Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our adjustments is day 3 of Addy's arrival. We are both making some adjustments!! Addy came from a home with just her human mom and dad to our home where there is Kyla and Kaleb and then Zac 3 days a week. She is doing good with the kids but she isn't getting as many naps as she is used too. There is action round here ALL the time!! Her old peeps said when she gets tired, her face gets pink~~well, I can tell you, it was Pink last night, all around the eyes, nose and cheeks, ha! I can totally relate cuz I thought I was gonna die of no sleep when the munchkins moved in with us 2 years ago. Today she is doing much better.

We do have some food issues~~I like hers and she likes mine!! Mom isn't sure what to do, cuz my food is always down all day and she eats twice a day. If they keep my food down, then she will eat and I am used to having my food there for when I gets hungry. I don't know what the rest of you do that have more than one dog?? And....this Dog-zilla drools when she drinks, then shakes her head and gets water all over the place~~nothing like a Scottie would ever do!! So now we have a towel under the water bowl~~plus she has little snorts, whats up with that anyways?? bol
I am not doing so well in sharing my toys. Addy has her own and she still goes right to mine. She LOVES loves loves squeaky toys and she emptied the toy bin 3 times today!! I do have to growl and let her know which ones she can play with and which ones she cant. It just really makes my furs stand on end!! Luckily she hasn't played with the hedge hog that Uncle Ed gave me, or else I think I would just come right out of my furs!!! Mom got us our own bones and separated us!!!
We run and chase each other and it is fun but man, this Dog-zilla can get those ole logs going and trample poor little me. So when I am done, I stop~~which means I am done~~to Addy that means bite my legs until I have to growl to let her know to BACK-OFF!! Funny thing though, sometimes when I bark she jumps!! Har har har!! This Dog-zilla doesn't even bark~~mom is loving that part but who doesn't even bark?? So I make up fur both of us BOL

This morning, I had a really hard time cuz she was getting my moms attention more than me and I didn't like that at all!! So, I was snipping and growling and Mom tried to explain that this is all new to her too and that she needs some attention~~Do I care bout that??? NOPE!!! I am trying to keep Addy in check though! LOOK at that mug?? Mom says I will love her someday!!


  1. I hope that your routine gets back to normal as quickly as possible!

  2. Hang in there.....It should get better. We have to have a towel under the water dish because of our beardies. But we don't drool.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    She is cute. (Hide that hedgehog)

  3. You will look back at life as an only dog and wonder what did you do all day without Addy!

    You are such a sweetie to share MOST of your things.

    When Mack moved in with us, he was used to his food being left out all day, too. Since we would want to eat each others foodables, we learned quickly that the food bowls were only left down for a short period of time! We adjusted to that in about 1 day.

    Good luck and please don't teach her to bark!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. You are dealing with a lot of issues that need to be worked out, Jazzi! Be patient - Addy is worth it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Jazzi, you have to hang in there!! I know how you felt cause I too feel like I don't need anybody else as long as I'm staying with mom. I've been resisting when mom told me Jasmine is going to be my big sissy and I need to learn to accept her. Like you've experiencing now, Jasmine did took all my toys as HERS and also try to snap on my food when I'm away just for awhile! I've been trying to resist her but somehow I felt that having friend at home when no one is around is not a bad idea so I finally accept and believe me, you wont regret having another 'sissy' to stay at your side :)

    Autumn and Jasmine

  6. Oh Snazzi, we so feel for you - we know how it was when Carrleigh came to live with us (she was already an adult). Sometimes we still have issues, but we work it out. A Scottie has a mean bite and we hope you don't have to leave a scar on Abby's beautiful white skin - be patient.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. Jazzi, hang in there each day will get a little bit better. You can't do anything but love that look of hers. And we knew that tongue would provide some good drool for you. LOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  8. OMC Jazzi you my friend are up the creek w/o a paddle.Mom told me someone else's toys and food always look better than our own. To that I say hog wash!! What is mine is mine and you best learn that ASAP!!!

    Good luck and lots of hugs,

  9. Woof! Woof! Just be patient ... it should get better soon. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. Oh Jazzi, I think you are doing very well considering the circumstances. I don't know what to do about the food. My mom has to keep the dry cat food on a counter so I won't eat it during the day, but not sure how people handle this with dogs.

