Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Remembering Sweet Jazzi

Remembering my Sweet Jazzi!! Its been 4 yrs now.  This was day 1 at our house.
My beautiful girl!!
She was my little Livewire.....never a dull moment with her!!
 Jazzi loved all of the grandkids
 Jazzi was a fashionista....ha!
 Jazzi would jump...
Sit perfectly for a treat..
 Jazzi LOVED her Uncle Ed...I think more than anyone else!!
 Jazzi Loved playing with Addi. It was not uncommon to have them chase each other around on the main floor, head upstairs and hear them chase around and back down again. They were great playmates.
 Jazzi was game for whatever I out her through. She just knew that if she just did it then it would be over and then there would be treats!!
 Now...Jazzi did love her Tacos and if you walked away from snooze you loose!!! She also really enjoyed Kim's big plate of veggies!!!
She was my dream Scottie that I waited all my life for and I shared her life for 8 short years. While it was short, it was full of excitement and love and great times. I do miss her so much and always will until the day I will see her again!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Piper aka The Little Princess

This weekend Cousin Piper was over for 3 days cuz her parents went out of town. Cute face huh??
Well.....let me tell you.....she goes through my toys for what "She" wants
She runs under the couch when I try and get her......
and....she takes my balls and stuffs under the couch with her!!! Darn cousins!!!
Her mom calls her "The Little Princess" cuz she doesn't like Snow or getting her poor little paws cold or wet. My mom had to clear out a spot all the way down to the grass cuz... Oh no.....this little princess doesn't stand in snow to do her business!! I kid you not!! If its not the way she likes it, she just wont go at all!!

If she "has" to go and if her back legs are on the snow, then she will balance herself on her front paws and then go potty keeping her back legs off the snow. You cant make this stuff up!!!
The Little Princess ppffff....  We survived and she's gone and things are back to normal again!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hazel's Valentine gift to me

While I was in Paris...I got a package from Hazel. Mom over nighted it to me and I got to open it with Hazel.  She wrapped it in pretty paper and it sniffed good.
YAY.....a stuffy that squeaks and I loved it.  I knew I sniffed a stuffy.
Hazel was so kind and we both chowed down on the cookie. I bet you can guess how long that stuffy lasted!!! Thanks Hazel.

There's LOVE in the Air

in Paris.
We are all here for a Special Valentines Day.
I started off the day with a red rose for my special girlfriend Hazel. She is just beautiful and so much fun to be with or do anything with. 
Hazel and I have been busy here already and we wanted to send come post cards back to the moms. You know how Moms worry right? 
So we got a currier dog to deliver our post cards for us. We will let you all see our post cards.
Hazel and I have been bike riding and she LOVES the basket!! We have been barking at all the sights and seeing other Blogville friends and we stopped for some Oreo's along the way!!
We also took a old fashioned airplane ride over Paris. It was so super cool and a great time to snatch a kiss from my beautiful date!!!
I thought that Hazel might like a horse drawn carriage....and I was right!!! She LOVED it!!!
So....Moms we are fine and having a blast!!
For today I have a very special day planned and those pictures will be coming home with us. We will be seeing all of our friends here too so its gonna be awesome!!!
 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from Hazel and myself!!
                                                       ENJOY everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snow Paths

With all our snow... Mom shoveled out a bigger section for me cuz I'm NOT a crazy snow dog that hops all over the snow.  She shoveled me a circle and a little triangle deal.
I said what??? "No figure 8 track or even a pathway to the fence so I can bark with the neighbors?"
She gave me one of those Mom looks and asked me "What icicle fell on my head!!!!"
So.... Guess I'll deal with the circle!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Our snow came.....

And wasn't 10-12 inches. Mom was so..... Disappointed...NOT!!!
She got her handy dandy snowblower out and before long it was all cleaned off. It cut right through that snow.

After she was done....I had to go and check it out and give her the Oreo ok.
Yep and she did great. And it was hard to watch her from the back of the couch!! Bol

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Snow expected soon

We are expecting a BIG snowstorm tonight 87 inches or more. Mom spent the day getting food and all her stuffs done for the next couple days.
My food bowl is full, my treat jar is full and I have my sun spot. So... I say Bring on the Snow!!!!
My mom has her blog Diana's Corner going again if you'd like to check it out. She's been creating again. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Oh what a day brings

Ya know.... I've been thinking.
Our peeps know what's going on with the weather and I don't know about you guys but mine doesn't inform me about it.
I don't know anything until they open that door and it could be hot or raining or windy that blows my ears all around.
One day we have ground and the next time I go out....I have this.

I think we need to know what we are  stepping into once they open that ole door!!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

With Snow comes Salt...

And....with Salt...comes a CARWASH!!!
This was a manual carwash so I could stay in and get the inside view of what goes on.

Well.....I think that I like the outside view of the car wash better. I'm just sayin!!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Not my problem

Yah.... What's the problem Mom?
I can't help that there's mud outside.
Any one else have this problem with your mom?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I'm home at last

Hey guys.... It's been a long few days but at last.....I am home and resting comfortably. I have Tom waiting on me with all his paws and claws. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes.... I appreciated it so much and felt those healing vibes. Everything went well and I will good as new pretty soon.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Great news

Addi is out of surgery. Things went well and stones were removed. She has to stay overnight but should be able to go home tomorrow. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for her. Hopefully she'll be running around again soon.


Addi went into surgery about 9:30 am. We will update you as soon as we receive  hear more from Tom.
Paws crossed for Addi.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Addie is in the hospital and new UPDATE

Mom heard from Tom Addi's dad tonight.
 Addi is in the vet hospital tonight. Brittney had the day off today being a teacher and Addi wasn't able to go potty. She called several vets and no one could get her in. Brittney finally found one. Addi passed 1 big stone and a couple small bladder stones. Apparently the stones are preventing her from going potty.
They are trying a catheter tonight to see if it makes her go potty and then they'll do surgery tonight to remove the rest of the stones. X-rays shows more stones still there.
If the catheter doesn't work then they'll do the surgery tomorrow. Either way she's having surgery.
She's on pain meds and real loopy. Her blood test came out really good that they are glad about that.
So paws crossed that she'll be ok. The vet has only seen 2 cases like this in all their years and in 1 case the dogs bladder ruptured.
We are just so glad that Brittney was off school otherwise this may have been a whole different situation cuz Brittney wouldn't have been there to get her to a vet ASAP.
Addi and I have become great. Friends so I am very concerned.
We will keep you updated
Some of Addi's stones were blocking her being able to go potty. The Catheter has worked and has pushed the stones back into her blatter. Tom had to move her today to a vet that can do the surgery. He will do the surgery tomorrow morning. She is on strong meds cuz she is in alot of pain. Not sure if she'll go home tomorrow night or have to stay another night. We will just be glad when all the stones are removed. Tom said some are as big as a jelly belly. He saw her this morning when he moved her and she recognized him and wagged her tail. Keep prayers for Addi

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Snuggle Time

Geezzz it's -13 here and Addi and I declare Snuggle time. Actually we don't demand it....we just DO it...hehehe

Gotta do what you gotta do.