Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scratch and Dig

Here is my kennel in my peeps room. I have about 4 different blankets in it and it is just the way I like it. I gots them all situated and this is MY spot. Then she gets in a cleany mood and washes all my blankets. When they are all dry, she just throws them back in there with NO consideration to me. uph!! Now I have to scratch and dig and get them back the way I like em. And...another thing is that they sat in the dryer soooo long that they aren't even warm fur me either!! The nerve!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Snoopy wants to visit me.

Do you all remember Uncle Ed's new cat Snoopy? Snoopy found their house and decided that he wanted to live there, so he lives with them. He is named Snoopy cuz...well....he is quite the Snooper. He wants to see everything that goes on round the place.Anyway Snoopy has been feeling bad fur me with missin...Addy and all. Snoopy decided to jump right in the car and he wanted to come and play with me. How nice is that huh??
Uncle Ed told Snoopy NO, that they cant go!!
Dont be alarmed, there is a good reason. Uncle Ed said that Snoopy has to stay there and help take care of my Aunt Linda. My Aunt Linda spent a week in the hospital but is home now. She popped something outta her back and she is still in alot of pain but she has some good pain pills. She has phyiscal therapy and I wish she would hurry and get better, so that Uncle Ed and Snoopy can come see me. Thanks Snoopy fur thinking about me though, that was very nice!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting back to normal!!

Guess what Mom caught me doing? Before I knew it, she had it on pics!! This is one of my new toys. I am slowly getting back to normal!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patricks Day!

Me and Addy each want to wish you all a Happy St Patricks Day!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye is so hard!!

I really HATE goodbyes. Addy and I spent our last day together by playing and chasing each other around. We took our last together pictures:Addy was moms lap dog fur one last time:Her last neck rubs:Her last nappy on the couch before the big trip.Well....Toms room is empty and everything he owns is in his car. It may not look like much but believe us it is packed tight and there are 87 things in there!! Tom and Addy are leaving. The peeps are going to a B-ball game and then they leave right after that.Here they are officially leaving. Goodbye Addy, I will miss you. Mom is pretty sad, cuz this was her baby boy and while she knows it is a good job opportunity, it is a bittersweet time for her. Our family is gonna miss him~~plus he did all the lawn mowing and snow shovcling, so you know what that means dont you?? Ha! She remembers when he was about 3 yrs old and he wondered away to the next street over to go for a walk by himself, LOL She says Darn Boys!! We raise them to be responsible and then they think they have to move away!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Addys spa day!!

Addy had her spa day today. Now she is not a girlie girl but she had her nails done and a shampoo and WOW!! she is extra white and does she smell good. I had to do the sniffin....and yup, smells good.She also got this Snazzi St Paddys day scarf from the spa place. She even likes it and hasnt tried to get it off!I must admit, she does look sorta sweet...fur a Dog-zilla that is!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

walk down memory lane

Hi, Addy here. I am taking over the blog fur the moment. I will be leaving in just 3 more days. I want to say how nice it is to have met you all. I have made so many good friends and me and Jazzi have really bonded with each other. She has taught me so much stuff, and sometimes I listened and sometimes I didn't. I wont have a blog once I move but I will get pictures to Jazzi to keep you up on how I am doing. I will be able to come back for parties, dances and stuff like that, so I am happy about that. I wanted to take a little stroll down memory lane of my past experiences. Hopefully you will remember some of these. This is my first picture on my first day here. I saw this little black pipsqueak of a dog running around yapping and I thought what the heck!! Ha! I had NO idea what a flashy box was and that they would be trying to put these weird things on me and I let them know that I don't do clothes, just my collar. You can see that I was really scared but after time, I became a pro at the pictures. Now I sit right up there and let them take the picture of me. When I am done, then I am DONE!!Jazzi and I had our issues to resolve when I moved in. She had toys and I wanted them. BOL
So we had to tug it out to see who wins.With all the toys, I found that I liked her toys, maybe a bit too much, I really feel bad about the 87 stuffies that I chewed up!!I have had lots of interesting situations. I have ridden in the red vertable and had a wagon ride,I didn't realize that in this family, you ARE a Jimmie Johnson fan, no ands, if's, or buts about it.Luckily I am too big to throw like poor Jazzi but I can get a leaf dumping. I have NO as to WHY this is so much fun for them?? I believe that they really NEED a life!! I had my first and last trampoline adventure, Jazzi warned me but this was one of those times that I didn't listen and found out the hard way!! I got bounced around and almost flipped right off the darn thing!I made myself right at home being Happy and rolling around.....I helped myself to the A/C bolDrinking out of the kids sprinkler..And just being nosey and scootching under wouldn't believe what you find under here!!I have had Jazzi lock me out on the front porch. She claims the door shut on its own but I know better. Do you think she pushed it open for me?? NOT a chance!!Being an American Bulldog, we are good sleepers and good snorers!! Luckily there is no sound!! Jazzi and I enjoyed many a bone together. We chewed our own, then did the switcheroo and chewed some more. It was great!!I Loved Christmas and all our Christmas cards, We had 87 hundred more than the peeps.I learned that packages were a very good thing, and the smells die fur!! I had my first date with Bertie. It was a blast and he is my kind of guy. Who else would go to a dance in a Tank and believe me, we almost ran over everyone. We chased down Jazzi and Sweet William and we both were cracking up!! I loved it.I will miss you all and I will miss Jazzi and my peeps here but I will be with Tom and he has said we will be going for lots of walks and I get to learn all about Texas. I will be back for special occasions and hopefully Bertie wont forget me or any of you for that matter. It has been a great year and I have had so much fun!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Now that March has arrived...I am sure that many of you are seeing more of these tree rats running the streets of your neighborhood. Believe me, they are crazy. They run wild across the streets, they get on my front porch and they are just plain annoying. I went outside yesterday and there was one right in my yard. I took off chasing that guy so fast that he he took off, jumped the fence in one bound and he didn't even look back!! The American Shawnee Indian word for these Squirrels:
hi ne qi~~pronounced~~ hah knee qua
As Spring gets here more, the more we will see of them. They will infiltrate our neighborhoods and they will think that they own the place round here and we will all have to be on Hi Ne Qi patrol. out Hi ne qi's cuz I am Scottie eye out on ya!! No.... more Hi ne qi's are getting into my yard!!