Monday, August 31, 2015

Anyone want bacon?

I do...
 I jump for bacon!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Demolition Derby Cars

We have 17 entries in Blogville's first ever Demolition Derby. Here are our contestants...
                                          Princess Leah:
For the Line-up click here:

The line up of contestants

They have all pulled into their spots and waiting for the OK: There is a long line and the crowds are going wild cheering for the contestants. Some are hard to see but they are all in there.

START your engines. 5-4-3-2-1....GO!!!
To see the Demo Derby click here

The Demolition Derby is on

Ok....They're off and we will see who makes the first crash. Murphy might have a hard time getting out....will Madi sit there behind him or will he be trapped? Arty is blocking Sarge too...don't think I would do that Arty..just sayin..Who is that guy in the bright green car? We cant read his car number. Doesn't he know that this is not a peoples race?
Looks like Easy is running into Princess Leah and Bertie is backing up into the both of them.
Oh Boy....We have Casey and Jessie going after Stanley in the blue car and Kismet and Murphy going after Jessie...Oh, wait Murphy might be headed straight for his brother Stanley!!! Can you believe your own brother?
We have Ranger at Casey's front door...Princess Leah is battling with Kismet..Abby is lookin to get in the mix..Stanley must wanna head down the other end and Arty is loosing his front fender already.
Now Kismet is taking it to Abby in the saggin wagon...meanwhile Casey need some help to get out of the corner.
Aww....looks like Casey was waiting for help that some doggy swiped his tail right off...and Sarge is really slammin...Abby in the Saggin wagon....OUCH....thats gotta hurt!
Wow! we got a big pile of action here...lets see we Jakey running on top of Bertie, Kismet and Sarge are still going after Abby in the saggin wagon...and Murphy is ramming into the front of Sarge...this is wild you guys....just wild!! Casey is out!!
Rut-Roh...Oreo got tangled up with Bailey at the end there. Hope that doesn't mean trouble with Hazel. Someones out...but its hard to see who it is...I think its the 23 car which was Jessie. He just got in the wrong spot and got mangled but...he is A-ok!! Arty is right in there trying to side swipe Easy.
Well...Poor Oreo is being towed out. Give a paw to out tractor driver...hey wait..I think Oreo is driving that tractor while the guy is still hooking him up...Oh that cant be good!
Here is a traffic lane jam. Don't know about you but Sarge looks like a wild man!! better watch out for Sarge! Can they even get through I wonder? No worries cuz Bailey is gonna bust right through that ole line!! Here he comes BAM!!! Bailey must be feeling pretty good after taking Oreo out until....Hazel gets a hold of him. bol
Hey!! There goes that little green car again. What is he doing? Hes just driving around however and whenever he wants!! I think we may have to call security on this dude!! Seriously!!
We got us a 3-some between Addi, Easy and Stanley. Who will survive?
Looks like Addi is out. She cant get the car started again. Too bad for Addi. I think that Madi and Ranger are actually hooked together...How funny and Sarge plans on breaking those 2 right up.
This isn't gonna be good...Stanley, Kismet, Princess Leah, and Abby all crunching together...that's gonna knock somebody out I'm sure. Bertie is smart and is gonna stay clear of that crash, but first Bertie has to get Jakey out of the way. This could get very interesting folks.
I heard that Sarge was talking smack during the Demo and looks like hes got just a few teeny tiny problems. Everyone wants to take him out! Easy, Ranger, Bertie and Kismet..those birds don't take NO guff! Oh No!! Bertie's tire came off and sent him right on top of Ranger!!
 BOL.....Sarge's tail end doesn't look too good now and Ranger, Bailey and Princess Leah are gonna finish him off. Sorry Sarge!!
NO need for Security. Madi and Princess Leah just took the dude out. Seems that he is taking pictures...of the crowd?? Get the tractor and get this guy outta here!! WTG girls!!
Kismet's out now and we just have 3 drivers left. Easy, Princess Leah, and Ranger.
Gee....I'm on all claws now. Who will win?
And the winner is: EASY!!!
 WTG Easy...your the last car running and that cool trophy is all yours. You did a fantastic job driving. The crowd is going crazy...yelling..cheering!! YAY Easy!!
While they are clearing off the track...Easy wanted his pillow to take it Easy after that win.
Easy: Do you have anything that you'd like to say?
Is he blowing raspberries at us??  He is quite a character.

I hope you had a fun time and make sure that you take all your dog bone wrappers with you on the way out. See you next yr. Have a fun rest of the day!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We have a new blogger in Blogville

I'd like to introduce you to Suri. She is new to Blogville and just started blogging on August 22nd. 
She is featured at the Welcome Wagon so go on over and read all about Suri.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My busy weekend

We had quite the action at my house this weekend. You know my moms b-day was on dad gave her a surprise 60th b-day party Saturday night. She was really surprised and my dad was thrilled that he pulled it you can see. hehehe
She has officially joined the 60's club!!
The grand kids all played pin the lips on grandma.
There were lots of people there and Jessica flew in from Texas to surprise her too.
So....there were grand kids over here a lot and there was a big dinner here Mon. night so I have been keeping busy. I did get to ride along with to O'Hares today to take her back to the airport so that was fun.