Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Paws is here!!

Yup, thats right~~Santa Paws is in our town~~
Today was the Belvidere Hometown parade and Kyla was walking in it with her dance class. Here she is throwing us candy and "Kim" is right behind her.
It was 24 degrees, so little Kaleb was all bundled up and looks like a eskimo, huh?? We saw one of Santa's reindeer, not sure which one though"
Big brown horses:We are a farming town, so there were tractors:A bookworm: and they gave out free books to the kids:A walking cell phone~~ummmm never seen those before, I thought they all talked!!
Walking presents, I wanted one to walk over our way!! I claim the big green one!!A bear with not one but 2 Santa hats!! I guess it makes sense since he has 2 ears. MAN!!I would hate to wear 2 hats since I have 2 ears!!And TADA~~~Presenting Santa Paws!!!He gave us a "jolly" old wave!! I gave a Woof, Woof,Everyone had fun, so that was a morning!! Mom says I better be good now that Santa is here!! Ok, got it mom, (wink, wink)
Mom got in the Christmas spirit and got out what "was" the Jack in the box. Last year, she made some modifications and now it is Scottie Paws in the box!!! she does quirky stuff like that!! and when you wind that little handle and it pops open, it says Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!Mom also went shopping today and came home very pleased at a great thing she found!!Anybody guess what it is??????
Mom also finished up Sasha's gift, just have to package it and get it in the mail. I was snoopin...around and found something she got but mom took it away really fast, and it was sooo....COOL!!! Oh yah, Forgot!!!
I gotta be good~~Gotta be good~~
Man!! this is gonna be really tough!!


  1. The parade looked like a lot of fun, especially for the little eskimo!
    I liked the walking presents and cell phone! Very cute!

  2. How khute!

    Did anyone try to do 'anything' to 'Kim'?


  3. Hi, Jazzi!
    Sure it was a great parade! I liked the Santa's reindeer!
    Yes, you need to be a good girl! Don't forget it!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. And what is wrong with Jack in the box? :)

    The pictures look great. What a fun parade!

  5. We've never been to a santa parade before, Jazzi! You're so lucky!
    Your Scottie-in-the-box and your Christmas stocking are wonderful! We love them both!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. That is a fun parade to get everybody's minds off the hustle and bustle of the season. Love the scottie stocking.


  7. Our Mom wants to know where to get those socks!!! Please email her at rockycreekscotties at yahoo dot com.

    Loved the photos.

  8. Wow Scottie Sox and Santa Paws... that Jolly old Shelf.
    I'm not so sure I like the idea of keeping that poor little Scottie in that box thingy though... Do you suppose he got grounded and has to live in there for his punishment??? I'd be worried about that... considering the recent Taco episode.
    I think that reindeer was RUDOLPH... I think there was a red NOSE thingy there.
    Hey buddy I am reeeealllly glad you got to be UN-grounded so you could go to the grrreat parade.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  9. Hooray for parades! We love them!! My word verification is very appropriate: CHILY! PS thank you for your kind wishes for my mom. She has quite a long road ahead. xoxo

  10. Woof! There's Santa ... COOL FUN Parade!!! Horses ... I saw horses this weekend (check my post). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. What a fun parade!!!! It mus by very nice living in a small town!!! We only see Santa Paws helpers here in Austin!


  12. Hi Jazzi
    That was one fine Parade. We loved the bookworm and the horses pulling Santa's sleigh.
    I'm guessing here but it looks like you aren't grounded least we hope you aren't
    Madi and Mom

  13. nope, not grounded but....the other day , Kaleb left the table with food still on his plate. The rule here is: if you get down you are done, so I knew he was done, so I kindly just finished cleaning the plate!!! Mom didnt tell kim cuz she understood the rule but still got after me about getting on the table. That Uncle Ed!!! He shows me this stuff, then I get caught doing it!!

  14. We are going to be in two Christmas Parades this weekend!!!