Wednesday, December 16, 2009

They both left~~sigh, and I got a package~~Yippee!!

Tuesday was really busy for us. As you know, Jessica and Tyler were here visiting us from San Antonio, TX. Well, they had to fly home Tuesday. We love to have them come and visit and we all had fun together and we hate to see them go home. Mom tried to get Tyler to stay here and I nudged Mom like Ummm..Ummm... he has to go home!!! Ha! Ha!

Before they left Mom had a special present for Tyler. She made him a quiet book to help him on the plane, so we all watched him open it.It had all kinds of pages in it: Counting, zippers, snaps, sticky squares and buttons, enough to keep any 2 yr old busy and quiet and it worked too!! I found out bout the sticky squares the hard way~~they got stuck to my fur when I was nosein.. where I shouldn't have been. Boy! it hurts to have those sticky squares taken off!! Ouch!!I couldn't go with to the airport and I tried, but with no luck, I had to stay home: But here is Tyler heading to Chicago with his snazzi shades on!!While they were on their way, guess who they saw???

Tyler saw his grandpa driving his big Semi truck!! What are the odds of that huh? Tyler was quite excited and Mom snapped a picture real quick. She wasnt fast enough to get the tractor part, that's where Dad sits!!They made it to the airport and got them dropped off and Mom didn't even cry this time~~although she misses them all.
I could hardly wait for Mom to get home cuz while they were gone a guy came with a package for me!!! Kim sat it on the table to wait for Mom.I was pacing and waiting and watching from my loveseat spot for Mom to come home. I mean how long can it take to go the airport, How long??? It seemed like forever and Finally... I see her coming. I was jumping at the door when she came in. She saw that I had a package. So she put it on the floor so I could check it out: We opened the card first and it was pretty cool~~Lots of reindeer doggies: The package is from Lily. Eewww pretty cool already!!
Mom cut it open for me and I was sniffin and checkin it all out. There was a big beehive with 3 bees in it and they come out of the holes, so can chew on them and I just LOVE that. There was a squeaky snowman, and he is really fun to squeak, a pkg of cookies and a beef stick.The cookies were yummy and I devoured all of them, :-) and mom is saving the beef stick otherwise I would have scarfed it down right away too. I am a scavenger!!Thank-you Lily for the great toys, and the cookies!! I love them. It was a super Christmas gift!! You are a great shopper!! Mom had to do that work thing Wednesday and when she got home, there were bees all over the place, and as soon as she puts them back in the hive, I get them right back out, Hey!! a pretty cool game for me and mom to play!! Think she will go for it??

Yesterday Mom showed you a picture of the 3 munchkins with their Santa hats on (the one I boycotted cuz of the bath/towel incident) Well....we will leave you with a picture of the littlest munchkin with his Santa hat on. He wasn't able to be there to get his picture taken with the other 3: His name is Zac.I like him, he doesn't follow me or chase me around or pull my tail or pull my ears. He is content to just sit and watch me, he is wonderful!!


  1. You wait. That wee human will be chasing you around in no time.

    You got most wonderful presents (although that bee thing sounds suspiciously like an intellectuals stimulation toy).


  2. We've got to agree with the RH on this one - that little human will be chasing you before you can say "scat".

    Great pressies - we have our package too, but our lazy secretary hasn't got our pictures finished yet. Maybe today.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  3. What great pressies! The beehive looks really cool - funny to hear you say there were bees all over when you mom got home! Sounds like she should be calling an exterminator!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  4. Wow Jazzi this is a super post. I love your little two leggers. They are all soooo cute.
    That book your mom made is WONDERFUL!! I want my mom to look those pics over very carefully. She won't believe all the fun things in it. Your mom is REALLY talented.
    You got GRRRREAT pressies. One of my furends has that bee hive thingy. It is supposed to make us THINK. I think it is to keep our two leggers busy though. hehehe You'll love it. I hope you get to play with your snowman... I'm not allowed to play with them here. LOL LOL
    I can't beleive how lucky it was that your dad got to HONK good bye from his TRUCK.
    As I said... this was really a fun filled post.

  5. Looks like you got a fantastic present! Isn't waiting just the hardest thing?! Have fun with your bees!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  6. Hey Jazzi,
    I love the quite book! I always bought those for my kids!! I never made one though!
    You sure did get a lot of nice gifts! Have fun!!!

  7. Girl, you got some great gifts from Lily!!!
    Thank-you Mom for doing all this for everybody!
    It is not that you don't have anything else to do!!!!!!!!! No!!! You take on more!! You are very special Diane!!
    Merry Merry Christmas to all, Bambi, Happy and Fern

  8. Jazzi..Its me Lily. I'm glad you liked your stuff. I wanted to keep it, but sent it to ya instead. Have fun catchin those bees. We are sorry your guests left but more will probably come to drop things and give ya treats.
    Happy Days
    Benny & Lily

  9. We loved the quiet book idea - that sounded really cool.
    Great parcel for you too - enjoy.
    We are taking a little break over xmas so have the best xmas ever and we will catch up with you in the New Year!
    Oh, it was Santa that was on the roof and we are off to help him!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  10. WOW...I am going to have to put in a quick request to Santa for those bees...WAY COOL!!!

    Great pressies Jazzi!!


  11. What a great day!!! It seems that everyone had a good time - even Zac! I don't know why the peoples seem to keep wanting to put that hat on our heads. Don't they know that is not a puppy hat? :)

  12. What cool gifts from Lily! The bees sound really neat!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Hi, Jazzi!
    The quiet book that your mom made for him is pawesome! I am sure he loves it!
    Lily sent to you very nice presents! Bees! Treats! Wow!
    I got my presents from Olive last night!
    Thanks for organizing the Gift Exchange!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. What a great box. That bee game looks absolutly fabulus! I think I will add that to my list for Santa Paws!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo