Sunday, December 27, 2009

We had a fight at our house on Christmas that escalated into a BIG fight!!!

My Christmas was very good. We opened some gifts in the morning, had a yummy breakfast, naps and then opened more gifts in the late afternoon, had a great dinner...turkey, ham~~Yummers, it was goooood, and all was going smooth.
Now, I am not a big gift opener so the kids had to help, it for me ha!and I got some toys, treats, the pupscisle and bone from Uncle Ed and a red Scarf. I have not let Mom try the scarf on yet, but she sure it will fit...Darn!!!! :-)

In the late afternoon is where we opened the most gifts. From the look of the gifts I knew it would be awhile, so I found one of my gifts and took a little snooze. ZZzzzzzz......When I woke up, I thought I would take a looksie and see what all I was gonna have to contend with/destroy this year. Ummm... football helmet not so bad, now that football may prove to be quite interesting~~ I see a hole in that baby....A train whistles at me, WHOA!! as long as it stays on its tracks we are ok.Clothes, boring!!! This hammer may just have to be chewed, I could see this hurting if he gets wild with it.Dump truck, not bad but the little people and the little things that go in it, I am sure can be mine!!! I am so good, he will never even know bout it.I had my Santa suit on and so did Zac, so we had 2 Santa's at our house.
Like I said, we ate, opened gifts, all was smooth until dessert and then it all happened. One human did something to another human and the fight broke out. I was just chewing on my bone when it all started. First, it started in the DR and there was lots of noise and and screaming and it moved into the kitchen with more humans getting involved and more screaming. I was vestigating without getting stepped on and this is what I found: The pictures should tell the whole story about the BIG fight:Then.....all of a sudden something fell on the floor, missing my head by only a tad~~a dangerous spoon~~lick, lick, it was whip cream umm...this stuff is good.More fighting~~More whip cream, slurp, slurp~~Even more fighting~~Lots more whip cream~~I was way too busy cleaning the floor to get in this picture but ~~Merry Christmas, 2009~~
Mom and I got some on us, so did the walls, the doors, but they all had a blast. Things like this happens in our house. Indoors water fights, rubber bands fights, you just never know!!

I have my spot where I lay so that no one can find me when I want some quiet. (It is on the chair under the side of the table that humans dont go)Well, I knew Mom knew but it was our secret so I thought.Before bedtime, I was laying there and Kyla came and gave me a Hug and said, she loved me, so I think that was my best Christmas present a dog could have!!


  1. Well, well well! I hope they all got arrested and put in the Cool Whip jail! :) They should know that Redi-Whip is MUCH better to fight with! :)

    Everyone looks like they are having such fun - I'm glad they had a good time!

  2. Looks like fun, except for the cleaing crew - unless you got to lick the walls clean.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  3. Hey Jazzi:

    Its good you were out there vestigating the escalating or who knows what might have happened.

    I like to see a take charge dog!

    Happy New Year,


  4. Oh my, if we ever engaged in such behavior we would be sent to our bed!
    But it did look like fun
    Benny & Lily

  5. Jazzi,
    Hugs are always the best Christmas present, but the whip cream looks yummy, too.
    Woofs and wags,

  6. Our Christmas was sure dull compared to yours, Jazzi! The hoomans had whipped cream but it seemed to stay on their chocolate cream pie - darn it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Holy crap! Fight club at your estate. The humans have gone wild. At least you got some whipped cream before you had to retreat to the safe zone.


    P.S. I think you could have wrestled the hammer away from that human pup. He doesn't look very fast.

  8. Jazzi! You look soooooo cute in the box. Practice that look in the's a sure cookie getter look! I'm glad to see you were the hostess with the mostest, cleaning up all the crumblies and nummie things that go splatty on the floor. It's the most we can do to keep the place cleaned up. That....and away small toys so no one steps on them in the dark!

  9. Woo folks in The Land of Linkholn are surely some PAWTY ANIMALS!


  10. Hi, Jazzi!
    Oh-oh! Humans do weird things, right?? Glad to see it was a "friendly fight"!
    A lovely hug is a pawesome present!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. I loved the whip cream fight! I'm not showing my kids that one! I love the baby santa and the little shirt! I'm glad you all had so much fun!
    I wonder how your New Years will be???

  12. Oh my gosh a cool whip fight!!! Jazzi it looks like you were the only one to escape getting it all over your black fur. Hey have you all heard about the marshmallow gun? Several folks we know got them and they sound like a lot of fun. You put reall miniature marshmallows in them and the start shooting. Might be a little less clean up involved than with cool whip. HA!! What fun you all had,
    Madi and Mom

  13. Oh Madi, we have already had the marshmallow gun used around the house awhile back, It was to funny!!! Although...I had fun devouring the marshmallows!!


  14. Looks like you enjoyed cleaning the floor, it must have been yummy ! You're lucky you didn't get any cream in your fur, otherwise you would have had a bath - not a great present...
    You know, a quiet spot is always a must on a day like this.
    I wonder what they're planning for the new year...
    Love, Bella