Sunday, August 31, 2014

National Taco Day Information

Hello everyone. I'm the new host for National Taco day. We all really miss Jazzi and let me tell you this: She was so excited about Taco Day this year and she could hardly wait to post about it. Mom told her that she had to wait until Sept. and now sadly she didn't make it that long.
While Jazzi is feasting on Tacos 24-7 we believe that she would want us to carry on with National Taco day in Blogville...and since she taught me so much, I think we can all do it right you guys??  
Jazzi LOVED her Tacos and she enjoyed every taco that she had.
 She wasn't above snatching it when no one was around either, just ask Kim about that!! Ha!
 She even has shared Tacos with friends too: Remember Mr Pip?? He loved them too.
 SO.....On Oct 4th will be National Taco day. This gives your peeps plenty of time to plan and get all the goodies needed. Your tacos can have whatever you want in them. Some doggies like beef, chicken, fish, hotdogs etc. I know some even like fruit, yogurt, and veggies. One year one of the tacos had cheetos in it!! So its up to you and your mom on what you want in it. 
You can have them in hard shell or soft shell or just bread if you want. You can have them whenever your mom wants to fix em but you post and blog about it on Oct 4th. We want to see pictures of your Taco. I know Mitch and Molly always have some awesome tacos. 

I say: Go BIG or Go home, so here's something extra. Frankie suggested and I thought it might be fun too. Along with your Taco pictures, tell your favorite memory of Jazzi or your favorite blog post. I think she will enjoy listening from heaven about your favorite stories. Maybe Uncle Ed will have a favorite memory too!! You don't have to do this, only if you would like too.

So.....get your mom and get your Taco all planned out and we will see ya all on Oct. 4th. I think its going to be so much fun!!! 
Here is a badge if you want to post it on your blog and spread the word to every doggie/cat!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's been quite a week!!!

Oh I still can't believe that a week ago that life would turn upside down. It's been quite a week: losing sweet Jazzi, lightning struck our computer so we had to buy a new one.
I pulled my back and my hubby has a really really bad cold. But on the flip side, I had a great Birthday, Don and I celebrated or 38th anniversary on Friday and we're all hanging on here. I do believe things happen for a reason although we don't understand it right now.

Addi is missing her buddy. I find her sitting on Jazzi's lookout spot on the couch. She is looking for her. Addi is a toy playing dog and usually has them all over the place. She won't even play with the toys now. She lays on the kitchen floor waiting...for Jazzi. In the mornings, they would do zoomies around the DR table and of course Jazzi would be barking her head off. Lol. Yesterday morning Addi ran a couple laps of zoomies around the table. If you mention Jazzi's name, she perks right up and that tail wags about 87 times. I just wish that I could explain it to her ya know? Poor Addi!!!! I brought her home a bone and treats so she's a happy camper now.
I did get a card from Madi and Cecilia. It was so nice and it just made my day.
Here's the poem that was on the front, it is beautiful.
Thanks so much for the cards, e cards from many of you and emails too. I really appreciate them. I'm doing pretty good.

Ya know, seems like we used to sends cards a lot more along time ago. I'm the first to admit about how bad I am about it.....I have good intentions.  Lol. From now on, I want to be better at getting cards out when needed cuz it really is an encouragement.

Addi is sponsoring Jazzi's National Taco Day on Oct 4th. Jazzi would want us to go with it. I'm sure she's enjoying them even now ha! Addi will post this on Mon morning so check it out. There will be details and a special taco badge for you all.
Have a great weekend and everyone hug your dog/cat extra today.

Friday, August 29, 2014

An adorable quilt

Jazzi liked to brag about her Aunt Linda's quilts. Now I get to do this ha! Which isn't hard cuz I think she is a Great quilter.
I bought her this pattern awhile back cuz I thought it had personality and I have quirkiness to me lol
Linda just finished it and isn't it just ADORABLE?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Where's Jazzi?

