Friday, July 30, 2010

My Special treatment~~

It is true. My Mom went back to Texas AGAIN!!! I am kinda skeptical bout this trip but she had a good excuse for going. Apparently this little guy Tyler is having a 3rd b-day and Jessica wanted her mom to help out. Mom had helped her plan it when she was there in May. So I cant really object cuz Tyler doesn't get to see his Grandma that much and she said she wont get sick this time.I was getting shabby behind the ears, so I told Mom that I wanted a haircut and with all the works, after all, I am being left at home. So we headed to my clinic. They have the nicest groomer in the whole wide world. Her name is Beth.
First of all, I didn't get put in the kennels like the other dogs. I got to go a room with comfy couches until it was my turn. Who knew this existed?? Before Beth started, she gave me a massage, ewww...that was cool and then she gave me the royal shampoo with special stuff to make my coat nice and manageable. When Beth cut my hair, she just sat me on the table, no rope thing that makes me feel like I am being hung!!! BOL Any of you guys get hung??? Beth did a great job as usual and for the drying, I got to lay on a big comfy pillow will the blowers were on. It was great. So here I am afterwards. I feel so much better!!It has been pretty HOT here too, so I told Mom that I was kinda uhhh warm!! Yah Mom, closer~~~Good, but not the right spot, just a tad bit closer~~ Oh OK, Perfect~~~ AWwwww, now this is the life!!!!Some more news, Kim is going to Texas too!! That means I am left here with my Dad and Tom, Awwwwwww....this is so.......scary cuz they don't put up with junk, which means NO tacos, NO food of any kind!! I have to mind my P's and Q's!!!
Not a big fan of that, but what can I do. I hope Mom gets home soon!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The had an awful experience today!!!

Umm....I saw this box sitting on the floor and I had to check out the picture. I wondered if it was what I saw....and yep it was. Which was fine with me cuz I don't mind laying outside in the shade watchin..the kids play in the pool. Giant Baff tubs of water like that aren't for me anyways!!Then all of a sudden, right out of the blue. I found myself in a sticky situation!!! I was hoisted up in the air and was hanging over the Giant Baff tub and looking at the water that I HATE!!! I am like....NO, Mom!!! I promise NO more excessive barking.......NO more acting goofy when people come over.......Alright, Alright, NO more and I mean NO more tacos stealing from the table!!! Please don't drop me in the Giant Baff tub!!! ahhhhhhhhh...HELP!!!!In a measly second, I was thrown and I mean thrown in the air and my life flashed before me. I will never ever see another Taco!! Ahhhhhhhh......
I made quite a splash and get everyone wet!!! GOOD, you all deserved it!!!
NO, Don't even try getting in good with me now!!!! Its not gonna work!!
You can try a zillion and one times, but I am not and I repeat NOT looking at you or the camera!!! I cant believe that this whole situation happened!!! I think I may need a vacation to get away from these crazies that I live with!! Hey Mom~~Dont you think you NEED a nap???????

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Inside the Box

A few days ago, there was a nice empty shoebox just sitting in the LR. I just couldn't resist and hopped right into it. I am!! YES! take the picture........
Mom laughed at me and she said she had pictures of how I used to do this when I was just a little pupster!! She said I climbed in baskets, dishpans, laundry baskets and of course any box that I could find!!Just goes to show you that even though I am 4 yrs old now, that I still squeeze in those shoe boxes and what dog doesn't like a good shoe box. I just sit in them but I bet some of you chew them to bits and pieces and carry them all around huh??? lol

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why I am who I am~~~ Frankie's name game

Here I am the very first day that I came to live with my new family. I moved from Missouri to Illinois in August of 2006. I was kinda shy and scared, I had NO idea of what my life would be like living here.
In Missouri my name was Sugar and that was because I was Sweet as Sugar!!!! lol I had a little girl that played with me all the time. I don't remember her name but she was fun. Mom wanted to name me Betsy after her Indian grandma, Betsy Little Captain-Beaver but the family all voted that name down. Then she heard that I was pretty spunky so she searched for a name for me. She said she wanted something different than other dog names and something spunky but with some zing and some pizazz and craziness to it too. So...hence the name Jazzi. She said it reminded her of how Jazz music is fun too. I like my name and don't tell Mom, but I like it better than Betsy. I try to like up to my name by being a wild and crazy girl sometimes~~especially if it comes down to getting tacos from Kim. BOL

I am one PROUD Scottie American and I hope you all will have a Happy July 4 th!!

She did it again!!

She did it again!! She went to the DR and came home!! WHOA!!!!!!! I was sooo excited. The DR gave her some more pills and know what?? They seem to be working. She is awake almost all day except for the afternoon nappy with me!! We are both very happy and she said that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel after all. I always get confused at what these sayings actually mean ya know?!!!
And.......remember that I said how Mom was waiting on the hospital bill from Texas? She was in Intensive care for 2 1/2 days and 3 days in a regular room. Well.......she got the bill and bout passed out. Here's why......It was over $64,000.00!! She said that doesn't include ER room or any DR's!! WOW!! Mom just said Thank goodness for insurance!! and to think she has another 6 days in the hospital here a couple weeks ago. matter what the cost, I am just glad that mom is getting better and she will be back to her shenanigans soon I think, lol
P.S. Thanks for the Get Well Wishes and many thoughts!!