Thursday, February 11, 2010

My NASCAR favorite

Remington mentioned that it is NASCAR season again. I love to watch NASCAR with my Mom and Dad, we are big fans. Mom and I like Jimmy Johnson the 48 Lowes car. My Mom loves Lowes too!! She could spend all day in there and still some lol~~Dad likes Jeff Gordon. Mom does like the M & M car because she loves the M & M guys but not the driver so much.I have my own chair to hang out in~~ To watch the race and the up close and personal interview with Jimmy~~ I understand that Remington and Jack are teaming up with their own car and do some racing~~should be fun to watch. Wonder if we get t-shirts to be a supporter?? I havent heard if it is J/R or R/J racing. Remington sure looks good with his shades on though!! I think they will be a tough team to beat at the Dogtona 500. Look for them on Sunday!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It snowed A-G-A-I-N~~~

Hi from Snowy and sunny Illinois~~where it has snowed again~~Mom had to go out and snowblow so the munckins and I went out with her to play in the snow. Little Miss Molly was on her walk and came by. She is the snobby Westie 2 doors down. She looks really nice and cute though huh??Well....she likes to toy with me and comes just so close and I think we can play, I get all excited ....and then she turns and runs off!! So....she leaves me no choice but to run after her and see if we can play!!
Hey Molly~~Wanna play???
She turns her head and totally ignores me.... huff!!So...I do a little chase, chase and she holds her paw up like Pleazzze!!!!
Neighbors sometimes!!! GeezzzzzWhile Mom was out snowblowin..she had us all make our snow angels:
First Kyla: Then Kaleb:And TADA!!! Maw~~ Pretty cool huh?? I wasnt a big fan of lying in the snow on my back but......Mom has a way of making me do it~~like holding me down!!! She gets like that sometimes!! Moms!!Mom is getting a bit tired of all this snow but for me, I wuv it!! I like to get my little snout right down in the snow and do some serious sniffin....and the snow gets stuff in my fur, hey my very own fur balls!! I dont worry much cuz it all melts fast once I get inside~~It sure beats getting chased by the green monster!!