I came over today and Jazzi isn't here. Not sure where she's at but I did find her brand me bone. Oh, Jazzi......I have your, na, na, na!!!! I was prancing around and not giving it to no one!!
Jazzi taught me how to protect the place by barking at people in front of the house. Now...I never bark except here and so Jazzi would be proud to know that today I was on her and I barked for her. This protecting stuff can really wear a girl out!!
Note: Addi looked for Jazzi but she probably just thinks that she is gone for the day. We will see how she does the next couple days. Hopefully good.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paw Print

Last Saturday before i left the vets office They made me a paw print of Jazzi for a keepsake. I thought that it was very nice and I just had to bring it home and bake it and add her name. I may make a stepping stone with some things on it. Michaels has some really good sealants to preserve it. Has anyone here made any cool memorials? Today, I got a card from her DR and from Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus. Thanks very much. I loved it.
Also today my 2 yr old granddaughter was over and after awhile she wanted to know where Jazzi was, she looked all over for her.
I explained that she got sick and had to go to heaven. She started crying saying...if she's sick then take her to the Dr grandma, please take her to the DR. I tried to explain it more simplier but it was tough few moments. Its all these first's that are hard.

Addi is coming in the morning for a couple of days. She will be looking for Jazzi, another heart breaking moment coming.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Big Thanks

I don't even know how to begin to say how I feel. Im am just so blessed to have such wonderful friends here in Blogville and it has been over whelming about how many of you thought so much of Jazzi. Your many kind words, thoughts, and prayers via comments and Email had been amazing. My heart has truly been touched-more than I can tell you.  Even though I cry when I read them, they have helped to know that you all care and understand.

Jazzi was my birthday gift 8 yrs ago from my kids. She was a happy Scottie and had that Scottie-tude sometimes. Jazzi was the perfect dog for our crazy family. She let me take all my pictures, she just knew that the sooner she cooperates the sooner it will be over!! Ha! Jazzi loved the grandkids and she kept a good watch over her house. She loved car rides and was a perfect road traveler.

I could tell that she wasn't herself on my birthday (fri) She hung in there until the morning after my birthday (sat) before she crossed over the bridge. Its like maybe she wanted it like that. Friday night I just held her and she laid her head on my shoulder and we just sat quietly.
My decision was very difficult for me to make and I hated to do it but she was so weak and I couldn't keep her here if she couldn't have a good quality of life. Jazzi has her Pink Angel wings now and she is running with her friends and they are all healthy and I'm sure that she is passing out tacos no doubt ha! Jazzi will forever be in our hearts. She took a piece of my heart that's for sure.
We were so shocked and we are doing ok. Some days are better than others ya know? Just missing her tons. It just seems so unbelievable still. We had 8 wonderful years with Jazzi.

Jazzi LOVED tacos and we are still going celebrate National Taco Day on Oct 4th, in her honor. She would have wanted that. So for now Mark your calendars--Oct 4th!!
I will post about it later. I will do the Christmas gift and Christmas card exchange also, so keep those in mind too. Jazzi loved getting Christmas cards and gifts as many of you have too.

I do want to close with a funny story that we never got to blog about. Our back door has a little lag and lately she has realized that she can catch that lag. Well one day she did and got out and we had no idea. She was walking around and a car of teenage girls saw her. They stopped, opened their car door and she jumped right in. They were running errands so Jazzi rode along with. They went to the bank where she got a doggie biscuit, to McDonald's where she got some foodables.
They went to the kennel to have her tags checked. Turns out that these teenage girls lived the next street over so they brought Jazzi home. When Jazzi got home, she jumped out of the car and ran inside like Hey Mom, guess where I've been!! Ha! It was so cute, that I couldn't get mad at her. So she had quite the adventure that day.

Jazzi will have a successor, not sure when though. Not sure if I want a Scottie puppy or a Scottie rescue. If any of you have any leads or contacts for me, please pop me e-mail. Dcraftsalot(at)yahoo(dot)com
I can do Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa. I need a dog that is good with kids and one Dog-zilla lol Addi is big but she wouldn't hurt a flea. Oh Btw, Addi hasn't been over since so she has no idea yet. When she does come over she will be looking for Jazzi.

