Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is up with my bed???

I have a kennel/bed for during the day right in the kitchen. It isnt huge but big enough for me to crawl in and curl up and take a little snooze. My big nightime, stretch out one is in my moms room. Soo.........I just am wondering what is so fascinating about my dog kennel/bed??

SERIOUSLY...........The grand kids cant seem to get enough of my bed!! It doesn't matter the age, Kaleb likes it: He's 2 yrs old
Kyla likes it and she is 4 yrs oldSkylar even likes it and he is 10 yrs old
If they aren't in the bed, they are playing with the toys in my toybox!!!
I mean, do I go through their toybox and play with their stuff? NOPE!
well.... maybe...... if they leave their playfood out on the floor, I might... scarf up a chicken leg or two ;-) And you wouldnt believe the things I find in my bed: spoons, straws, paper, toys, sippy cups, forks, my own dog food, wipes, did I mention toys?
I am telling the newest little guy, Zac, that I know soon enough, he will be in there with the rest of them, and that I am watching ~00~ him!
Finally, my bed is open for me and only 1 yellow duck in it, not to bad.
Long as he doesnt "quack" me up, we are in business, Nite nite!