Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Phone call from Uncle Ed~~

Ring, Ring,
Hello~~you want to talk to Jazzi, ok, just a minute.

Whoa!! A phone call for me???

Oh Hi, Uncle Ed!! I miss you so much *sigh*
You miss me too?
I sure thought that you were coming a few days ago when the kids were going to your house and then found out it was just a joke. MAN!!!Uh huh?? Oh you have something for me to see? Oh ok, go to the computer, uh... ok!! I won't tell them just yet, at the end ok!
I will talk to you later. Woof, Woof!! Uncle Ed~~Ok, here's the scoop. Apparently Uncle Ed has something for me to see and read on the puter, so he asked if I could check my mail, lets go and see what it is all about ok? password is......ok here we are~at my mailbox.

umm umm Mom~~ a little privacy here, would ya?? Geezzz...she is so nosey sometimes!! I mean I don't look over her shoulder when she is reading her mail!!!Ok, she's gone, lets have a looksie!!
Uncle Ed says that he has these Blue Jays that they feed everyday. Uncle Ed puts food in the feeder tray and every morning they come and eat. Aren't they pretty?Here is their food tray with their birdseed in it:
Well, turns out that something is eating the birds birdsead and so when the birds go there to eat, there is no seed, it is all gone. After a few days of this, the birds were getting pretty miffed about it. They both sat atop the evergreen tree and squawked at my Uncle Ed when he would come out of the house cuz there was no food in the food tray. They were both getting pretty hungry.He didn't know what was eating the birdsead. So he decided to set a trap and catch the dirty animal that was eating the birds food. He got a cage and set a trap and waited for the thing. Once the animal got away, so he had to set it all over again. This is what he found when he went outside:Can you believe this: A possum was eating the birds food. Look at the nose on this dude! He is pretty good size too~~Uncle Ed said when you get closer to the possum, he showed him his teeth. I don't imagine that he was too happy about being caught.
This possum sure looks mean to me, I sure wouldn't want to run into him late at night. Uncle Ed, being the brave guy he is, took the cage with the possum and took him way out in the country and let him go.Uncle Ed, said he took right off runnin..., Hopefully he found his way home to his possum family and then he would have quite the story to tell them where he has been that night. And....thank goodness, no possum got hurt in the making of this blog. Now, the Blue Jays are happily chirping again and eating their little hearts out!! That was an interesting e-mail from my Uncle Ed. Now for the best part he told me to save until the end.

He said he saw that I was hoping for some Hot Chocolate and so far Mom hasnt given me any, so he is sending me some in the mail. He said I can only use a smidgen once in awhile and not to tell Mom, or he would be in the dog house!!So....Ssshhhhh......Now, I will be watchin for "my" favorite mailman!!! WOW!! My daily dog biscuit from the mailman and soon a package too!! WhaaaHOO!!!

P.S. Speaking of packages: 3 more shopping days, Mailout day is December 15th. If any of you have recieved your packages already and have opened them, then post what all you got from your name ok?


  1. Mom thinks possums look like big rats! ewwwwwwwwwww We've never met one before! We opened our package from Jeter, Ginger and Toby yesterday and we posted about it on our blog today! This was a great idea and so much fun, Jazzi! Thank you so much for organizing it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Woof! WOW! A big apposum??? Just want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays. I just posted my last post for the year. We are going on a long Holiday break. Lots of Golden Holiday Woofs, Sugar

  3. What a possum!! Mom was helping Dad out in the pasture one night this week and she saw a big possum sneaking by.

    We're waiting until December 15th to mail our package to Maggie and Mitch, but we have it almost ready to go - one more minor detail.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  4. Uncle Ed is awesome! He kindly trapped the lost possum that thought it was a blue jay bird!! Uncle Ed, you rock!! (except for the Hot Chocolate! We still urge you not to drink it....)

    We hope and believe our gift was already received by the Amazing Animals! We are going to open MITCH & MAGGIE's Pressie Box on Toby Tuesday (December 15) and we will post it!! Have a great weekend!

    Love, Toby, Ginger & Jeter

  5. Uncle Ed is brave to catch that grouchy critter. Hope his birds get lots to eat now.


  6. That is one PAWSOME critter there. I have them around here too butt my dad doesn't use a Have-A-Heart on them... nuff said on that account.
    Your Uncle Ed is grrreat.
    I can't wait until I get to mail Bilbo's pressie. My dad had to help me put the stuff in the box. I am going to make my mom take the flasher thingy to the post office so I can put up pics. of me mailing it off.
    this is soooooo fun. Thanks again for doing it for all of us.
    Hey, you look grrreat in that chair. They color just brings out YOUR color.

  7. Uncle Ed has been pretty busy with all those critters.
    Woofs and wags,

  8. Oh goodness!! What an exciting mail from your Uncle Ed!!! Hope the birds get all of their bird see now!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  9. Hey Jazzi!

    I thought it was gonna be squirrels eating the birds food! Thats what they do here and the birds have to fight for what they get. We don't have possums, too cold for them I guess, but I am just as happy not to have them.

    I hope you have Happy Holidays,Jazzi!



  10. OOOOOO,
    Oh-possums are very scary AND they will eat you alive if you let them. I'm glad he got to let that one go back home. Hopefully, it will find another food source!

  11. Wow, what a big possum!
    We have caught a couple before- and they do look pretty scary!

    Toby's Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  12. Yo Jazzi,
    Good talking to you last evening. After going to the local "pet" shop today, I found you a very healthy treat that is by far better than the chocolate! Chocolate is not good for your girlish watch the mail....hugs and doggie kisses to my best gal!!! Uncle Ed

  13. Jazzi, Did you hear the latest PAWSIP???? That stink butt TANK... got his pressie already and.... GASP !!! He has already opened it and is BRAGGING and stuff all over his blog!!! He got grrrreat stuff and now he is trying to make us all upset and grreen with Jellyness. IT IS WORKING TOOO !!! I sent him a bad comment for not waiting. Now I am being a big old tattle TAIL. Seee what he has caused. I am thinking about writing a very much UPSET letter to Santa Paws about this situation.

  14. BOL at Frankie...I think Tank has been on the naughty list for even longer than Dennis!!

    I am so glad you got to talk to Uncle Ed, what a great possum story PLUS you get goodies in the MAIL from him!!!

    We sent our packages out on Wednesday, Jack and Pee Wee (aka Dexter) should get them today or Monday!!


  15. WOW!! Thanks Uncle Ed,
    He is not only Great, wonderful, kind to possums, brave and now he is watching out for my health~~ISnt he just the coolest???
    I will be on all PAws waiting for the package.

    blowing kisses

  16. Uncle Ed sure did a good job saving that mean looking animal! The opossum would sure scare me.
    I'm glad noone got hurt!!!

  17. Thankfully your Uncle Edd caught that possum!
    Now, he is free and the birds sure are happy too!
    Kisses and hugs