friend the squirrel

At my house I have a side yard that I go to. So yesterday when she let me outside to the side yard she saw something run outside just under the door. She thought maybe it was a mouse or something. She went ahead and let me out and guess what it was? Yep, a baby squirrel!! just like this little guy.
Mom got kinda nervous and started yelling my name and she looked up and saw me following the baby squirrel. He was so young that he didnt even know of be scared of me and he just kept going along my fence line. I couldnt dare hurt  him cuz I new he was just a little guy. Mom said it was really cute but sadly she didnt have her phone on her.
So I kinda made a friend but not really. Any other time I am all over those tree rats. I wonder if this little guy and I will remember each other as he grows up? He looked just like this little guy too!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

walking with miss Piper

Ever had those weeks where you have
That was our week last week. Guess I'm not the most exciting guy. Bol.
But...this week is looking much different. Things are happening. Today...Miss Piper spent the day with us. We decided to show Piper how to walk.
You see she's one of those kind of drama put the leash on and she rolls over...or goes limp....or has to be drug so her family doesn't walk her cuz she won't walk. Mom thought that if I showed her then she could do it.
So after mom wrestled her to get the leash on...we were off. You can see that by following my exame that she did just fine. She likes to tangling moms feet.....and we don't need any sprained ankles!!
TaDa.....Side by side even....
And. I taught her how to read pee mail.
Stick with me and you'll learn alot Piper!!

We were pretty proud of how well that she did.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Yay...a walk

Yay....finally a decent day with no rain or coolness so....we took a Memorial day walk and I am reading lots of pee mail along the way.
Oh!! Very interesting...
This pretty much says it all.
Have a great holiday today.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rain and Cold

Rain, rain, Cold, cold
Please go away
Because this is getting old
And dont come back another day

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Things will be coming up Carrots!!!

My Mom finally thought that maybe..just maybe that it is warm enough to plant her small garden. She has the tomatoes in and the green beans and onjuns!!
She did see this cool thing on Pinterest and thought that we would try it seeing how I LOVE carrots and all.
She had a Styrofoam bin and so she added glass to the front and BAM!! our very own carrot box. but...of course...she had to paint it her favorite color and added decoration to it!! Moms!!
They are planted and we are gonna watch the carrots grow and I show all of you guys too.
How cool will that be?
Note to self: DO NOT try to find the carrots yet. Dirt DOES NOT taste good at all!!! Blaakkk

Monday, May 22, 2017

We have another new pup in Blogville

She's new and some of you I'm sure have seen her running around already. But I wanted to give her a formal introduction. Meet Miss Maizie. She is just adorable!!!
To learn more about Miss Maizie...head on over to the Welcome Wagon and give her a BIG ole Blogville Welcome.!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

We have a birthday girl

Yep...we have a special birthday for a special girl.

 I got her a cake and a cool hat. Have a great birthday Addi!!
A birthday wish from Madi. Thanks Madi
Come on over and enjoy some birthday treats and wish her a very Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cousin Piper

This is Cousin Piper. Think she looks so cute? does everyone else. They all eww and aww over her..but don't let that cute little face fool ya!!
She stares me shes gonna pounce on me. She takes my bones too.
She snags food....of which by the way.....I DO NOT do.
I call her a scavenger!!
Pipers mom calls her an Opportunist!!!
Yah right!! An Opportunist to snag food, and sneak off of the front porch...
She likes to wrestle which I do not like to do. My Mom taught me about being nice to girls and all. opportunist to jump all over me!! PLEAZE!!!
Really?? I cant shake this girl off....shes relentless!!
When she gets on my nerves and I chase her this is where she goes: Lil Sneak!!!
Then.....when shes all tired out...
Pipers Mom covers her up and says Oh you poor baby....shes so tired!!
Whats a guy to do bout Cousin Piper?