    What a face Addy has - just beautiful!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Angus and Lil get fed twice a day, too, 'cause the evil Ed will eat anything left on the floor or counter. Ed gets fed at the same time in the scottie's playpen. We had to get this because some scotties (ANGUS!!) will eat strange things if left alone. Angus says both girls are absolootely bootiful! Lil says hang in there Jazzi, it's better to have a playmate than to sleep alone.

  12. Hey Jazzi, you can come and live with me? I would love a little terrier pal, and as I also leave my food all day and just eat it when I feel inclined, there would be no food issues. And I would be happy to share toys. And I don't like wearing clothes.
    (Of course, the fact that tacos are scarce in Scotland might be an issue I suppose. Could you adapt to haggis?)
    Toodle pip!

  13. Addy will get the Hang of it soon enough. You are a smart girrrrl and I know you will be able to teach her. She has a darling face.. butt remember this... your dresses are all safe from her!!! I can't wait to see your mom try to toss her into Snow or Leaves. heheh

  14. BWhahahahah....what a Mug! Luv da foto....

    Well, as most everyone knows by now, I comes from a pack of 11. After a while you and Dogzilla will come to meet halfway on everyting. As for food....well Mom gives us big pieces of da Science Diet Oral Care food in da mornin as a handout treat. We has to sit nice for our "treats" but dey is really our breakfast. We get our big meal at night. By den we is really hungry and clean our plates immediately. So no sharin' is necessary. We all one big happy pack at our house.

  15. First and foremost, Congratulations to Jazzi on winning my contest!!! I'll email you for your address so I can get this donut (that is strictly Jazzis - haha) mailed off!

    Secondly, my dogs have the same problem. Sebastian knows he has to finish his plate right then and there or else there will be nothing for later because Chanel (a shepherd/husky/lab/chow) will eat it and not look back!

    XOXOXO and congrats!!!
    Erika and Sebastian

  16. Hang in will get better!! We think she is adorable! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  17. Welcome Addison! She is so so sweet. Love your wonky toofies. My spotted sister turns pink in the evening for some weird reason. That's also the time when she get all moody.

  18. Now listen, Jazzi girl, I have every confidence that you will rise to the occasion and make Addy feel like a Scottie one day.

    Roo Roo! Stuart

  19. Addy will get it with time. Lola loves playing. I take to play with my dad's dog Otis a lot. Otis is almost 10 and sometimes he has just had enough. He will snap at her every once and a while and that is when Lola knows it is time to back off. Sometimes American bulldogs just need to be put in their place. They are stubborn.

    Lola is the same with toys too. If Otis has a tennis ball she will torment him until he gives it to her. Poor Otis just doesn't have the energy and gives in within a minute.

    I know she will get better. You will love your Dog-zilla in time.

  20. I don't think I'd be happy either, but surely it will get better.

  21. Jazzi, its me Lily. You pray and pray that big fat chub will leave. You wake up to grunts, snorts and farts. 2 years later, he is still here. I have grown to love my brother. Thats what momma said
    Lily (& Benny)

  22. Miss Jazzi, I do have some observations which have helped me adjust to having a sibling.

    About food, I am afraid you need to learn to eat when your food is out rather than graze. It might take a few times, but if momma needs to be strong and pick up your bowl. Pea and I eat on opposite sides of the room with momma in the middle so there is no trouble.

    Now getting bossy about sugars from momma is something I also struggle with and she has been doing two doggie training where one of us has to sit and the other gets snuggles or does tricks and then we take turns. It is not easy and you have to start really simply. But now momma can get on the floor with both of us and it is OK.

    That said, after you have gotten used to each other, one of you will turn out to be boss dog (like I am) so momma lets me push Pea out of the way sometimes because that's just the way it is, but Pea understands too and he walks away.

    If you want any tips, you just send me a peemail because we have had to work out many issues.


  23. well I'll tell you that it seems like you are adjusting well. When my best friend Zena use to come over, I use to have a fit because she use to get to my mom first and then I was left waiting for sloppy seconds!!! I gave her a growl one day and she growled back...that was the end of that! Hang in there...I hope you guys get some sleep dogs are not happy dogs:)

  24. I know it takes time... but sure you two will be the best friends soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Diana-

    The feeding thing was huge for us when we added Willa to our home. Pippi was not free-fed, she has some control problems. However Willa was so malnourished and neglected she needed to be free-fed to help with weight and behavior. We had to train them to only eat from their bowls and never without permission. We would give Willa a third meal to help her out.