I hope this hasn't been too long and that I haven't lost too many readers lol but again, Thanks so much for your kindness as it means so much. When you eat a taco think of Jazzi and give your dog/cat an extra hug today, cuz you never know.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm eating the bestest Tacos ever now......

Yesterday I had fun celebrating my Moms Birthday. She had a nice birthday and Thanks for everyones birthday wishes. When she got home from work last night, I wasnt feeling too good and hadn't eaten all day and she could tell that right away. She held me and I just laid my head on her shoulder and we just cuddled. She was my Rock at that time. I was moving slow and she let me sleep with her. This morning I wasnt able to walk and she got really scared and rushed me to the Vet Dr.  
Well.....Today, I found a great place for Tacos. It is a little far from home though which is the only bad part. You see....there really are Tacos in Heaven.
Remember a few weeks ago I couldn't walk? Well...turned out that I had a tumor that had burst a couple weeks ago but it kinda healed in a day or two. Well it ruptured again and it was destroying all my red blood cells and it made me very  weak. My eyes were yellow and my toofers were yellow. I could have surgery to remove the tumor but it only had a 33% chance of working and I was too weak for surgery right now. I would need a blood transfusion to make me stronger and that only had a 50% chance or working. My veins were collapsing and so Mom had to make the hardest and best decision for me. I could see her crying but yet I knew what was best as well as she did. She could see it in my eyes. This is our last picture together.
To my Family: I have had the best family for the past 8 1/2 yrs. They all loved me so much and I loved them too. This Scottie couldn't have found a better family to be a part of.
To all my little grand peeps: I loved you all very much and enjoyed the chasing times and fun times playing with ALL of you. You kept my paws full sometimes but I never complained.
To my Uncle Ed: Thanks for spoiling me like crazy, the many fun walks, the lawn mower rides at your farm and don't worry bout letting me on the table business, no real biggie, bol We had a special relationship and I love you Uncle Ed and my Aunt Linda too.
To Addi: You were my Dog-zilla and I grew to love you too. We had so many good times together. I have taught you well and now its your to take care of our family when you come over.
To my Sweet William: You were the bestest boyfriend that a girl could ever want. You made me feel very special on our dates. The dates were always planned out perfectly and we had so much FUN. We were a match made in Heaven as they say. Our last shindig with the band was awesome!!
When I see the Sweet Williams in heaven...I will certainly be thinking of you, Sweet William.
Lastly: To all my friends: You all have been wonderful friends to blog with and I will miss you all. I have thoroughly loved blogging with you and sharing our lives with each other. Blogville is a wonderful place and Thank you for being my friend and caring and sharing. I love and will miss you all very much.
I have been reunited with many friends that are already here but just know that I will be waiting on the other side with a paw to Welcome you and a Taco in the other Paw for you!!
I'm not going to say Good-bye, just saying....Until we meet again!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Singin...on Da Radio!!!

Do you all remember when I auditioned for "The Voice" awhile back?  It was so much fun and I won on "The Voice". So much has happened and I sing with a cool band now and I even have a record out and got some Snazzi photos made for the record. This is all fun and very exciting for me. My wonderful Sweet William has encouraged me and been right there helping me out all the way!! I couldn't do this without Sweet William, he's awesome!!
Today Rocking Wills band will be playing in the parade and guess what?? I going to able to perform with Blogville's the Howl Non Serious Radio 469.5. Soooo excited!!!!
Testing 1. 2. 3.
Lights 1. 2. 3.
Sound 1. 2. 3.
I am so thrilled and even more thrilled that I get to sing with my sweetie, Sweet William. That  makes the whole day complete. So call all of your friends and have them come on over and hear us on 469.5 the Non Serious Radio, you will really enjoy it.
Rockin Will does the bestest job ever!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My porch

The front porch, which mom says it's theirs but we all know that it's mine, anyways it was needing painting pretty bad so this is on our list this week. Here it is after priming the bad spots.
Yah, you're doing a great job, keep up the good work Mom.
Don't mind me, I'll just keep an eye out on the neighborhood.
Snoopervising. Yep, smells like paint alright.
Ya know what? It's really really boring watching paint dry.
How about I go inside on the couch and you call me when your done? Deal?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014